She’ll Grow Into It: Sorta Wordless Wednesday

Cutie and Patooie Hat

Ok, so the hat’s a little big, but it doesn’t get much cuter than this, does it? There’s lots more where that came from at Lollipop Moon (seriously, I’m not just saying that, I can go crazy at this shop!).

What do you like? Everyone who lets me know in the comments before November 3rd will be entered to win $25 to the store! Random.org will choose the winning comment. Good Luck!

*Thanks Lollipop Moon for sponsoring this review and giveaway!

MarfMom says:

i like their blue champagne & brown couture baby blanket! we have their sweet shoes w/ navy waves and love them!

I think the tongue makes the look. 🙂

Oh my goodness! First of all, Lil J is too too cute. As for Cutie and Patootie? Adorable! I’ve gotta have those blinged out Converse shoes. Well, my baby’s gotta have them. 🙂

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Liss@Random says:

That face is absolutely priceless! XD

April says:

And by October 3rd surely you meant November 3rd! But with baby brain and being back to work mixed with a little bit of lack of sleep it’s understandable! I know what you mean about the site!! There are some amazing dresses there! I have actually started a little savings pot to get one! Love the hat Lil’ J! Just when I thought you couldn’t get cuter..!

Eliza Rae says:

I think you mean before November 3rd? Since you just posted this today. Right?

I love this raincoat.


Ashley says:

The hat is so cute!!! She looks like a sweet southern belle!

Joanna says:

The Cutie and Patootie link forwarded to a store called Lollipop Moon- at that store, there are so many cute things! I like the Baby Brandon Baby Car Seat Cover, but can’t imagine spending $200 on it!

Stam House says:

I love that hat on her!!! so cute!

Amy says:

LOVE that hat! I just discovered Cutie and Patootie. I’m not an official mom yet, but I’ve been a card carrying shopper for many years. I LOVE their stroller blankets. Especially the personalized ones.

My fave new site is http://www.shrimpandgritskids.com/ because I’m a southerner. But, these clothes are gorgeous!

oh my god she is too precious!!! LOVE it.

red says:

Oh my goodness, I love this site! Just after looking 2 minutes, I already see 3 pairs of shoes I want to buy for my daughter. Thanks for introducing me to this great site!

stumbull says:

I would really like a new diaper bag so if I won I would put it toward that!
stumbull at gmail dot com

carolpie says:

No, it doesn’t get much cuter! I was just going to comment on baby and say how precious she is, but see this is also a giveaway. But she is getting more adorable every day. I mean, look at her!
I love the Pink Flowing Butterfly Rhinestone & Hooded Jacket and can imagine my grandbaby in it.

spencer1953 at gmail dot com-carol.

Absolutely adorable!! I want one!!

Lindsey says:

She is ADORABLE! I think you’re having fun dressing her up for photo shoots. 🙂 I love the Jamie Rae Teal & White Rose Beanie, so cute!

I like the Cupcake Couture Lettuce Dress!

Rania says:

LOVE the hat! I think it’s perfect on her itty bitty head. haha 🙂

Lollipop leotard gift set! It’s Cutie Poototie.

Rebecca O says:

They have really cute stuff. I really like the Black & White Koi Hooded Jacket. Thanks for the chance! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

swank|mama says:

Love the wipes cases. Lil J has way too many clothes so I’m not even gonna go there 😉 Just went on a shopping spree for him in Vegas…ooops!

Your Lil J is just adorable!!

LOVE her little tongue sticking out!

AikoArt says:

I’m wishing to have an abundance of financial windfall to buy so many things there!!! I adore the petti-skirts & all of the pedal luxury cars. Especially the pink ones. The silly shoes are just adorable however too small for my 2yo.

melifaif says:

Oh, she is so presh….so….when is the Derby? Let’s go!!!!

Jess says:

She’s pretty darn cute.
And so are Cutie and Patootie’s hooded jackets!

Georges says:

Okay, that hat is so awesome and your lil’ J is too darn cute for words in this picture! Love her little tongue hangin’ out!

Kristen says:

Love. This. I need to buy your left over clothes. Love everything you put her in. She’s adorable!

tanya904 says:

Aww how precious 🙂 I love everything at Cutie and Patootie.. I think that the the Mud Pie Pink Bear Kimono Coat is adorable!
tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

MsBabyPlan says:

Lil J is the girl! Her Phat top, demin skirt and the HAT= she rocks.

Heidi says:

Awww! I think the Cupcake Number Birthday Set is super cute!!

froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

Amaprincess says:

She’s really adorable! I love that hat! I can’t wait to find out what Sweet pea is!

Mrs. K says:

This kid is so adorable. I can’t stop looking at the picture. She has such a fun personality it seems. 🙂

I would love the Belle Ame Light Pink & Brown Baby Pettiskirt for my baby girl! So much cute stuff!

🙂 Your daughter is precious!! Oh and I would definitely get the Mary Jane raincoat & Umbrella in red!!! I love it!

mo mcd says:

I love that they carry boy stuff! I love a cute baby girl with all her frills as much as anyone . . . . but I only make boys! LOVE the rock star converse sneakers. How fun would those be on Crazy Pants?!?!

Alisha L. says:

I absolutly stinkin adore the Blue Cupcake Nursery Wipes Case! That is adorable.

bakergurl02 @ yahoo.com

I love the Flutter Blue Blanket. 🙂

shellbelle1229 at yahoo dot com

Lollipop leotard gift set! It’s Cutie Poototie.

Liss@Random says:

That face is absolutely priceless! XD

I think the tongue makes the look. 🙂

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