Sprout Change Giveaway for Cloth Diaper Skeptics

After all of the comments were in, and I sorted through the non-entries we have 47 cloth diaper “skeptics” going for the Sprout Change Super Saver Starter Kit which I’m buying for them!

I’ll draw a winner from the top 5 entries with the most votes. So look below, and vote for up to your five favorite. If your name is below, tell your friends to come vote for you! Polls clost November 14th at midnight! Good Luck!

1. Carly:
I’m in!

I’d love to be a cloth diaper mommy, because I think the new cloth diapers are pretty cute and we’d like to cut back on the number of dirty diapers we’re putting in the trash (especially since we share our trash can with another family).

That being said, I’m a little skeptical about how clean cloth diapers can really be. If it ends up being stained, stinky business, I don’t think I’ll be able to stick with it for long!

2. Tricia
We have no cloth diapers. I thought about using them, but let myself get swayed by several things:

A. My husband told me he thought it would be too much work and he was squeamish about it.

B. My mom scared me with horror stories of using old-style cloth diapers with me and what a disaster that was.

C. My coworker told me that she used cloth diapers, but she had a diaper service, and couldn’t IMAGINE having to was them all herself.

D. My washing machine started to sound like an airplane engine right before take-off (Never a good sound for a washing machine to make!!).

However, the more I read about them, the more convinced I am that I should have stuck with my original thoughts and given them a try.

OH yeah – and my husband promised to get me a new washing machine for Christmas. πŸ™‚

3. Ro
Ive been following along on yrou journey- and this is why I want to try.

My Daughter is about to turn one and its been on my mind since day 1. If its one sized fits all it will be good for her too. Also she is pretty much past the “blow out” stage thanks to now eating a good amount of real food.

We do laundry everyday now anyways- thanks to my my “towel habit”.

Nothing grosses me out… I got my poop initiation early.

I live in a townhome and have to pass my garbage can between garbage pick up days and those diapers smell AWFUL! not dealing with that would be awesome!

The environmental part- 10 thumbs up.

E is watched by my Mom during the day who also does alot of laundry( thats where I got the towel habit from) and she wanted us to do cloth from day one as well.


I would like microfleece

4. Mrs. V
My husband and I have debated about cloth diapering since we found out we were pregnant. I’ve spent hours and hours googling brands and AIO’s and inserts. Right before we decided to purchase the diapers, my husband got laid off and I let my family talk us out of cloth diapering. For one, we don’t have the money. And also, we were able to register for disposables. I really, really wish that we could cloth diaper. Hopefully once my husband gets back to working full-time, it’ll be in our budget again.

5. Camilla
Ehmmm, well, you pretty much pulled the rug out from under my comment for why I want to try cloth! You mentioned all my hesitations. And I do want to be more eco-friendly. With two kids in diapers (and another one coming at some point later), I am sick of having a trash can full of dirty diapers!

6. Jewels and Cyrus
I am skeptical, but part of me wants to try them with my 2 year old daughter and the baby I am pregnant with right now. I love there are options out there- I will definitely look into them as I want to “try before I buy” too.

7. JoannaΒ 
I’ve got 2 months before my first child is due (a boy!), and I think I have more cloth-diapering friends than friends that use sposies- but they’re all SAHMs. I’m skeptical that, as a working mom, I’ll be able to keep up with laundry- but I want to try! Your working-outside-the-home example has been encouraging!

8. MSLibLady
I wanted to cloth diaper badly with my son but got scared! I really want to try with my second baby, but again…I’m scared! I’m a wuss!

9. Ciarra M. Kohn
Reading this blog posting was sort of like an insight into my mind! I am 4 months pregnant and I also have 2 year old that is still in diapers, cloth seems like it might be so difficult sometimes, especially when I am already staring at a mountain of laundry to do. How do you keep up? I can’t just stop there. My son and my new baby will both go to daycare and although I know it is state law that they have to use whatever is provided, I don’t want to be the person that pulls out the ‘law’ card. How do I talk those around me into it being a good idea? I mean, that one can’t be easy, like you said, it is one thing when it is your adorable little baby’s poop, but when you have to deal with someone elses? Maybe I’m just making excuses! haha. I need these to try out! I need to stop talking my self out of it! haha.

10. Cindy
I’m skeptical of my own ability to keep up with the laundry it generates! But I do want to try it, as long as the dipes are not too expensive. Getting started is quite an outlay!

11. Celina
We really want to do cloth diapers with our second baby due in January. I’m kind of nervous about putting the money down and hating the new amount of tasks I’d need to add to our list. Washing, stuffing, stripping, etc…A trial sounds great for someone like me that needs just a peek into the cloth diapering world before we fully commit.

12. The Roli Poli’
I am a 23 yr old SAHM mom with 2 kids.. Husband is a fulltime college student so our budget is very tight. I am very thrifty and always am trying to find ways to save money. I buy generic diapers cuz I can’t afford more but my kids are so sensitive its hard to find ones that don’t give them rash.
My reservations of cloth have been the mess or convenience when on the go. The need of a cost effective way of diapering my children makes me willing to try but have never had the money for a trial run.
Having the chance to try them out would be an answer to my prayers (and make me VERY happy) because we want more kids and cloth can be re-used with each kid!

13. Whitney @ Diary of A Preppy Mom
I’m not a fan of baby’s poo –
The scrubbing seems like to much to do,
but I’m willing to try them just like you,
because I’ll do anything once for my little boo! πŸ™‚

14. Stacy
I would love to try cloth, but we are going to start pottytraining soon and afraid my little princess is too old. I’d love to buy just one set of diapers that I could use for her and the next one-or 2 little ones!

15. Brooke
We are due in February and have discussed cloth diapering a lot lately. I have worked with animals for years… have a few of my own, and as far as poop goes (yes even the nasty and the worst of it) it is really no big deal. My main concern with the cloth diapering is the startup costs. Its such a big blow to start out with the cloth diapering despite the savings in the long run. and a winning the drawing on Nov 5th would be an amazing b-day present for this mama to be!

16. April
I have always told myself that I was going to 1. Breastfeed and 2. Use Cloth Diapers when I had a baby. Well, my little girl (4 months now) came as an unplanned surprise and as a single mother with limited income, I can’t afford to invest in something that may not work for us(she is a pretty fussy baby as it is..)or that will end up costing more in the long run to wash them. I know some people that swear by them, and others that tried and it just didn’t work. I actually asked for them as an early Christmas present from family, but they said they didn’t want to get her diapers for Christmas haha which.. makes sense I guess. Whether I get them, or someone else does, by the reviews it sounds like someone is going to be a happy mom/dad!
P.S. Loving the leg warmers Lil’ J!

17. cfmommy
For me there have been a number of things stopping me from trying cloth diapers. When my first baby was born almost 4 years ago, I started to change my mindset to being more “green”…organic foods, and chemical free cleaners and personal hygene products for her. By the time I started hearing more about cloth diapering my daughter was already 6 months and I was already 3 months pregnant with my second baby. At that point I was too chicken to try it because I didn’t think I could handle washing the diapers of 2 babies and was terrified of the up-front costs of buying enough of them for both…and once baby #2 arrived and had chronic diarreah from birth (diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 7 months old) this solidified my not using them as there would be no way of keeping up with the washing when he was going through 12+ diapers a day for 7 months straight! Now that I have #3 (3 months old)and we know there is no CF I have been really wanting to give it a try, but again, the initial cost of getting started and the fear that I won’t be able to handle cleaning the poop off of them keeps holding me back.
Steph Crosbie
scrosbie @ live.ca

18. micemilk
I’d love to be given a chance to try the sprout change diapers!
Here is why I’m a skeptic… I’m a totally a crunchy vegan organic mama, but my initial try with cloth diapers was a nightmare. I bought the plastic gerber covers and the cloth inserts that you fold and pin yourself. My husband was willing to try it out also. After 10 minutes on my boy, our bed was SOAKED. So I changed the sheets and gave up for the day. Well my husband threw the plastic covers in the laundry and lo and behold they melted, and that ended our trial. $30 bucks down the drain.
The cloth diapers they sell here in the city are just way too expensive and I can’t afford to buy new ones all the time. My son was also almost 11 lbs when he was born, and has been off the charts with growth. It’d be a blessing to have something that could be easily adjusted to sustain his growth. I love this old planet and would like to do a better job taking care of it any way I can.
Gimme a chance!!!

19. Mrs. K
So sweet that you will buy it for one lucky reader. I can’t benefit from it yet so don’t sign me up for this one :). Ok about Lil J, I can’t get enough of that jean jacket. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a baby before. She’s so fashionable. Or at least, her mommy is πŸ™‚

20. Rachael
Top Ten reasons I want to win these diapers.

1. My husband says that cloth diapers are for “granola heads” and if I cloth diaper it will drive him bonkers.

2. We are just starting TTC, so I could start cloth diapering from the time the baby is born. They would be perfect in babies first pictures.

3. I have severe eczema and all of my nieces and nephews had allergic reactions to regular diapers… so why not avoid that?

4. Cloth diapers just look so much cuter in pictures, even if they do give a baby a bigger booty.

5. I researched the different styles and the all in two just looks the easiest and most convenient. GDiapers were my original plan, but Sprout change seem so much more cost efficient.

6. I plan on having a few kiddos in my lifetime, so they will get used for years to come, totally worth it!

7. My parents cloth diapered me and my sisters. They love to tell jokes about accidentally dying all of our diapers pink once and green another time. I would love to have similar stories with the inserts to share with my kiddos.

8. Currently two of my sisters are pregnant, and if I could show them how great cloth diapers are, they might be converted too… thus driving down the prices even more! (There are two more sisters TTC also… that’s 4 ladies right there)

9. I worked at Babies’R’Us when I was in college, so I need to do something in the baby world that redeems me from selling items for ridiculously high prices (even if they were good quality).

10. I absolutely love this blog and check it on a daily basis. I’ve really seen through the “Cloth Diaper Experiment” that it is not a huge transition and that a husbands can be converted too.

21. Amie
I am skeptical because the only experience with cloth that I have was for my baby sister several years ago. We used the good old Gerber prefolds, pins, and rubber diaper covers. I hated helping out with changes as a little girl because I despised swishing the poopy diapers in the toilet. It seriously made me gag. I was also scared to death of the pins as I stuck myself several times and was terrified that I would accidently stick my sister. I am willing to give it a shot because it seems as if the whole cloth diaper experience has changed tremendously. If things have become as user friendly as they seem, I think even my husband would be willing to try this. I also love the idea of cloth being better for our daughter as well as the environment. And did I mention cute? I am loving the look of a cute, colorful, fluffy bum! I have been hesitant up until this point because of my former unpleasant experience with cloth as well as the cost involved with the initial start up. We are a one income family and things are very tight, so I would definitely have to commit in order to give it a shot. Winning this starter kit would be a huge blessing to help our family give cloth a chance and also help me to convince my husband that it is a worthy investment. Thanks for this generous opportunity…hopefully the winner will be converted to cloth! πŸ™‚

22. Lara
Wow you are nice! I would love the Organic, Blueberry. I am not sure I can upfront the stash money that is my only issue.

23. beautylogicblog
huge skeptic. But maybe because I feel like it’s way too much work. lol

24. Michelle
I have two friends over the past 3 years who have successfully cloth diapered so I am less of a skeptic than I used to be.

My main concerns are the initial investment, whether the diapers will hold up, and finding the time to wash them.

Spending all that money when you have a nursery, baby supplies, etc. to buy seems difficult and from what I’ve read you need a big stash.

I also am concerned after spending all that money will the diapers hold up until the baby is 2 1/2 or 3 and potty trained. I guess the cleaning poop part doesn’t bother me because disposables or cloth you are going to be touching a lot of poop with a baby, it is just a fact of life.

Finding the time to wash them would be a struggle for me. I seem to always be 5-6 loads of laundry behind. I guess you just prioritize the diapers because you need them but extra laundry is hard (have a mentioned how much I need a new, quick, front loader)!

Getting to try for free or before you buy would be amazing.


25. Lindsey
Oh, this is so me. Wanting to try but oh-so-skeptical. I’ve wavered back and forth with my daughter but never did try them and now she’s almost ready for potty training. But now I’m pregnant again and having a little boy this time. I’m seriously thinking I should try cloth diapers – because it’s naturally better for babies. And saving money on diapers would be totally awesome!

But, being new to this and overwhelmed by the options out there – well, I’ve questioned it. Will cloth diapering take up hours of my days? Do I really want to have to wash cloth with poop on it (haha)? Honestly, I have an awesome washer and dryer for this with a sanitize setting and everything, so I have NO excuses. I think the worry about it taking up TIME is what I question most, but I’ve been assured that once you get into a routine it’s just as easy as using disposables.

If I won this set of diapers, I would most definitely use them. I feel strongly that I should be cloth diapering and, like you, love the way they look! I would like to make up for my laziness (let’s call it what it is) with my first little girl and do this for my little boy due in January. β™₯

Thanks for considering me! πŸ™‚

26. Cathy
I have an eighteen month old son and a 4 month old daughter, so the cost of diapers is adding up. We’ve never tried cloth diapers or have any in the house. I’m hesitant to try them, because of the cost and find out that we don’t like them. I’ve been reading up on your cloth diaper experiment and interested in giving them a chance.

27. EMILY G.
i have no cloth diapers and i think thats mainly becuase of the initial investment and becuase of washing them (though in my head its probably more difficult than it really is..) i want to try them becuase i have a new baby due here in a few weeks, its better for the enviroment, and becuase well disposable diapers end up being super expensive for as long as you diaper, especially when your diapering more than one kid!! thanks for this oppritunity!!

28. Georges
Why have I been skeptical about cloth diapers? Well, you see, it all began when I was about 5 years old. I have 2 younger brothers and my chore was having to wash out their cloth diapers each time they needed to be changed. Changing “poopy” diapers was the last thing on my list back then, as it should be for any 5 year old. I guess now, after 25+years and having my own kid, I can give it another go! If I should be the lucky winner, I will give cloth diapers a try to see what I have been missing all these years! =)

29. falon
The number one reason why I have never tried cloth diapers (but really wanted to) is because I lived in an apartment and don’t have my own personal washer and dryer. I have to share the coin operated ones with the other folks in my building. I personally feel that it would be gross to wash “poop” all day when other people unrelated to me have to use the same machines. I have now sinced moved to my own home with my own w/d and I’m ready to give cloth diapers a try with my 3 month old.

30. mo mcd
I’m a skeptic because I was the toilet swisher when my sister was a baby. (I was 7.) It just seems like too much work with a 2 year old and a 4 month old on my hands! But I’ll try anything once . . . πŸ˜‰

31. Jess
I am due with my first baby in January and my husband and I have been debating cloth vs. disposable. Right now we are leaning toward disposable just because it seems like they really can’t be beat as far as convenience is concerned. However we are still open to cloth, so this would be perfect for us!

32. Margaret
I’m skeptical because I’m just not sure I can manage cloth diapers and pumping and working full time all simultaneously. I feel like disposables would just simplify and streamline that issue, but maybe I am wrong!

33. Jessica
I would LOVE to try cloth diapering…but as someone who is up to their elbows in baby poop all day long at work, I think I may just be too lazy NOT to use disposables with my own daughter. I’ve been following your family’s cloth diaper journey and you guys make it seem so easy! However, I guess I’m just not sure if cloth diapering would work with OUR lifestyle, although I did get daddy on board should we have the opportunity to CD, and the amount of work that took should earn me a medal or something!

With the starter kit, it’d be an easy way to test the waters without making such a large financial commitment to something we may not like. I mean, I reuse almost everything that comes into our home, I recycle religiously, and I even cry when my SO throws a glass bottle in the garbage (although that could just be the pregnancy hormones), so I’m definitely a tree-hugging crunchy mama to be to some extent. So, I feel the next logical step in my green journey is cloth diapering…that is if I can get my lazy butt in gear and wrap my mind around rinsing poop out of cloth and putting it in my washing machine (I’ll admit sometimes the gross-factor trumps my green efforts). πŸ™‚

34. NKB
Lil J is soooo adorable and chunky!!! when are we ever going to know her name??? πŸ™ I’ve been following your blog for awhile and i love seeing new pics of your little girl.

35. WeeMasonMan’s Mom
I really want to try cloth diapering but I’m worried I’ll get too intimidated by all the “Work” – the spraying down, the extra rinsing, doing laundry every two days. I want to be environmentally friendly and I want to save the money but I’m afraid I’ll be tied to my wash machine and go “Hmm, I don’t feel like doing laundry AGAIN” and throw him in a disposable and next think you know, there is $200+ down the drain.

Best of intentions meets “I realize I’m lazy”

omgababy at gmail

36. HLA
I would love to try cloth diapers!

37. The Adventures of Princess Zaria
I almost tried cloth diapers when Princess Zaria was a baby. I chickened out. Thought it would be too much work. Eve thought about a diaper service. I give Kudos to moms who are more progresive than I was:)

38. Mama Campbell
I am a cloth diapering mommy & I’m trying hard to get my aunt Sandi to try it on two of my cousins (23 month old & 2 month old). She is having a hard time affording diapers & just doesn’t have the start up funds to cloth diaper. She uses an XXL cloth diaper on her 7 y/o who has angelman syndrome and is severely disabled, so I know she could keep up with laundry. I wish I could help start her stash, but money is very very very tight for us w/my hubby being unemployed (and another reason I am SO grateful to have already been cloth diapering my 2…we could not afford disposables w/how little unemployment provides). I’m hoping to win her a few diapers to give to her for Christmas this year!

39. Jessica
It’s not that I’m skeptical of cloth diapering … I would love to do it! I just don’t have the money to get started and buy a bunch of cloth diapers. So I’ve been trying to win giveaways so I can try them out!

Also, I’m truthfully scared. I don’t know if I’d know how to “work” them. Some of them seem kind of complicated … inserts? snaps? Yikes! I know that once I ‘figure them out’ I’ll be fine … but it’s that initial “Oh My Goodness … what do I do?” feeling that freaks me out!

40. amber325
I really want to try them! I get all ready to order my first few to try then someone GOES “OMG so much work…..nasty to share btwn kids…..eww you will touch poop??” So $$ how do they save money?? what about leaks?? AND OF COURSE I chicken out! I have a 25 month old and a 4 month old that I would LOVE to cloth diaper! I am willing to try it …and want to learn about how great it is like lots of moms say!

My DH is on board….BUT I need to stick with them when we try…:)

-amber noll

41. Catherine Agnes
I want to cloth diaper, I really do, but I’m intimidated by the huge range of options out there! How on earth am I supposed to know where to start? My husband and I are both in school so we can’t really afford to invest in cloth diapers and then find that they don’t work for us. I would love to win this starter set.

42. superkmom17
I would absolutely love to try cloth diapers but for us money is an issue and I know it will save in the long run but up front we have to be frugal. My hubby is in the military and we are wanting another baby soon. We have a 5 year old and a 1 year old right now! I am hoping to try them on my 1 year old and get in a groove with them before we have another baby! I know it would help the environment which is a plus but yes I am kind of grossed out with the poop that I have to clean instead of just throwing it in the trash. I also know we had issues with my son and daughter being allergic to most diapers which I know cloth would help but I am so scared to be in town with daughter in a cloth diaper… not sure what to do! Hopefully you can help us to learn to use them and maybe convert! Thanks for the opportunity

43. Marlese
We are expecting our first child & I wanted to cloth diaper – but all my friends, family (husband included) think it’s a bad idea. Too stinky, messy, difficult, expensive – now I’m not so sure. Plus I’m overwelmed with all the choices out there – how do you decide what to try without making an investment & losing money?

Having a baby is going to be busy enough & have added expenses, is it too much to cloth diaper too?!

44. Nikki Saull
We would Love to win this wonderful gift for our little Lilliana! She is seven weeks old and exclusively BF… I have wanted to begin cloth diapering since her birth not only because they are so darn cute, but also so much better for the environment the thought of one of those little Pampers sitting in the landfill for 500yrs is pretty heart-wrenching!
Why i’m a skeptic…
Of course the whole cleaning poo thing isn’t too appealing… Then there is the extra loads of laundry… AND THE STARTUP COST IS OVERWHELMING for a lower income family like us… All the choices of cloth diaper brands and styles are a bit mindboggling as well… I personally only know one other mommy who uses cloth diapers so there isn’t much support around here…

I am so excited about the idea of cloth diapering Lilliana that i have already been preaching the benefits to the whole family and have them all convinced that cloth diapering will be a great decision for our family and for the planet.But they all say the same thing… How are you gonna afford the startup??? I am apparently left just begging to the Cloth Diaper Fairies to leave some at my doorstep, but i doubt that will happen πŸ™‚ SO maybe you can help us help the planet and put some cutness on another precious booty… πŸ™‚

45. Krystyn
I’m skeptical, because I’m working on baby #3..and I’m not sure if I can do it.

But, I know so many people that do and love it so much. I think I would most have to convince hubby, who is the guy that completely disrobed when first spit up on (he’s improved), and then dealt with the kiddo.

I’d love to not throw away a zillion diapers a day. And, I’d love to be able to convince my daycare that it’s doable.

46. Pink Nothings
they just seem so time consuming.

47. 2nd1st_timemom
I want these diapers!!! lol…I would not call myself a skeptical. They’re dispers and they do what diapers do..Duh!! My reluctance has more to do with money and my lack of money. Im being honest. In the begining cloth is expensive even if you have in the long run. I have a 3yo and I didnt use cloth with him. It was never an option. In my head cloth was dirty and nothing like the actual cloth diapers of today. Anyway, I know the expense of disposible diapers and they are very expensive!!

Anyway, I dont have money to waste. I would like to try out different disper systems to figure out which is right for me but I dont have the money to do so. Also, what if cloth isnt a convenience? I need for the select few that I choose to care for my child to be confortable with cloth. Well, what brand and type of cloth diaper is going to give me that?

I keep having this dream that I have my baby and I only have one cloth diaper because its all that I can afford. In the dream the baby keeps pooping and peeing and I keep trying to keep that lone diaper clean but its a losing batttle. Dont get me wrong Im not poor and there are those worse off than I am but money is a big issue for me right now and I have a family that is depending on me to not waste it.

I will end this now in the words of Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) “Pick me! Choose ME!!!”

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  1. I have no idea if I’m off-base here, but it seems possible to vote multiple times by refreshing the page. Is it too easy to cheat on this?

  2. I almost did it myself, thinking it wasn’t counting my votes. I was just clicking through to see the results and realized it was recording them! Sorry about that. Glad I saw it though!

  3. If you reset the poll does that mean people need to go back and revote? I asked my family to go vote but now I don’t see their votes?? a little confused!! Thanks for resetting it tho! I noticed the multiple voting as well and wondered about that…

  4. I will be trying out the sprout change cloth diapers. I tried them on my daughters stuff animal to show my hubby how easy they were. He was thought they were a great idea and I might have him convinced.

  5. πŸ™ I don’t like that this is a popularity contest now…I tried to get as many people as possible to come and vote, but I still don’t have a chance…so sad!

  6. Did I miss the drawing for the winner? I have been checking back but did not see anything. I am pulling for my cousin! πŸ™‚

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