Is Sing 2 Worth Seeing on the Big Screen? Sing 2 Review

Wondering if it’s worth going to the theaters to see Sing 2 or better to wait to stream it? This is our spoiler-free Sing 2 review.

Sing 2 is a toe-tapping delight that both parents and kids can enjoy. I’ll admit I usually have higher expectations for Disney movies and lower for pretty much anything else. I thought the original Sing was ok, so I tried to go in with mild expectations for Sing 2. We bought some early preview tickets, so Jayda (11) and Ty (8) and I saw it in theaters. But then Lee Lee (3) got to screen it with us at home so I was able to gauge her interest and attention span for the new movie. 

First of all, let me say all of us surprisingly agree that we enjoy Sing 2 more than the first one. My kids liked the first one. I wasn’t crazy about it, but the sequel, surprisingly (cause I’m not wild about sequels either) is fun. Here’s why.

Sing 2 Review: What I Liked

Like its predecessor, Sing 2 has an outstanding cast. Much of the original cast returns and we get a slew of new great voices including Bono. I’m not usually the best at picking out actor voices but this movie is a fun one to play “guess who that is” with. Especially since there are so many actors they recognize from other movies like Scarlett Johansson (also Black Widow), and Letitia Wright (also Shuri).  

Sing 2 star studded cast

The music, and use of music is well played, with recognizable tunes that had all of us dancing and singing along. I normally prefer movies with original music but I didn’t mind the covers. 

Overall it’s a feel-good movie that’s not too deep. It is what it is and it’s solid entertainment the kids will love and parents won’t mind. There’s a little humor thrown in there for us, but much of the jokes are for the kids. 

What I didn’t like: Sing 2 Review

Months before the premiere we saw trailers for Sing 2 that were upwards of three minutes or more. The studio even joked about revealing the whole movie. While a many of the jokes and the plot are revealed in the trailers (if you made it through the whole thing), somehow, much of the movie was still a surprise. 

There seemed to be more story arcs in this sequel, which could be tricky for young kids to follow. However, if they’ve seen the first one and are familiar with the main characters, it makes it pretty easy to keep up. So easy in fact, that much of the final act was predictable (albeit still enjoyable). It’s ok if you haven’t watched the first Sing movie before you see the sequel, but it’s definitely worth a watch, before if you want to know more of their backstories or have a little refresher.

Most enjoyable for me were the prevalent life lessons thrown in. I’ll break down a few without spoiling anything. 

Sing 2 review: A clip from the movie where Calloway rides his motorcycle with a friend

Important Life Lessons in Sing 2

1. Overcoming loss.

It is hard, but is it impossible? What would those we love want us to do next?

2. Going for your dreams.

Being persistent, even when others say you don’t have what it takes. Why is it important to believe in yourself before others believe in you? 

3. Facing your fears.

When is it ok and safe to face your fears? What motivated characters in Sing 2 to face theirs? What motivates you to face yours?

Is Sing 2 Scary for little kids? 

Is sing 2 scary for kids

The villain is good, but not too scary. There were a couple of moments where my 3-year-old jumped or sat at the edge of her seat, but nothing too dark or mincing. But remember, she has an 8-year-old brother who loves dinosaur movies. She’s seen a lot. In a big dark theater with loud sounds, little moments could be more intense. 

Ok, enough about my thoughts. My kids were very thrilled about the movie, and sometimes that’s what really matters. Jayda even went as far as saying it’s her favorite movie of the year. Here’s what my big kids say about Sing 2. 

My Kids’ Sing 2 Review

What did you think of the movie?

J: I thought it was really good because I thought it was really funny. 

T: I liked it because there was lots of animals.

A: I want to watch it again.

What was the funniest part to you? 

J: When they’re putting funny stuff to the beat of the background music. 

T: There were two funny parts. The music, and the tippy toes part. 

A lady wolf in Sing 2 walks in to rehearsal carrying her shopping bags

Would you recommend it to your friends? 

J: Yes, because my friends like music things. And I think this would be good for them. I’d even watch this on my own, not just with my family, and I’d recommend it to my friends. 

T: Yes, because I think they would like it.

What lesson did you learn? What message was the movie trying to get across?

J: Having your friend’s backs. And if you experience loss you can think about what that person may have wanted for you. 

T: Help your friends, even if you’re scared like a scary cat. 

Who was your favorite character?

J:  I liked the pig, the elephant and the gorilla. I don’t know, I liked all of them! 

T: The lion, then the gorilla. 

A: The girl wolf and the porcupine.

Who would you recommend this movie to? 

J: I think any age, cause if you’re older like a teen or older, it’s good to watch with family and I’d even watch it by myself. I think the two and three year olds will like the color and music, and it’s not like you won’t get it if you’re 6 or 7 cause it has easy lessons. And it maybe will become funnier as you’re older. 

T: You can be any age. 

Do you think it’s for older kids? 

J: Yes. 

T: I think it’s for any kid. 

Did you think Sing 2 was scary?

J: Oh, not at all. Well except for maybe really young people a tiny bit for a minute with the wolf. 

T: I said no!

Would you want to watch it again? 

J: Yes, of course, like 6 million times. 

T: Yes. 

How would you rank it compared to other movies we’ve seen lately? 

J: I liked this more than Ron’s Gone Wrong, I liked this way more than Encanto. I liked this way more than Luca. I liked Ghostbusters more than I thought but I’d watch that 2 more times and this 6 more times. This is my favorite movie of the year. 

T: I liked Ron’s Gone Wrong more, I liked this more than Encanto. Luca? Close but Sing 2 is the winner. I liked Ghostbusters Afterlife more. I liked Shang-Chi way more than this. 

Bono in Sing 2

What was your favorite part? 

J: When they were doing the auditions. 

T: The part whenever the lion sang. 

What would you rate the movie?

J: Five stars. 

T: Three stars, out of 10 a 5.

How did you like it compared to ‘Sing’?

J: I liked this one more. I’d give the first one 4 stars. 

T: Oh I liked this more. 

Is it worth going to the movies to see/picking it for movie night/paying $30?

J: You should see it as soon as possible. You don’t have to see it on the big screen.

T: Obviously go see it when it comes out! 

Sing 2 dances into theaters December 22nd! Are you going to see it? Have you seen it? What did you think?

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