Snow White: My Little Princess

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Yea, so… Snow White comes in brown at our house. That’s cool too.

This was actually the second princess Lil’ J posed as but I was so excited to show off Merida that I shared those photos first.

Snow White Quote

Lil’ J watched Snow White for the first time just a few months ago. She’s not her favorite princess (she’s actually kind of hard to understand) but she does like the storyline. Anything with a “mean witch” in the tale has her hooked.

Snow White doesn’t have many profound quotes, but I love this line from when she’s meeting and singing to the forest animals she scared with all her crying. “Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”

It seems like from the get-go this little girl has been filling the world with sunshine, especially my world. I want to help keep her light burning bright and shield it from the crappiness of the world that may dim it. At least for as long as I can.

Brown Snow White

We got this Snow White dress from a neighbor for $10. It’s a little frayed, and still big on her, but a little safety pins and imagination did the trick.

Lil’ J found some ribbon in my craft drawer that we used as a bow, and she ransacked my kitchen for some apples and pulled me outside.

Black Snow White

We were still warming up with this shoot, so we didn’t take many photos, or get too creative but it was still cute watching her pretend to open the cottage door, sleep standing up, be tempted to eat a poison apple… Goodness, she’s something else.

Brown Snow White

She already told me she wants to cook when she’s Tiana, and use a sword as Mulan, so we’ll see what she comes up with next. Until then, here are a couple more photos of my Brown Snow White. And in case you missed the first set, here’s Cinderella (round 1) and Merida.

Black Snow White

Black Snow White

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  1. Your little princess is just beautiful! Do you have a “dress up” chest? We had a blue tub (UGLY) when the kids were little. The girls and I have continued to “build up” our dress up wardrobe with their HS dresses, shoes, purses, gloves etc.
    One day, when I have more grandbabies (hoping some girls in the lot as my grandson isn’t overly keen on dress up) I will find an actual sturdy chest for the dress up clothes. So much more fun and exciting digging through a chest, or at least figure out a way to “dress up” those ugly plastic storage tubs! Hmmm…perhaps a FABRIC makeover! 🙂

    1. Thank you Andrea! You know, she does have a cute wooden chest that I used to put her dresses in. But once she hit a certain number I decided to buy her a rack to go in her closet. So it’s down at her level and she can pick them out, and hang them back up when she wants 🙂

      I love your fabric chest makeover idea!! I bet there are some cool ideas on Pinterest. Keep me posted! 😀

    1. Ok i like that even better! haha “Snow Brown” hehe. YES! Goodness she does have plans and gives me a lot of ideas. She dresses up every day and for some reason in these dresses she ALWAYS wants me to take photos (she’s not normally always like that). We borrowed a sword from her friend’s place today and she’s SO excited to do Mulan next. I’m that much more excited watching her.

  2. I love this. I have a niece who thought the only princess she could dress up as was Tiana because she is black. I told her that’s not true at all!

  3. Adorable! I love this series. When your son gets older you should do a superhero series with him and teach him all the wonderful attributes superheroes possess that he also has.

  4. Lil J is too adorable! Love the quote. I think that as parents we should remind our children daily that each of us is in charge of spreading a little sunshine wherever we go. We have to teach them how to let their light shine and how to be the change they want to see and need.

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