Sharing a towel: He says/ She says

He says: “Why don’t you just use my towel?”
She says: “Because you dried your butt with it.”
He says: “… And?”

Obviously I need to get me one of these…

Maybe Santa will bring it for me.

What say you? Do you mind sharing a towel even if his [clean] wet butt was all over it?

Laura Magu says:

Love it! Have you heard of tag a towell? They have his & hers tags for just this reason!! … but for me … I don’t care too much I’ll use his towell.

Catie says:

No way!! I think I will stay with MY towel.. 🙂

carolpie says:

No towel sharing! Plus, I want a dry towel.

Leenie says:

Nope. Takes away the purpose of drying myself off if the towel is damp. 😉 And yes, I am with you… I totally need that kinda towel too!

Bought this for my brother a few years ago and I thought it was the best gift ever! Lol… wonder if he still has it.

p.s., no towel sharing for me either. yuk.

EWWW ! EWWW ! & EWWW! That is so gross. That is almost as gross as people sharing bath water.


I hate sharing towels! My husband does not mind though. I just keeping thinking of the wetness and the germs on the towel. Eww!

The girls says:

That’s a huge no. I don’t care how clean he is when he used that towel; there are certain parts of him that don’t need to touch me. It’s like sharing a toothbrush. Just gross.

Kathy C. says:

haha.. that cracks me up. No we don’t share! For pretty much the same reason. 🙂

Quiana says:

Hilarious! I prefer not to share my husband’s towel as he doesn’t rotate it as frequently as I do and looks quite dingy. I usually end up just replacing his. Sometimes if I’m in a pinch and there aren’t any towels in the cabinet I’ll use his. Only in ultimate desperation.

carly says:

Nope!!! I love my hubby but… I don’t need to dry my butt where he dries his…

Chelsea says:

I love my husband but there is no way I’m about to share a towel with him. Clean or otherwise.

Brown Vegan says:

I agree with you…I need my own towel. 🙂

Unknown says:

Wow, I never knew how gross I am…I share hubster’s towel all the time.

Ha! Def not sharing either, to think of all the nastiness , no thank you ;).. Plus I enjoy my nice dry towel over his damp

B&U+2 says:

No way will I share a towel!!! My husband’s family seems to share towels all the time, and so whenever we go for a visit I hoard towels so that no one can use mine. If I ever forget and leave mine in the bathroom, I have to grab another. If I’m in a bind and there are no more towels…I’ll air dry before I share a towel.

I think I should add that I *will* use his towel to dry myself off if it’s dry and I’m NOT needing to dry my face and there’s not another towel hanging there. In other words. I’ll dry my wet butt with his wet butt but I won’t dry my face with his wet butt.

That guy in the photo is totally wiping his butt with the face section.

My husband and I don’t share towels. He changes his far more frequently that I do, and he’s much more sensitive about these kinds of things. Yesterday our daughter ran up to his towel and wiped her nose on it. I would have used it anyway but he insisted on a fresh towel.

Jessica says:

having showered with my significant other, i know for a fact that we have different ideas about what it means to be clean…i’ll get my own towel thanks! i used to think i was smart and tried to hide my good towels and only take one out at a time to use myself. then i figured out he was using my good towel after i finished with it because it’d be damp when i went back into the bathroom after his shower lol. he nasty.

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