Texas Bluebonnet Pictures and Other Reasons I Love Spring

If you live in Texas, you probably know all about Bluebonnets. Our beautiful state flower that’s only in bloom a few weeks out of the year.

Each spring I’m hit with part excitement part anxiety for getting out and getting pictures in them. Excitement because… Hello! They are beautiful, and a great excuse to take gorgeous sunset pictures in a field and it’s evolved into a springtime family tradition. But anxiety because these obligatory photos are sort of hit or miss, and if it’s a miss then I’m pretty much SOL until next spring.

Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures


Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures

Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures

Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures

Lucky for me, we were able to arrive at the perfect time, right on the edge of golden hour. It was cloudy, but the sun broke through just above the tree line. Ah! Just heavenly light.

One of my favorite parts about the experience this year was the fact that my kids were actually into it. Sort of. I mean my son was very amused by the “blue flowers” and knew that we were going to take pictures in them.

A great thing about photographs in a field is no matter where they run off to, chances are it can still make a great photo.

Biracial siblings Spring Texas Bluebonnet pictures

Believe it or not, I used my 100mm 2.8L lens for this entire shoot. The further away from me they ran, the cuter the photos seemed to get.



I’m challenging ourselves to get out more this spring. We did some gardening over spring break and we’re trying to maintain our flowers (luckily they came with a warranty).

In the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to take the kids strawberry picking and visit our first farmer’s market. I’d also love to spruce up our backyard again. Our pergola canopy took a beating so we could use a new cover. I’d love new seat cushions for our chairs, and I keep thinking a fire pit would be a nice addition for spring nights. Maybe one of these days I’ll even get brave enough to take the kids camping. Actually, maybe we’ll start by putting up a tent in our backyard!


We hit up the Sears “Spring It On Black Friday” Member Private Night. And ordered a 4 person tent! I’m so excited to try it out with the whole fam.We have some fun stuff going on in our backyard and I’d love to continue to make it an extension of our home.

Personally I love the convenience of shopping online then using in-vehicle pickup so I don’t need to face the store with my kids. They’re having another sale online at Sears.com/SpringItOn and in-stores April 22-23.

backyard chalk board fence

Bluebonnets, picnics, pool time, flower picking, bubble blowing, nice weather that’s not too-hot yet. These are just a few of the things I love about spring.

So bring it on spring! Or spring it on! Bluebonnets may have started the party, but I’m hoping we capture a lot more fun together this season.

Now for the fun part. I’m giving away ANOTHER $50 gift card on this post! Win $50 to spend on your own Sears shopping spree. Just leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to get if to win to make spring more fun with your family. Good luck! And don’t forget, before you head out you can make a reservation to meet with an expert. A free service to help you choose the right product for you home! You have until Saturday April 23rd 11:59pm to enter.

I love springtime, spending time with my family outdoors, and making our backyard into a place for us to play. That’s why I partnered with Sears on this post.

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Katie R says:

Gorgeous photos! Great giveaway, I registered!

Eleanor says:

Done! And wow, those photos are beautiful.

joe gesch says:

I registered. Thanks for the opportunity!

Susan Smith says:

I registered. Beautiful pictures

susan smoaks says:

thanks for the chance to win. i have rsvp’d for the event.

beth shepherd says:

Thank you for the chance. Beautiful pictures!

Denise S says:

I am registered, thanks.

Kimmy says:

I RSVP’ed! What gorgeous photos and children! They are so precious and adorable. XOXO

Leslie Stanziani says:

I rsvp’ed. I love taking my 4 kids out to a field to take photos. Using nature as a backdrop to me is the best choice. I absolutely love your photos.

Sand says:

Those photos are gorgeous! I registered.

Amy Deeter says:

Thanks so much . i registered on the site that was provided. thanks again

Sarah L says:

Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for the contest.

Moonsparkle says:

Gorgeous photos!

I used to go strawberry picking when I was a pre-teen/teenager. I think it’s a good activity for all the family. Hope your kids have fun. 🙂

Moonsparkle says:

P.S. I don’t think we have bluebonnets in the UK (at least not where I live). They’re very pretty. 🙂

Nadia Jawaid says:

Can u please mention the location of these bluebonnets?

Yep! In Texas, southwest Austin/ Buda off 967 right by a middle school (Dahlstrom) and church!

AmyRyb says:

I’ve been eyeing up an elliptical at Sears that will help me lose some weight and get more active outside with the kids!

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