She loves him


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  1. Awww maaan! That was too much sweetness for me this morning! You and your babies are making my ovaries ache! (lemme go call my hubby)

  2. oh my goodness, so, so , cute! Big T has your eyes beautiful kids, and such a beautiful boy, congrats!!

  3. Of course she does… I wish Cassidy could have had a big sister, or a little sister. Her brother was almost 9 years older than her, and he was kind of a rotten big brother when she was little. He has gotten much better over the years, but he did a few REALLY mean things, that I only found out about in the past year, when she was little, and it really disappointed me. He’s trying to make up for it now. Her oldest brother was already out on his own when she was born. At a guess, #2 son learned his big brother tricks from #1 son…sigh. Too bad I wasn’t a member then, things may have gone differently.

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