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Dear Sneaky,

This is the first letter I’ve written you my entire pregnancy. Each month would go by and I’d contemplate sitting down to jot down my thoughts but it’s been such  a whirlwind, I think writing this now, just around the time we expected you to arrive would be perfect.

40 weeks pregnant love letter.

As expected you’re snuggled in there and flew past your due date without much of a hint of that changing very soon. There were a lot of anxious feelings as we came up on your due date, but now that we’re past it I’m somehow relieved knowing you’re gonna be here at some point within the next week or so. Maybe that’s because there’s no more guess work on whether or not you’re coming early or on time. You’re just plain late. Like your other siblings. So I’m thinking you’ll fit right in.

Growing you has been the wildest experience for me. After your brother was born I’d never dreamed I’d have TWO daughters to raise. I’m pretty sure your daddy is thinking the same thing. He’s been cleaning and getting the car all safe and ready for you. A few days ago he unboxed the carseat, went and got my oil changed and vacuumed out our very messy car. I think it’s his own little way of nesting. Though we’re pretty much ready in most regards, we are still in heavy debates over the spelling of your name. I hope you like what we finally agree on.

With your siblings standing by with the biggest grins and excited chatter I imagine you’re going to be the most loved little girl around. Your sister wants to share her room and everything else with you. I think you’re the sister she’s wanted but never thought she’d get. Your big brother is also surprising me with his excitement. Lately he’s up before your sister and talking to you first thing in the morning. He’s so loud and you almost always immediately start kicking and moving around when you hear him. I’m sure you’ll recognize him immediately. It’s going to be so fun watching how he adjusts to being a big brother. Hopefully you go easy on him.

We have managed to collect all these fun contraptions to put you in once you’re here but the more I think about it the more I realize you will probably be in our arms 24/7. Everyone is ready and waiting to get a piece of you.

I didn’t think I’d ever get to raise another baby again but I know you’re meant to be a part of our family. I think you’re going to be the little puzzle piece we didn’t realize we were missing. Be prepared to squeeze in and get smothered with a ridiculous amount of love.

So come out whenever you’re ready. Preferably sooner rather than later. We are all waiting!



So my baby has been served! S/he got his/her eviction notice this afternoon and has to be out or get kicked out by Monday morning.

I think baby got the message loud and clear though cause things are starting to pick up. I’m about 4cm dilated and just waiting for labor to kick in. In fact, a couple of hours ago I started having much stronger and more consistent contractions. I’ve been timing them and they’re about 5-8 minutes and pretty intense right? I messaged my photographer and texted my friends on standby to watch Lil’ J. Contractions are still going. I finish writing a post for BabyCenter. Contractions are still going. I go wake up my husband and tell him we may need to start getting our crap together to go to the hospital, and whatdoyaknow, things slow down. Well, not totally. But the last one went from being consistently five minutes apart to being 14 minutes from the last. That’s right, I’m live blogging this my friends (well, not the whole time, just right now).

I keep thinking “this can’t be it… I’m going to get induced” or “I remember this hurting a bit more on pitocin” but I’m also trying not to compare the two too much in case this IS it. I’m not sure I’ll believe this is it until I’m begging for an epidural, but maybe it’s smarter if I call someone before then? Oy, this is mighty different than last time.

As much as I’d like to take this opportunity to finish putting up vinyl on the nursery walls, and sew a couple more burp cloths–I’m thinking it may be best if I TRY to sleep (if I can sleep), and finish that fun stuff in the morning. Ya, I don’t think I’m gonna chance going to work again. I have a strange fear of my water breaking at work.

Anyway, I shall keep you posted. If there are other night owls up reading this wondering what’s going on, I’ll probably be posting random updates on Twitter and my Facebook page.

Here’s my 40 week letter and photo. Finally all caught up, just in time. Don’t make fun of my horrible handwriting.

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