So Many Things to be Thankful For

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I woke up this morning thankful that I didn’t have to get up last night to pee. I got to enjoy sleeping in with my handsome hubby. I thought how I’d better enjoy this time we have to sleep in together cause in 8 months or so we’ll be joined by a little friend who probably won’t give us that chance. It made me stop and think a little while about all I’m thankful for.

I’m grateful for all of the people who work at Golden Corral. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have had such a tasty Thanksgiving meal for the second year in a row.

I’m thankful for Disney movies that always make me smile, and the collection I have that I can’t wait to share with my children.

I’m thankful for my Faith, and all that it brings to my family and home.

I’m thankful that even though my emotions are on high alert now, I’m even more in touch with my sensitive side, and am slowing down to notice the beautiful little things in life.

I’m grateful for my job… That I get to do what I love every day–Write. I also am thankful that even though I had to work on Thanksgiving that they provided my second Thanksgiving meal of the day.

I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who does so much for me it’s not even funny. We were talking yesterday about how all I have to say is “I’m cold” and he runs to get me a blanket. I can’t remember the last time I did the laundry or the dishes. He even drives me to work and picks me up to keep me company. I LOVE this man!

I’m so grateful for our little Spawnie on the way, and for all of the nausea and sleepiness I’m feeling cause it’s a good sign that our baby is growing strong.

I’m grateful for my blog giving me a place to release all of my thoughts and feelings regarding pregnancy and motherhood and for all of the great people I’ve met and gotten to know through blogging.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!..I’m thankful that I had a healthy pregnancy that resulted in my beautiful baby boy, that I have 2 other happy, healthy children, and for my hubby, even if he’s a pain in the tush sometimes.

  2. Yay Babies! Don’t worry–the peeing thing gets worse, heh 😛

    And actually–after we had our Baby Cute, we still made time to spend with each other. He’s such a mellow baby, our life didn’t become too stressful in that regard at all, so my husband & I still get time with each other–hopefully you’ll be the same way 🙂

  3. OMG I can’t believe that last comment – some people are just sick!!

    Your post was great BTW – love reading about your progressing pregnancy, mine seems so long ago now.

  4. The crap blog detective obviously uses his sarcasm in a way he THINKS is humorous, but is in reality inconsiderate. Wow.
    I”m hoping he’s just being obnoxious & not realizing…but I doubt..

    Anyway, love that you’re so thankful!
    And Disney movies rock!!

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