So This Happened…

My husband and I have had a few… Discussions about our son’s hair. I agreed that this summer my husband could take him to get another cut. Meanwhile, almost every day my husband would sigh and whine about it being too long.

In a moment of weakness I agreed to let my husband take our son to get another haircut (here’s how it went down the first time). He leaped at the chance before I changed my mind, told me to stay home and and ran out the door mumbling something like “frohawk.”

Shortly after he left I started to regret my decision to give in. But my husband sent me a photo of our son in the barber shop chair. There was no turning back.

Prepping for your little boy's first haircut.

I think part of me didn’t think he’d go through with it. He went to a barber shop. I mean… A legit barber shop and took a lecture about taking care of our son’s curly hair. I knew it was coming. Our son’s long locks, though adorable, were getting SO tough to manage since he hated when I’d do it. Starting fresh is nice because I’m able to get him used to daily styling again without the pain that comes from having more hair and more tangles.

My husband told me Big T flipped out in the chair. He wound up having to set him on his lap and hold his arms down while he cried through the process. I know I would have been a mess if I was there. My husband even said it was hard for him to stand.

But as soon as they were done Big T dried his tears and asked for cookies out of the vending machine so I guess it wasn’t so bad.

Then came my own tears when he got home. Ok, it wasn’t THAT bad. But it was an adjustment. Actually just today I can finally look at him and like his new cut. No frohawk, just much shorter curls. I’ve already bought a new pick and I’ve been combing it a little every day so he can get used to what we’re going to be doing.


I can’t decide if he looks older or younger now. He seems older with a big boy cut, but he reminds me of his younger self before his hair grew in.

My husband wants to take him back to the shop and cut the sides down more so he can have a hightop fade… Can someone please help me? Help him? Goodness! Haha.

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  1. he looks like a big boy to me too…when i saw this post i was like “no way!”. then i scrolled down and he is just as cute as ever. my sons fro is growing and lawd, i cant stand it. everyone around me says let it grow but its “killing me smalls”, lol. for now i just call him “cotton headed nini muggins” which make is a lil easier for me.

  2. Aww, just breathe mama I know its a battle with the husbands and boys with hair!

    My husband and I decided that our little guy had truly awesome hair. Going out with my son its like he’s a side show. People all ages, men and women Love his hair. I think the attention is what changed my husbands view. I decided to make his hair a wig one day, once it was long enough for a little girl who lost her hair. Watching cancer first hand changes a person. I felt that his mane was too beautiful to waste, and so does daddy. So glad because girl it was a battle about him rocking braids. Now when I do braid, I braid a full head of braids not cornrows. They last longer and easier on both of us. Since again, I am not the best braider, too many tries to get it right. single braids are a lot easier… longer but once its done its done.

  3. It’s the complete opposite at our house. I’m always the one who wants to cut our son’s hair, while my husband pouts about it. I love little guy’s curls, too, but they become so unmanageable as they grow out and it’s a real relief not having so much hair to deal with in the summer. His first haircut was traumatic, though. I swear he aged four years after. He looked like a completely different kid! It was a whole ‘nother year before his next cut in part because I totally underestimated how unprepared I actually was.

  4. Tell your husband to come take Rohan. Cuz….he refuses to let me cut his hair. He’s petrified of the clippers for some reason now…out of nowhere.
    Your son looks absolutely adorable. I think he looks younger…but still a stud.

  5. Ohhh… I know this pain so well. We ended up having to go much shorter due to a bout with hair pulling. The high top fade has grown on me, so I’m sure it will grow on you as well. *hugs*

  6. Adorable! What is it about haircuts that make kids look so much older? I finally told my husband he could cut my little guys hair and he shaved him bald. Needless to say, he has been banned from any future hair cutting!

  7. He’s cute either way! Maybe a shorter ‘do will be a good
    Change of pace for summer — and give you a nice break from combing out tangles for a couple months. My son’s hair isn’t curly, it’s straight as straw, so it looks really flat and blah when it’s long. I have it cut where is a bit heavier on top, but cut super short on the sides, like 1-2 clipper. Then I use gel to mold it in place! I know it sounds scary, but maybe try your husband’s idea about doing shorter sides. It will always grow back, boy hair grows like crazy!!

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