Saving clothes for #3: He says/ she says

As we went through the garage I stumbled upon bins and bins of clothes I’d long forgotten my daughter had worn. Clothes I had stored away just in case Leechie turned out to be a girl.

My husband and I stood side by side designating what was coming with us to the new home, and what needed to find a new home of it’s girl clothes recycle

She says: “Man, if Ty had been a girl, he’d be set with all these clothes!”
He says: “Yea, but it’s great, now we can get rid of it all!”
She says: “But should we maybe save it juuuuust in case… we have another girl… Someday?”
He says: *silence*

biracial baby girlSo many of her outfits either I made, or they were made for her. I’m a sentimental hoarder and I can’t bare to just donate or even sell all of them to a stranger.

He can pretend like he doesn’t hear me but I came up with the best solution I could think of… Sending them to my sister for my niece under the condition that I see pictures of her in every single one of Lil’ J’s outfits she dons; and if we have another girl, some of these sweet numbers make it back to our place.

I just like to be prepared. You never know.

What say you?

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  1. I’m lucky we saved clothes from our first but since they’ve been through 2 boys, I’m not sure if we’ll keep them again. I’d love some of Lil J’s clothes… for a girl someday? 😉

  2. We saved all of ours after our first son and it was so nice to see his little brother wearing the same outfits 2 years later. I also had all of our daughters saved but when we moved from the US to Canada with very limited space (think 2 door Toyota Echo, three kids and a roof rack!!!) we had to part with all of it. Now with #4 making his appearance any day now (today would be great!!) it is such a pain to have had to start with nothing again! Not to mention that we still have 3 others to provide clothing for and the costs add up fast!! Mind you we fulling intended to and to still increase our brood so it only makes sense for us to keep it for the next one or two or three….

  3. Great idea. Send them to your niece! I have tons if girls clothes and some boy clothes saved. I can’t wait to find out gender of this one so I can know what I can keep and what to pass on.

  4. I like your solution. Keeps it in the family and then when you have another beautiful little girl she can wear them 😀

  5. I have some special outfits from when each of my children were little. The rest are with friends and family.

    What caught my eye the most from your article was his *silence* when you mentioned the next child. I get that same kind of *silence* from my hubby, too!

  6. I understand the feeling… If you end up giving them away, consider a local shelter, or a women’s shelter. It is usually easier for me to part with things that mean a lot to me when I know that it will help somebody else.

    1. Ha! That is so true. After my daughter was born (baby #3) we decided we were done having kids. When she was 2 we had a huge yard sale and sold everything baby related- maternity clothes, the crib, carseat, baby clothes, swing, bouncer….everything was sold. That was a Saturday…less than a month later I found out I was expecting baby #4. Now we have 5 kids. And an attic full of baby and maternity stuff. It will be in the attic until I reach menopause. I’m not taking any chances.

  7. I decided to give the clothes my daughter has grown out of to friends and family members with younger girls than mine. I saved only 1 or 2 outfits that were gender neutral or just too precious to me to give away. My reasoning was that I have no idea if or when I will have more children and I have no control over the gender. I would rather give the clothes to babies that need them than have them sitting in my storage somewhere. I also would like to get more up-to-date clothes if/when I have another girl someday. But most of mine were store-bought and not made by people so that would be harder to get rid of. Most of the hand-made stuff we got were blankets and cute little hats.. which I have not been able to part with at all.

  8. For both of my (now grown) children, I selected several special outfits, toys, a blanket, memorabilia, etc and packed them each a small suitcase for THEIR children or to do with as they please. The other things went to friends. I did sell a few items @ a yard sale. Being a memory hoarder myself, I understand how u feel and I also made several things for my children (especially me daughter).

  9. I’ve kept a container for each of my kids filled with my favorite pieces from when they were babies to pass down them for when they have children of their own. I couldn’t stand the thought of parting with it all regardless of if we were planning to have another a baby or not. I guess I have a little bit of hoarder in me too.

  10. I think you absolutely did the right thing. I sent my kids’ clothes to my sister who has a girl and boy each a year younger than mine. I love seeing them in my favorite little outfits.

    And then we found out that we can’t have anymore kids, so I was doubly grateful that they’re being put to good use, I get to see them, and I don’t have to go through the emotional trauma of getting rid of them because I don’t dare try to have another one.

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