Say hello to my new little friend…


Just in time for my nesting frenzies.

Emily says:

Nesting?!?! Did I miss something????

Nesting Frenzies!?

Did I miss a post?

Why you little….

mk says:

:O What????

shelly says:


I hope one of your next posts is about how awesome this is, so I can convince my husband we need one!

Kim says:

Are congratulations in order… ? 😉 I hope so!

We have a Shark and, I have to say, steam cleaners are wonderful! My hubby still acts doubtful that something could get our floors clean without the use of soap, but I think he’s coming around. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and can’t say that I’ve been at all motivated to to clean the floors, but perhaps in a few more months that nesting will kick in… 🙂

Sarah says:

I hope this means you have good news to share!

We love our steam cleaner! Look forward to hearing all about your new little friend.

Denese says:

Let us know how you like it. I have a steam mop, but I am not very happy with it, so my floors are suffering right now. Hopefully I will feel like cleaning soon. Ha.

Chelsea says:

Nesting hmmm… 🙂 I hope this means good news!
Enjoy your steam mop! I would love one so let us know what you think.

Tracie says:

Nesting?? You can’t leave us hanging like that! Also. I am obsessed with mops and vacuums. Do a review on this soon!

Nicole says:

The suspense is killlling me!

Meli says:

I KNEW it! Just knew it. 🙂 happy for you and bug. Oh, and daddy too!!! hehehehe

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