Spawnie’s First Baby Sling- Clementine Rose Giveaway!

The hardest thing to me about not knowing what Spawnie is, that it puts a halt on all of my urges to shop. Sure… This may be a good thing now, but it really just means I’m going to be spending more later. I’ve been a good girl though. I honestly can’t remember that last time I bought something for myself (besides my crazy food cravings) so my normal splurge money has been stored for my mini me (or mini hubs).

When I first started chatting with Lana from Clementine Rose we had talked about working together on my blog but I was so torn. I LOVE so many things in her shop but I can’t lunge my favorites into my shopping cart until I know if the little one I’m carrying is a he or a she.

Even silly little things like hooded towels make a difference to me. Call me silly but if Spawnie is a girl most everything must be pink! It’s my favorite color and my girl will just have to wear it until one of us tires of it. As I browsed around I found something I thought could work whether boy or girl. I got the Camden Baby Sling.

I know I want to be a baby wearing mama… I have loved the idea of pretending to be a kangaroo since I saw my first baby sling. Now I can’t get enough of them. If it weren’t for me not knowing what Spawnie is yet I’d probably have several by now, but for my first one I decided to go with my favorite, which happened to be blue (and cause deep down I know Spawnie is a boy).One of my best friends had a baby a few months ago and her little girl is who I like to call my “test baby.” She adorable, photogenic, and happy! I couldn’t ask for a better model. …She’s also Spawnie’s future BFF or girlfriend! First off, Happy Birthday to mommy Heidi! (I had to through that in there). My model friend Heidi bought a baby sling for her baby Zoila a few months ago so I asked her to compare mine to the one she has. At first glance she told me that mine was a lot bigger and softer than hers.When she put Zoila in she said it was really comfortable… And unlike her other sling, baby Zoila likes it!! I couldn’t help but snap a few cute pictures.I’m not gonna lie, one reason I’m pretty excited about having a carrier to hold my baby in is so (hopefully) I can still do some browsing online after becoming a busy mom, with Spawnie hanging right on me!I’ve heard some pros and cons of baby wearing but I think if it works for us, I will definitely be a baby wearing mama!

Here’s a little more about Clementine Rose:

Aspiring mother & owner Lana Morgan, spent 10 years building a successful career in financial services. After moving to the NYC area, her fashion senses were elevated to a new level. A true entrepreneur at heart, she knew she had to follow her dream of starting her own company.

Seeing an opportunity in the market place for chic maternity and childrenโ€™s wear and armed with business savvy and a passion for fashion, Clementine Rose was launched in 2009.

Clementine Rose is an eboutique specializing in lines that are hip & trendy for mom & baby. “We love discovering up & coming designs and innovative products to make life easier & more stylish! We also carry a variety of items that make the perfect gift for the hip mom-to-be!”

Want a cute sling like this or something else from the shop? You can buy the Camden Baby Sling for $54 on Clementine Rose.

Or if you can WIN a $55 gift card to Clementine Rose here, and choose a sling or another cute item from their store.

How to enter:
Visit Clementine Rose and in the comments section tell me what you’d like to buy if you win the $55 giftcard!

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Contest Ends February 7th at 11:59 PM. Good Luck!

This giveaway is a part of my Full Term Of Giveaways! One a week every week until Spawnie arrives!
Baby Makin(g) Machine

Disclosure: I was not paid for conducting this review. I was given a sling only for the purpose of conducting the review and the opinions stated are my own (and my friend’s who tried it with me). Thanks Clementine Rose for sponsoring the giveaway!

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  1. I would love either the Emily baby sling or the super soft fold over pants. Since I JUST found out I was pregnant, I think those pants might come in handy. ๐Ÿ™‚ The baby clothes are way cute…but who knows what I’m going to need Pink or Blue!

  2. Oh I so would love a Camden baby sling! I am about to have my third so I know my hands are going to need to be free, and I HATE the carrier I already have.

  3. My pregnancy tip for you is to try and somehow not be too anxious/excited for the baby. I remember with my first one I kept thinking, when I so want the baby… but newborns while wonderful are a lot of work. So enjoy this time, get a few extra things for you done as your life is about to be a lot busier but wonderful too.

  4. Just realized that telling you about how I heard about this giveaway was a separate entry… in entry 16, I said I was a facebook fan and heard about the contest there. So this is the how I heard about you entry-i.e through facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

    I really would love to win.

  5. I love the Babymel Amanda Modern Floral Diaper Bag….so cute, and you know, I think it could work for boy or girl…because I would be the one carrying it right?? Well except for Marmot, but we might have to get a different one for him. lol

  6. I am still trying to conceive but I figure I will claim my pregnancy now. I started looking at the clementine rose website and there is just soo much to love on it. If I recieved the gift card I would get the Olivia Baby Sling or the supersoft folderover pants.

  7. Oh my gosh, how could I pick just one thing?! That being said, I am in love with the field of flowers romper. Of course, that only works if this little one is a girl!

  8. My pregnancy tip is this: If something made you sick once, chances are it’ll make you sick again. Avoid vomit inducing foods like the plauge. Ugh, onions…

  9. I’m going to have to agree with you and say that the camden baby sling is my favorite! I also really like the sevilla nursing cover!

    froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

  10. I would buy either a nursing cover or a sling! And like you I’m not sure which one because they are all so cute and I would want to know if I was having a boy or a girl first.

  11. And here is some pregnancy advice: read a book (or preferably several books) on infant sleeping BEFORE you have spawnie. I recommend Happiest Baby on the Block and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.

  12. I would get either get a sling (brown w/blue poka dots) or a nursing cover (all colors are sweet) OR the cute black & white changing pad (circle design).

    So many things to choose. I bookmarked the site so that when I know this little bug inside me is going to stay long term I will purchase lots of goodies.

  13. pregnancy tip: enjoy every moment. savor each kick and as hard as it is to love the end of pregnancy when you’re super uncomfortable, try to. You will miss these things so much when they start to grow up and they’re not your little baby anymore.

  14. Oh my gosh! Zoila is sooooo adorable/gorgeous/cute! She’ll make a perfect BFF or g/f for your little one!! OH and I love the baby sling you bought! Too cute! It works for either sex.

  15. Not entering the contest, just leaving a comment…..Your sling seems so comfortable. I really wish I had one for my children. It would have made everything so much easier. Newborns want to be held all the time, so that leaves no time for mom to do anything. But with the sling, it seems a mom could accomplish so much while holding the baby.

  16. This site is so cute, thanks for sharing!! I would probably go for the Amanda floral modern baby bag or the same sling that you got (I have seen some in stores, but yours looks much more durable and comfy). I found out I’m having a girl and prefer your pattern to the others anyhow.

  17. I also follow your blog, and as far as pregnancy tips go- I think you are two weeks ahead of me so I can’t do much but share the horror stories I’ve heard. You don’t seem to be getting sick like me though, which is good.

  18. so a pregnancy tip… lets see. i have one daughter who is 14 months. one thing i would say is don’t stress about constantly working out but i enjoyed doing the pregnancy pilates and stretching. that really helped my body handle the changes. also, don’t stress- just enjoy it! the baby really does come and i missed being pregnant. ๐Ÿ™‚ oh and be sure to take lots of pics of the belly too!! ok so there are a few random thoughts!

  19. A pregnancy tip? Don’t stress about *stuff*. Keep yourself healthy, and you’ll have a healthy baby. They’ll need very little when they get home- just some blankets & diapers, a place to sleep & lots of love!

    joshandjoanna at gmail

  20. Pregnancy Tip: Drink lots of water…the using the restroom all the time is no fun but it helps to make sure you don’t get charlie horses at night among other things!

  21. I don’t remember the name of the sweater I liked — and I’m too lazy to go back. It was a purple short-sleeved maternity sweater. Super cute!

  22. I’m pregnant, too (due in May) and am also a mom of a toddler. My tip:

    * about a month before your due date, be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day any way you can (at nights, sleeping in, naps– I know it’s tough at this point, but 8 hours cumulative!). Being well rested will make labor easier and give you the strength for delivery. Also, it’ll be awhile before you get 8 hours of sleep again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure you are really well hydrated that month, too… trust me, it’ll help!

  23. Pregnancy tip (I am pregnant too): drink lots and lots of water. And during labor, make sure to switch it to Gatorade, to replenish electrolytes.

  24. If I won I would like to get the Lily baby sling. I wonder what the age limit is on them though? My sister has a 5 month old, and he hates to be put down.

  25. I have your blog bookmarked and I subscribe to it also — been reading it for awhile now–that’s how I found this contest

  26. pregnancy tip:

    I made the perfect heating pad by using a long sock filled with rice, tie a knot and heat it for a couple minutes in the microwave and you’re set! That helped me get through the back pain at the end of pregnancy. I also highly recommend sleeping with a Boppy wedge pillow to relieve pressure on your belly!


  27. I love your elle top navy floral. Carry your baby hands free and in style with this beautiful baby carrier.Baby slings are completely adjustable so every person gets a custom fit in every position every time.I follow you on twitter…

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