Shopping Spree: He says/ She Says

Following a 10 hour shopping spree, I came home with a whole loot. As I put on my clothes this morning, I told my husband about my day.

She says: “…And I got this cute necklace, and these jeans, and all these things for [Lil’ J]. We’re going to have to give you a fashion show.”
He says: “You were shopping all day? How much did you spend?”
She says: “Don’t worry about it.”
He says: “No really, how much did you spend?”
She says: “How much would have been too–”
He says: “Just tell me!”
She says: “Around $300.”
He says: “HA! Seriously? What did you get?”
She says: “All sorts of stuff, I got great deals…”

Thankfully he wasn’t mad, he was happy to hear Lil’ J likes her new clothes and that I’m going to be cleaning out our closets full of things that don’t fit, and random clothes I’ve had since middle high school.

(About $300 means $367).


Faith says:

Hehe, too funny 🙂

Ha! I swear I’ve had that exact conversation before with my hubby! I think your hubs and mine are long lost cousins! Lol.

Oh, and we round down the same!

MistyK says:

I plan to go do damage this weekend ! Tax free holiday.

Quiana says:

$300 in 10 hrs? Not too bad $::time ratio! Ha ha! Will you be modeling any of your new goods???

Meli says:

I want one of these days!!! AND the following convo’s. ha!

Veronika says:

Not a bad deal!! =)

YUMMommy says:

Nothing like a good shopping spree! Will there be a follow up fashion post to show off the goods you scored?

Brinlee'sMommy says:

Do you resale Lil J’s clothes? She always looks so cute in your pictures! I’d love to buy them for my Lil B!

As of now I don’t, but if I have a boy next, I may. haha.

Kira says:

Jealous! But in a good way of course. My husband and I have a 20 dollar allowance, anything over we have to ask for permission, but I’m learning its sometimes easier to ask for forgiveness 😉 hahah JK!!!! Yay for shopping sprees

Wow I realise I am extremely fortunate because I always shop with my hubby! Never any arguements thankfully – you must show us what you bought! Zoe x

Oh man! my husband HATES shopping with me because I take forever. This was a long overdue trip!

Sandy says:

Ha, $300 in ten hours is not bad. Says the girl who’s been known to drop $500+ in an hour and a half.

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