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It’s been a while since I’ve typed the letters DIY around here, but what can I say, the holiday bring it out of me. The cool thing is my kids are finally old enough to where I can hand them some supplies, rough directions and let them go for it.

Our Halloween decorations are still up in the attic but instead of waiting for my husband to go up and grab them for us (because I don’t want to deal with spiders thank you very much), we went ahead and made something new to display until we get out other things down.

DIY juice box monster craft tutorial.

These are juice box monsters, and they are so easy to make. So easy my kids basically made these by themselves. And they turned out super cute.

Here’s the materials you’ll need to make these:

Construction paper
Juicy Juice boxes (empty or full)
Googly eyes

Step 1 (optional)

My son liked drinking his juice box then working with an empty juice container, but this is optional. If you’re hosting a Halloween party with kids you may want to keep the juice box full and have these little monsters set up as a decoration that doubles as a fun drink.

Step 2

DIY juice box monster craft tutorial.

Cut the construction paper to fit around the juice box. No need to be exact, it can fold over itself a little bit. Then tape it down.

Step 3

DIY juice box monster craft tutorial.

Decorate the front with silly faces. Use googly eyes, cut pieces of construction paper to make mouthes or hair etc. You can also get creative and use other household items such as toilet paper to make faces.

My son isn’t into crafting at all. Coloring isn’t his thing, and glue gives him the heebie jeebies. But he was happy to participate in this activity because it involved drinking his favorite juice. He made a monster all by himself and proudly showed it off when he was done.

DIY juice box monster craft tutorial.

My daughter on the other hand made half a dozen by herself, and even kept going once I was done taking photos, so we’ll be drinking from decorated juice boxes all month.

You can find a bunch of other family time activities on the Juice Juice Family Time page. Juicy Juice products are made from real juice, with sweetness that comes from the fruit and no added sugar or artificial sweeteners!

Easy DIY how to make a Halloween juice box monster craft with kids.

I’m teaming up with Juicy Juice this to share our family adventures and inspire others to enjoy family time together. All opinions are my own.

A Baby Making Machine reader recently told me she missed What I’m Makin’ Monday posts so I thought hey… Maybe we’ll bring it back. I’m not doing a ton of crafting lately but it’s something I want to pick up again with the new year. Especially sewing. But for now I’m going the incredibly easy and simple route for a quick holiday gift idea.

Need a super easy gift idea for a Disney-lover that you can toss in your stocking, a gift bag, or Fish Extender? It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

Hershey’s Kisses and/or wedding bubbles and stickers are all you need. I ordered these off of Etsy for a great price. If you want to make your own you can order your own blank sticker sheets and print a variety of stickers on top.


I was fine having Baymax on all of them, but next time I think I might do a variety of princesses, or Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

So here’s a list of supplies (affiliate links):
Hershey’s Kisses
Wedding Bubbles (I got them 8 for $1 at the Dollar Tree)
Sticker Sheets
Printable Images – Download my Mickey and Minnie ones here (I’ll add more designs soon!)

Step 1

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

Download and print your design out on your sticker sheets following the directions on the packaging.

Step 2

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

Peel the stickers and stick them to the bottom of the Kiss or the top of the wedding bubbles.

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

Now show them off!

I told Lil’ J what we were doing and told her how to do it and she took over the project, basically completing it all on her own. Easy crafting for preschoolers!

We made this as an extra Fish Extender goodie for our Disney Cruise. We couldn’t decide which we liked more: Bubbles or chocolate so we gave each cabin some of each and I think they were a great hit!

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

Disney gift bag and stocking stuffer craft.

What do you think of this easy craft idea?

I finally got out of my sewing rut and threw together my first pillowcase dress/ pajama dress for Lil’ J.

She was SO excited to have a new dress for bed time. The fabric is knit and so comfy too. She picked it out at the store. She loves the “pink elephants.”

I adapted the pattern from this tutorial. I think the way I did it is a bit easier, and it’s toddler size measurements, so that could he helpful to some. I’ll share as soon as I get around to posting instructions. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

Toddler pajama dress

Whatcha think?

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