Sister Wives, do ya dig it?: Real Talk Tuesday

I told myself I wasn’t going to watch Sister Wives this season. It’s actually pretty boring for a polygamist show. It’s got nothing on Big Love.

Yet alas, I couldn’t turn away when I saw it on my DVR.

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Kody (the husband) does strike me as a bit narcissistic and completely corny. It’s strange to me that he expects people to accept them for who they are, yet the thought of the roles being reversed with his wives (them having more husbands) is repulsing to him. As if the thought never crossed his mind to put himself in their shoes for just a second. … Then again, it is a man we’re talking about.

I’ve been intrigued by polygamists for a long time. I used to see them at Walmart all the time when we were first married and lived in St. George, Utah. I even dressed up as one for Halloween one year. My fascination continues to be fueled thanks to TLC.

The surprising thing about the show to me is how normal they make polygamy look. I mean it’s not like I watch and think “these people are nutso!” When they describe why they live the way they live and honestly share their challenges, it makes sense to me. I get it.

It probably would be nice to have more family to love, a few other women help take care of the kids, share in the chores, and hang out with. Does that mean I’d want to share my fine a$$ husband? Hail nah.

But if he looked like this…

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Have at it. He’s all yours! In fact, you could take my night with him whenever you want.

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  1. just laughed loudly!!! i’m with you, the joys of sharing that friendship would be great, however sharing your hubby? not gonna happen…. period.

  2. Lol I LOVE the show! There is just something about it. I’ve watched from episode one and will continue to watch. It’s interesting to see how this family lives.

  3. When you wrote if would be great to have More family to love and a few women to help care for the kids, I was like where is she going with this? But then I had to laugh at the not sharing your husband part.. You had me for a sec. Lol. I watched the first season cause I was curious about that lifestyle (is it ok to refer to it that way?). I wanted to see for myself and get their perspective on the whole situation. I haven’t kept up with it though. I heard those women were beefin’. Is that true?

    1. haha! “And WE’RE taking on another wife!!” … Is that what you were waiting for? Girl please! They have referred it to as a lifestyle so I’d say that’s an ok term 🙂

      They were beefin a little, they seem pretty open about it, but what we think of as “beefin” (B*tch slappin, name calling, etc) is not what it was like… At least not on TV. It’s more like “He always talks about Robyn, I wish he’d give me more attention… We just need to adjust.” Pretty low key if you ask me.

      Again, it’s no Big Love.

  4. LOL! This post cracked me up!

    I’ve watched the show in the past and I’ve always wondered how someone like Kody could get not 1, but 4, wives.

  5. Call me jealous, selfish, or even possessive. No way would I ever sharing my husband. You totally made me snort reading the end. LOL

  6. I have not watched the show. All I know is that it takes a very very special woman to share a man. I couldn’t do it! I get mad if the lady at the drive thru smiles at my J!

    Does he have a favorite? Do these woman have fights?

    I am aware of these types of situations. Some of my family still practice this…

  7. seriously, i burst out in laughter when you wrote “but if he looked like this” … oh gosh, that killed me!

    but yea, i’ve watched the show and i just don’t understand. i will never understand and don’t want to.

  8. I never comment on your blog but this one just made me laugh so hard I had to! #shadeindeed lol

    It really is no big love and you just made me miss that show!

    I do think Cody is more into Robyn than he is into his other chicks. There is a very clear difference i see when I’m watching it.

  9. LOL!!! I’ve seen those same polygamists at the Walmart in St. George too! (I served my mission at the temple visitor center there). They like to go to Chuck-a-Rama too where the husband sits at the head of the table and the wives fill up the rest of table.

    P.S. It would be a no-go on coming to Houston to do a labor birth story in photos – baby girl came early at 38 weeks on May 18. I had a 4 hour labor that started at midnight and made it to the hospital with only 14 minutes to spare before she delivered at 4:08am!

  10. just found you through bloglovin’ and i’m loving your blog!
    i am right on with your idea of the whole polygamy thing. and he’s so nasty! what are they thinking?!!
    whatevs – to each their own right??

  11. Honestlt, I’ve had no interest in watching that show. Haven’t even seen one episode since it came out. The thought of all that sharing of one husband back and forth grosses me out a little bit because STD reasons.

  12. lmao at u, one of the funniest posts you’ve ever written. I’ve joked about having more wives, but in Islam they don’t live in ur household. That’ll be a no go, I need help with chores and my kids, not only will the wife not do that but on the nights the hubby is away he won’t have to help either. ummm no thanks!

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