Summer Summer Summer Time!


“What’s your favorite season?” Lil’ J asked me as we drove home.
“I like summer,” I said. “We can go swimming, and on trips, and play outside and cool off in the water. It’s fun!”
“I like summer too,” she agreed. “But my favorite is fall!”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because it’s still warm but not too hot and daddy can rake the leaves and we can jump in the leave pile and throw them around and stuff,” My new 6-year-old explained. “And it’s close to Halloween, I think.”
“It is.” I confirmed.

Never mind the fact that we don’t have trees with leaves that fall in our yard, or that she’s only jumped in a leaf pile once when she was two. She is Team Fall.

I still love summer. And here’s a little glimpse of what we’ve been up to these past couple of weeks.



We experimented with chalk paint in the driveway.

Butler Park Fountains Austin

And visited an old favorite splash pad in Austin–Butler Park.

Butler Park Fountains Austin

Butler Park Fountains Austin

I love my city. I sometimes just need to force myself to get out and enjoy it more. Especially with my little ones. We met a couple friends for a play date and I wound up in the water with the kids.

Butler Park Fountains Austin

Butler Park Fountains Austin

Glad I decided to wear my bathing suit!

More of our summer fun activities and photos over on my Tampico is Color Photoblog.

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  1. We need to explore more of our city. I was searching for things for us to do over the summer and throughout the rest of year and was amazed at the awesome stuff there is to do here. Glad you guys are having a great summer.

  2. I have that leigh Lil’ J is wearing. Also all my life I’ve wanted curls like yours and your kids.

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