When Did My Little Kids Get Such Big Opinions?

“I don’t want to wear that shirt!”my son tells me.

“Why not? It’s blue!” I ask.

“Because it has buttons!”

Not long ago there was a time I could choose everything for my kids. From food, entertainment, and the clothes the wear. I don’t know how we got here but we seem to have reached a new age in childhood where these kids have all sorts of opinions.

Biracial siblings holding hands on a swing wearing Stitch Fix kids clothes.

Up until recently I picked out all of my kids’ clothes based on what I liked and thought they would like too. But during a decluttering spree we identified which clothes REALLY stood out for my kids and it seems to have sparked some more specific taste.

I wiped my hands clean of the responsibility of picking out a spring wardrobe and let the new Stitch Fix Kids stylists take a stab at it. My main requirements were to have clothes that looked nice, but were also comfortable to play in. Especially outside in our yard space.

Biracial siblings hugging and wearing stitch fix kids.

The main things I specified were that my daughter loved shoes (though now that I think about it, my son may like them even more), and that my son isn’t a fan of buttons. Everything we got for them seemed to be right up their alley.

Biracial brother and sister swinging together on a swing set wearing Stitch Fix Kids.

I took a peek through the box myself before letting the kids open them up and thought some of the items could hit or miss. The jean shorts for instance, I wasn’t sure what my daughter would think. She’s never liked wearing jeans. So when she put the patchwork jean shorts on and said she loved them I nearly teared up. Who is this girl growing before my eyes?!

Stitch Fix Kids shorts.
Little biracial girl standing in front of a tree and laughing. Stitch Fix kids outfit. Jean shorts and blouse.

She said her friends at school complimented her on her “new look.” And that it was fun to take a break from her dresses. Still, most days you’ll still catch her back in dresses. So she was glad Stitch Fix Kids sent her a few. And she loves her new pink sparkly sandals.

My son doesn’t typically get excited for new clothes but when he spotted the striped t-shirt with a dinosaur in its pocket he knew he had to put it on. Big T loved the bright colors and soft fabrics his stylist picked out for him. He was also pretty stoked to see Nike clothes in his box since he already loves the brand.

He also loves his new shoes and although I told them they were to wear to school, and maybe church and not the best shoes for running, he still insists they’re great and help him run faster. There he goes with those opinions again.

It was a little strange handing over some of the choices to a stylist and my kids, but they’re happy with their choices, and I’m happy they’re happy.

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Aww, your kids are too cute! They’re growing up too fast, they choose their own clothes now.

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