My son’s new ‘do

I dreaded my son’s first hair cut for so long. I hated it at first. I missed his adorable precious baby curls. I happen to think he looks great with long hair. It suits him if you ask me. But as you’ll see, he looks pretty darn cute with a shorter fro too.

Surviving your child's first hair cut. Biracial boy interracial familyBut it was time for a change, and I compromised with my husband. He could get a hair cut, if we did it at Disney World.

Despite his first cut taking place at the happiest place on earth, I still cried.

I blogged about the experience on BabyCenter, but wanted to show off more of his new do now that I’ve gotten used to it and grown to love it.

It’s already growing back, been faster to detangle, and turned out to be a style he still gets compliments about.

Here’s my Big T showing off his new little ‘do.

Surviving your child's first hair cut. Biracial boy interracial family

Surviving your child's first hair cut. Biracial boy interracial family

Surviving your child's first hair cut. Biracial boy interracial family

Do you like it?

James Oliver says:

Very nice. I did really like the big fro though.

Alice Anne says:

Of course! He’d look cool no matter what, though. Look at him! Maybe get a fade next time… 😉

Kim says:

A-DOOR-A-BIL! We always kept my son’s hair short but my daughter’s hair was like your little girl’s… and she chopped it all off her senior year of high school! She has dreads now.

Maria says:

He is adorable!

Emily says:

I love it! Of course, I loved it before the cut too…but he’s super adorable with it short as well!

Dani says:

I like the new do. I cut Roey’s hair myself. He was starting to look homeless 🙂 Adorably homeless tho. Seriously he was just pushing it out of his face and eyes too much. So I trimmed him up a few months ago. He turns 3 in June and I will give him a shorter cut at that point. I think it’s ok for boys to have long crazy hair as long as they’re not blinded by it or burning up sweating under it.

Your lil guy looks handsome before and after. and I LOLD at your ‘compromise’

I wish I could cut his curls on my own, I think when it grows out again maybe I’ll trim the parts in front of his eyes. It’s so cute long! I’m with you on the long hair logic!

Domonique says:

Hi! I have just stumbled upon you older post about your daughter’s shampoo and moisture routine from November 2014! You mentioned that you weren’t going to post about the maintenance process for your adorable son’s fro, and so I followed a link to this page. Well his hair is adorable like this as well, but now I have a three year old biracial boy with your son’s old fro and for the life of me I cannot keep it tame or moisturized! I have shaved my head for nearly 15 years now as my main hair style but I am familiar with some natural hair product (kinky curly, shea moisture, asiam, & curls) because I grew my hair out for several years, but I am still using just Burt’s Bees on his hair (crazy, I know), and Shea Moisture Kids curling butter cream, and their detangler on his hair (not a fan of said detangler). I wash once a week. His hair looks like a fuzzy, fried, cotton ball just three days later.

Anyway! Any tips?

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