She says/ She says: Pocket change

I was straightening up in the kitchen when my daughter runs up to me with a folded 10-dollar-bill in her hand.

She says: Here mommy, I want you to have this.
She says: Aww, thank you baby, but I don’t need your money.
She says: Yes, you do. I want you to have it, because I want you to always have money.
She says: That’s sweet baby girl, but it’s ok. It’s your money, you can put this back in your piggy bank.
She says: No, I want to give it to you. Because when we’re at the store and you say you don’t have any money, you can have money.

piggybankIt was then I realized that her generous offer actually had selfish motives.

When we are out and she asks for something I don’t feel like buying, I ask her if she remembered to bring her money. She looks at each of her empty hands with exasperation and frustration.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring my money either,” I tell her. Technically I use my cards but I excuse my fib by thinking of it in a literal sense, and since it’s normally a vending machine she’s making requests at, it’s the truth.

I guess paying me off is one way to make sure she gets what she wants when she wants it.

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  1. I love that she figured out to be prepared by giving you her money, that was very well thought out by her.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Haha, yes, and another time I found a $20 bill in my gym bag. I thought it fell out of my wallet or something, but I had forgotten that I asked her to pack the bag so we could go swimming when I got home. So when she asked if she could get a juice out of the machine at the gym she was like “Oh I brought my money!” Then I realized she put the 20 in there. I got her one with my money cause I was so impressed my her cleverness.

  2. Haha I’m a chemist by training, I have my PhD in chemistry but I do more invitro non chemistry stuff for a living. Anyways, I do the same, and I know the sad face when she realizes that she didn’t bring her money. My daughter told me to use my cards once and she would press the buttons (target debit card). Another time she had $20 in her coat pocket at the store. One time, she was playing with a wand (around 2.5 yrs) in the store, and her wish was for her daddy to have lots of money. She stopped everyone in their tracks for that one!!

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