Spawnie, You’re 14 Weeks!

Dear Spawnie,

You are 14 weeks and 5 days old now. I’m trying really hard to write these updates on each of your weekly pre-birth days but I’ve been kind of bad about doing it on the day. Hopefully next week I’ll be better.

We’re eating a lot more now baby. And I guess that’s a good thing because it means you’re growing. I’ve heard people use the excuse “I’m eating for two” before but someone else ruined the news for me before I even became pregnant with you… They told me that doesn’t mean I get to eat an extra 2,000 calories… But more like 250. It’s ok though, cause although some times it feels like it, I’m not sure if we could eat that much if we tried.
Speaking of eating, you’re making me eat the craziest things lately. This week we went shopping at Target and all of a sudden you told me you wanted a hot dog. I tell ya what Spawnie, that was the best tasting thing EVER! I felt like we were in heaven eating that hot dog.
And you’re not going to believe this, but you wanted another hot dog for Christmas dinner! Your daddy thought I was crazy but I told him it was what you wanted. So we drove to 7/11 and got a hot dog. It didn’t taste as good as the other one though, and I’m going to be honest, I didn’t feel that good after eating it. I hope you liked it though.
I’m excited every Friday when I get an update from BabyCenter on what you look like now, and how you’re developing.

This week you can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck your thumb! Your kidneys are producing urine, and I’m sorry to say it, but you’re now swimming in it… You will be until birth. You can grasp, too! I can’t wait until you’re grasping on to my fingers.

From your head to your bottom, you measures about 3 1/2 inches — about the size of a lemon — and you weigh 1 1/2 ounces. That’s what BabyCenter says at least. M iPhone Ap says you now weigh 2-3 oz and are the size of a navel orange!!
By the end of this week, your arms will have grown to a length that’s in proportion to the rest of your body! I’m really excited about that too since the next time I see you you’ll look like a real little baby!
Your hands and feet are more flexible now too and I wish I could feel all of your little kicks and punches!
You’re getting so much bigger now that my stomach is starting to stick out. No one at work really believes I’ve gained weight but when I wear certain clothes you can totally tell my tummy’s getting bigger.
You have no idea how excited I am to feel you kicking in my tummy, to have your daddy feel it to, and of course I’m most excited to meet you! We both are!
Last night we watched a movie called The Business of Being Born. Your dad got grossed out quite a bit, but we talked a lot about how we’d like to bring you in the world. We’re hoping to make it a personal experience with the three of us, but we’re mostly hoping you’ll get here safe and sound.
I love your daddy so much and every day I look at him I study his face and wonder what features you’ll get from him. We love each other so much and we’re so excited to welcome you to our little family! Oh, and Snoop is excited to meet you too. He can tell you’re in my tummy. I know it cause he’s always acting funny.
Sweet dreams little Spawnie, your mommy loves you!
***Question of the Day: How long was it before you felt your baby kicks from the insite then outside?***
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I am not far behind you at 6 weeks, as someone who has been here before. Man the wait for the cute bump seems to last forever.

ciara says:

you have a lil pooch :0) w my 2nd kid, the 1st daughter i craved spicy hot dogs from 7-11. made my ex go get them at the craziest hours: like anywhere bt 12-3 in the morn lol

You are so cute, and are going to make such an amazing mom. It’s so sweet how attached you are to little Spawnie already!! Only a few more weeks and you will know if it’s your son or daughter. I am looking forward to that post!! Today, I went to my sister’s 20 week ultrasound and she is having a boy!! Babies are sooooo exciting!! 🙂


CalgaryDaddy says:

Exciting! My wife is due tomorrow! Yikes….!


G Lucciano says:

Its a beautiful thing at hand.
Babies are beautiful, and the process is quite a journey. I remember it all like it was yesterday. I was there for my girlfriend every step of the way.

Great post.

G Lucciano

KarmaPearl says:

Wow, 14 weeks! Congratulations, that’s awesome!

Stam House says:

Baby #1 around 13 weeks from the inside and 18 from the outside (so others felt her too)

Baby #2 around 11 weeks and same for the outside

Baby #3 around 9 weeks and now almost 16 weeks and able to see kicks when taking a bath!!!!

Emmy says:

Did you know babies can’t touch their hands over their heads? They actually can’t do it for quite a while after being born, almost a year if not more since their heads are so big. It is quite funny 🙂

Mrs. Lopez says:

I started feeling movements around week 15. Hubbs couldn’t feel anything until around week 18 or 19. Now, I’m in week 27, and we have been able to see my belly move! I love it!

How exciting. I loved it when I felt my babies first move. I’ve had 10 kids and each one was just as exciting. With my first one I craved hot dogs–now I can hardly look at them.

You look fantastic.

Deidrea says:

With my first pregnancy, I felt her at 16 weeks (sitting at the computer of all places!) With my second pregnancy, I felt him at 13 weeks!! Hubby was able to feel both of them around 21 weeks 😉

I used to LOVE reading my babycenter updates. They were great, and helped the time go by faster!

I really started popping out at 14 weeks. Your belly is just adorable. Oh, and my morning sickness finally disappeared at that point too, alleluia!

Loved reading your debate over a doula, too, in the previous post 🙂


So, according to the Bump How Big Is Your Baby thing, you’ve got a lemon right now:-)

Mallory says:

This was a really sweet post. I started feeling my son move around 16 weeks, but they were just little flutters. My husband finally felt the baby move at 21 weeks. I can’t wait to feel that with the baby that we now have on the way!

Marly says:

I was so very oblivious with my first. I didn’t feel him until I was 22 weeks, hubby felt him that day :p I’m sure I felt him before but I didn’t realize it.
2nd I felt at 15 weeks, outside 20w
3rd I felt at 13 weeks, outside 18w
4th I felt at 12 weeks, outside 18w.

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