Still Alive! At 22 Weeks Pregnant

My dear little LadyBug,

This past week was a pretty difficult week for us. Definitely the most difficult so far. I think part of it is my hormones are magnifying the stress I was already feeling. Then I got sick. I went to the Dr’s office to see if you were ok because I just didn’t feel right. My stomach hurt and I wasn’t sure if I was having contractions. When we went in they checked your heartbeat and you were swimming around, so it was hard for the midwife to keep track, but you were doing just fine! Sure enough it was just a stomach bug and I threw up a bunch. I guess it was payback since I didn’t have much morning sickness.

The next day I was really weak because I hadn’t been eating anything the day before, but I had to go into work for a couple of hours. It ended up being a scary day later when I passed out at the store. I didn’t fall on you or hit my head though, so I was grateful for that. And since then I’ve been doing SO much better!

I’m trying to get used to having a bigger belly now. I was so excited to have my tummy grow and grow and grow but the bigger I get now, the more I realize it’s not the most comfortable predicament. It’s nothing to really complain about, but I notice it’s harder to get my socks and shoes on, and it takes quite a bit of effort to pick things up on the floor. It’s also weird but I feel like I’m always full because my stomach is so stretched out. Now’s the time I need to remember that stretch mark cream!

My back also hurts a little more now that my weight is shifting. I know I need to improve my posture, and I think prenatal yoga will help too. I’m just a little worried to think about how it’s going to get over the next several months! … I try not to think about it too much right now.

On to the good news now…
Your daddy says he’ll help me put my socks and shoes on when I can’t do it anymore. You have a really good dad. Just wait until you meet him! In the mornings when we wake up, and at night when I come home he rubs on my belly and tries to feel you kicking. You’ve been kicking a lot harder this week, I even noticed you kicking hard enough so I could see my skin bounce up! I put a cell phone over you on my stomach and you kicked it off! I tried to get it on video tape but you of course, stopped just in time.

I love feeling you move around in there. Sometimes if I think too hard about it it seems strange, but it’s really comforting knowing you’re ok!

Oh my goodness Babydoll, I got the CUTEST outfits for you this week. I’ve stopped shopping for awhile now but I have over 20 dresses for you already ranging up to 1 yr old. So don’t you worry girl, you’re going to be STYLING!

I also just learned how to make you tutus and now I’m OBSESSED! I’ve decided I’m going to make you tutus to match Snoop (that’s your dog)’s dog collars, and we’re all going to go out on walks together and trips to Petsmart and MATCH! I’m excited because it gives me an excuse to stop ignoring Snoop and make him some new stuff too! I think I’ve spent a little bit too much money on tulle for the tutus this week, but at least I know you’ll have one for every season.

I’m also making good progress on your mobile. I think I’ll be finishing it this week! I’m a little worried because I have so many ideas for your room and so many things I’m already planning to put in there, I wonder how it’ll all come together. I’m not a good decorator, and I’m sure you won’t mind either way but I really want it to be pretty for you!

I started reading books to you this week. I read you two Dr. Seuss books I liked from when I was a kid. I’m hoping to keep the tradition up, and read to you every night after you’re born! I want you to love books like your mommy does!

(photo courtesy of BabyCenter)

I couldn’t believe how big you look now when I look at this picture for this week. You’re about 11 inches and almost 1 pound.

You’re starting to look like a miniature newborn. Your lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and you’re even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. Your eyes have formed, but your irises don’t have color yet. When they do I wonder what color they’ll be! I have dark brown eyes and your daddy has blue eyes. Inside your belly, your pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily.
I get to see you today for another ultrasound to check on your face and umbilical cord so hopefully I’ll see how long and big you are too! I’m excited and hoping you’re in a better position for pictures this time because I want to update the photo on my desk and another frame we have at home. I’m a little sad because this will be the first appointment your daddy can’t come to (he has to work). So it’ll be just you and me. You’ll have to behave and pose pretty for pictures so I can show your daddy when we get home!

I love you baby girl. Keep growing strong!




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  1. If you were sick, you probably were getting dehydrated which can be dangerous. Sip on some gatorade if that happens again. My middle child put me through that and tried to come 4 weeks early due to a stomach bug and dehydration from throwing up. I started getting contractions and was rushed to the hospital. Once they started the IV drip she calmed down. Then it happened again 2 weeks later and my OB told me to sip gatorade. Replaces the electrolytes. So glad everything is okay. I see Babygirl is going to keep you busy LOL

  2. These are the best letters! I’m so glad that you are feeling better this week. Your husband is so sweet for being so helpful! I’m waving at your baby girl right now and can’t wait until next week’s update.

  3. WOW that stomach bug is horrible! I just had it and was hospitalized due to dehydration. Stay well and glad to hear you are feeling better.
    You crack me up when you talk about the size of your belly! You are far from the size that you might/will be. I was HUGE already at 22 weeks. Hopefully you’ll be one of those tiny pregnant women.
    Shoes and socks are the worse!! Shaving your legs too….I remember those days.
    Good luck!

  4. This record is going to be so nice for your daughter to have someday.. just to hear how excited you were, what you were thinking. You need to get parts of the posts like these one printed into a book for her.

  5. Something I just started drinking to stay hydrated and gives a good source of electrolytes is O.N.E Coconut Water. If you like coconut that is…some are not big fans.

  6. Glad you are back, I have been thinking about you a lot :). This letter to little LadyBug is so lovely. I love reading. Sure your little LadyBug will love to know what you were feeling right now. It is so sweet, I just love it. Have a very nice day, and hear you soon. xxxMsBabyPlan

  7. Aww…I am so glad that you and Spawnie are doing better. Remember to stay off your feet for long periods of time. I know how easy it is to get caught up shopping and then before you know it you’re seeing stars. Excited to see the final product of the mobile. Saw the twitpic updates and it looked pretty good.

    You are turning into quite the domestic diva. Learning all sorts of skills–tutu making–. LOL. Not sure if my little Moo is the tutu type. Anyways, you take good care of you and Spawnie.

  8. I’m really glad you are feeling better and that the bug got the best of you, nothing else. I’m 23 weeks and 2 days (not that I’m counting) and feel every bit pregnant you do. I thought my 2nd time around would be a little easier at this stage knowing what to expect but it’s still definitely an adjustment as my ever expanding belly is getting in the way of everything. I’m just trying to embrace it all as this is the last pregnancy I’ll go through and it truly is a huge blessing.

    I love that you are reading to your little ladybug too, I’m a huge fan of books and can’t get enough of them for my daughter, and soon to be son. Take care of yourself, you look great!

  9. This post makes me so happy. And super excited to meet this little girl of yours. I’m sorry you had a rough week, hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out. *knock on wood**

    Oh and you look fantastic by the way! I love love love your belly! Your hubby and baby should be so proud!!

  10. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I came across you on Parenting today! I hadn’t checked the blogs there in awhile, so I was reminded today when I was flipping through my magazine. I had no idea you were doing that. I must have missed your new button!

  11. Yes, make sure you are hydrated. Get a water bottle with a straw – you’ll drink more. I swear!

    And if you think you’re big…oh man, just wait. You aren’t going to be half as big as me when I was pregnant (feel lucky). 🙂

  12. You should try to slow it down a bit and not stress so much. You are already supermom!! I cant wait to see pics of the finished mobile!

    Your little lady bug is going to love these letters when she gets older. They are just soo sweet!

  13. Stopping in from SITS 🙂

    That frame is so cute, congrats on the baby & I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothy. I don’t really have any input on the situation, but I’m interested to see in whether or not you will go with the doula!

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