Spawnie’s Gonna ROCK in RockerByeBaby

When I first started my hunt for cute baby clothing (especially when I was thinking Spawnie was a boy) and cute baby bedding, time after time people would tell me about RockerByeBaby. It’s a cute store with adorable things for your baby from diaper bags to blankets to crib bedding to onesies.

When I first saw her store I immediately thought of my best friend Shannon, and her sense of style. She’s totally into the punk-rocker look for her baby boy (my Godson), so I bought him a little guitar onesie. She made it especially for him see:

Cute huh? It’s a little big on him still but I’m SO excited to see him in it!

Personally, I’m not too into the skulls, crossbones and guitars myself for my baby… My husband and I are more of the “hip hop” type than the rocker type, so it wasn’t exactly my thing at first. But I chatted with Amber, and found out she also has a big selection of cute minky fabrics and designs. I also fell IN LOVE with a mixtape material I found and decided Spawnie had to have one. Originally I was thinking I wanted blue, because I was thinking she was a he, but Amber was sweet and changed it up to a pink backing when I found out she was a girl. Here’s how it turned out:If she was a he it would have looked like this in blue:
I love love love the soft fabric used on the inside. I picked it up this morning and pretended like I was curling her up in it. I just can’t wait to show it off! I may order a mixtape onesie to match too and make a tutu to go with it (that’s my new obsession). I love matching pieces. Speaking of matching, check out these matching father-son hoodies!

So there you have it, Spawnie’s FIRST blanket! Adorable, no?

But get this… Amber has made special blankets and bedding and clothing for celebrity babies! Ashley Simpson’s baby sports RockerByeBaby… And then there’s Spawnie who will ;0)

So check out her store and shop around. She’s even giving all of my readers a 10% discount for her shop. Use code: “FutureMama10”. You can get a cute blanket like mine for $35 – 10% = $31.50 (like my math skills?).

OR You can try to win a $40 gift certificate to her shop and get a blanket of YOUR style and choice, or even get something else from her spunky shop.

Here’s how you enter:
1. Be(come) a follower of my blog
2. Visit RockerByeBaby and tell me what you’d get with your gift certificate if you won in the comments.

That’s all! Want extra entries?
-Buy something from Rockerbyebaby using my 10% discount code and let me know what you bought (10 entries)
-Vote for which stroller I should get on TheRealMomTV
-Comment on one of my posts on The Real Mom TV or Parenting Magazine‘s blog during the duration of this giveaway (2 entries each!)
-Follow @RockerByeBaby on Twitter
-Become a RockerByeBaby Facebook Fan
-Follow me on twitter and tweet “I’m trying to win a $40 gift certificate to @RockerByeBaby! Check it out on @FutureMama’s blog.” (2Xs per day)

-Give me a pregnancy tip!
-Comment on non-giveaway related post of mine during the duration of this giveaway (1 entry per comment)
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-Add my Full Terms of Giveaway button to your blog.
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-Tell me how you heard about this giveaway (you read my blog regularly, saw it on Twitter, etc.)

This giveaway runs until March 20th at 11:59pm.

Winner will be chosen using Good Luck!

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated for conducting this review. Thank you RockerByeBaby for donating Spawnie’s first blanket and the gift certificate!


Winner of the BeNicePrenatal Giveaway: Stephanie from The Hanes Family! Congrats! Email me your info so I can get it to you! babymakingmachine{at}

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  1. Followed you on facebook! I follow Rockerbyebaby on twitter!
    I want that exact blanket in blue for my 5 month old! That’s what I would spend it on!

    My preg. tip: I had LOTS of trouble with my blood pressure… soo don’t sleep on your back or lay on your back. Sleep on your sides. Also… be sure to eat healthy.. but i’m sure you’re good there! :]

    OH! And you’re in Texas too! FUN! Texas mommies are great! :]

  2. I would the gift certificate to purchase either the OVERSIZED SUGAR AND SPICE guitar and hearts Pink with Turquoise Minky Cuddle Stripe for my DD#1 or a custom baby/toddler blanket for my DD#2.

    wernertjd AT yahoo DOT com

  3. pregnancy tip- cherish every kick and swoosh and swirl spawnie does. They may seem irritating now, but they’re priceless.
    oh, and drink lots of water.

  4. My pregnancy tip is to keep a journal and when the baby’s born journal every day too. My mom did that and it’s so cool to look back and read what I was like when I was just a newborn.

  5. Pregnancy tip – Enjoy your time before the baby comes! I know you do alot, but enjoy being able to go to the movies without finding a sitter

  6. Naturally I already follow <3

    As for what I’d buy? I’d have to guy with a couple Throw Pillows in the #5 Groovy Guitars print. So cute!

  7. I am a follower and I m not sure what I would buy yet. I would be giving this to a dear friend of mine who is expecting their first child at 41! She doesnt want to know what the baby is so we dont know what to buy yet!! 🙂

  8. Gosh….I love everything there! Love the skull infinity & regent skulls blue patterns.

    I would probably get a skully ribbon blanket and a changing pad.

  9. My pregnancy tip is to sleep with at least three normal sized pillows instead of buying one large pregnancy pillow. With three pillow you can move them around as your pregnancy progresses.

    chalcedonia at gmail dot com

  10. I so want a Rockerbyebaby blanket for myself! But… alas, Baby B still doesn’t have one, so I’d probably get him one first. Or maybe we’d get coordinating ones. Hmm. the choices are endless.

    amandawallace526 at gmail dot com

  11. Pregnancy tip: Even though its easier said than done, try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible. Also try to enjoy the time with just your spouse or spouse and current kids, because soon you will have a whole new little life in your hands taking up a whole lot of time and energy!

  12. The crib bedding is fabulous. I’ve never seen anything like it. I would also love to get a Minky with blue paisley on one side and light blue swirl on the other.

  13. pregnancy tip:
    enjoy it, before you know it she is going to be here.
    i don’t know if you remember me telling you my story about having my son early, but i wish that i had gotten the “big” belly, and couldn’t see my feet, or put on my shoes. it may be uncomfortable, what if you never got the chance to feel that way?
    i can’t wait to see how cute she is!

  14. If I won, I would buy one of the cloth diapers.. not sure which one yet because all the patterns are so cute! Actually I could probably get 2!

  15. Pregnancy tip: Be patient. That probably sounds kinda silly, but I know toward the end I was so impatient, and it just made the time pass even more slowly.


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