Sam + Mercedes = Samades and I LOVE IT!

I’m a GLEEk. Did you know that?

I don’t generally blog about TV shows but the very last scene (or was it second to last) in GLEE this season had be so giddy. Did you watch? I can’t be the only one of us who watches this show. If you don’t you should.

I got the first season on DVD for Mother’s Day and I’ve been catching up on the ones I’ve missed. 

Anyway, this whole season I was watching and thinking “I wish Mercedes had someone” I mean Kurt has Blaine, Brittany has Artie and Santana, Rachel has a couple of dudes, and Quinn seems to get whoever she wants, except for Fin there at the end, but anyway… I felt for Mercedes, because that’s how I felt in school. Like the unwanted girl. More specifically, the unwanted black girl surrounded by white people.

Most of my friends were white, and I sorta felt like I had to “choose sides” at times. I wasn’t “black enough” for the black guys and obviously wasn’t white enough for the white guys. Very frustrating. This could take up a whole ‘nother post but I won’t go into that right now. I’m not feeling eloquent enough at the moment to put it all in words. So anyway… I was suspicious when they walked into the coffee shop together.

“Do you think they hooked up?” I asked my husband. He sat rolling his eyes as he always does when I make him watch this show with me. I know he likes it, he’s just pretending he doesn’t. “Well, do ya??” I pushed him.

He didn’t respond. Probably because he didn’t want to guess wrong.

But when Sam grabbed Mercedes’ hand I screamed “I KNEW IT!!” And got really giddy!

I’m probably a dork for being so excited about an interracial relationship building on TV but really. How often do you see black girls having white boyfriends or husbands on TV? I can only think of the movie “Guess Who” at the moment and that was a movie totally about that subject. And there are lots of movies with black guys and white girls. Oh wait, and then there was Zack Morris and Lisa Turtle who hooked up for a hot second on Saved by the Bell.

Oh, and my husband just reminded me that there was also Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World. I used to love that show. How could I forget? Ok, so maybe there have been couples like this in the past, but not that I’ve seen recently.

Glee has hit on gay couples, lesbian couples, a big girl with a little guy, and finally, an interracial couple. I REALLY hope they build on this next season and don’t just turn it into some summer thing. I’m excited to see where it goes. I mean really. It’s about time.

And for the sake of TV talk since I never really blog about this, here’s a list of shows I watch currently on DVR after Miss J is asleep:
The Bachelorette
Sister Wives

On summer break or over 🙁
Big Love
Shark Tank 
Chicago Code
Big Bang Theory
Say Yes to the Dress
16 and Pregnant (my vice, please make it stop)

Know of any other good shows? Do I have any GLEEk readers????!

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  1. I get excited to see interacial couples too. My husband is black and I am Latina so I get it. Funny thing though, I’ve never watched Glee.I guess I better start. Everyone I know is watching it.

  2. I’m a GLEEK!!! I was so happy for Mercedes too! Last year she dated Puck for a while but this seems like it’s going to be a great story line for Season 3! I don’t watch much American TV (for obvious reasons) but I’m am currently obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

  3. I went to a predominantly white school as well and I’m grateful I didn’t feel the way you did. At times there was some tension on the different “sides” of my groups of friends, but never anything where I felt I wasn’t black “enough” and there was no reason worrying about being white enough….cuz I’m not white LMAO no need to try. I totally hear what you’re saying though, and it seems to be a really popular struggle. Happily, I dated white, black, hispanic and asian and it didn’t matter much. I ended up marrying a white man, and in my mind it’s no big deal, but then reading things like this post of yours, and things I see around the web, and seeing people look at us funny when we travel outside of NYC reminds me that….oh yeah…this is something “different” ::shrug::

    PS – i love how zach and lisa kissed in one episode and then it was never spoken of again after that. jerks!!!

    PS2 – I watched season 1 of Glee and haven’t seen season 2 at all yet. Gotta catch up, especially now that Mercedes has a man!

    PS3 – this is the longest comment ever.

  4. I LOVE Glee. Before it the first season premired and they had that sneek peek on Fox I thought it was going to suck. I instantly fell in love but then had to wait the whole summer for it to come back.

    When those two walked up I knew something was up with them too.

    I really hope they continue the relationship also since as you said Glee has been amazing on touching on a ton of topics. This would be a great one!

    I’m excited for the original Teen Mom cast to come back in a couple weeks!

  5. I love Glee too, and my husband likes it just as much as I do and always watches it with me! I also LOVE 16 and pregnant, I love that they actually show it like it is and the girls have to talk in the end about how it changed their lives, hopefully teaching other teen girls to just be abstinent! I also just started watching sister wives, there was a marathon the other day and I watched WAY too many episodes. I think it is funny how Mormons are always fascinated polygamists even though it is annoying that many people still think we practice polygamy. I tried watching Big Love but I thought it was weird, I like that Sister Wives is about a real family so we can see what it is really like.

  6. I’m a hardcore gLeek!!! I was downstairs watching this episode and ran upstairs to tell hubby what happened! I know how you feel about being too much/not enough Black in high school. We moved from a small town to state capital in a nicer part of town. Not only was I the new kid but I also was limited in my choice of mates: either a White/Asian/Middle Eastern guy (who didn’t seem interested in bringing a Black girl home) or a “thugged-out” Black guy (which wasn’t going to happen!). Anyway, I’m always excited to see interracial love on TV and I hope that Smercedes (the name I thought of lol) lasts for a while!

  7. I’m a big Glee fan too!! And, I was also super excited for Mercedes and Sam. Mercedes deserves a good guy…and I think Sam is one. 🙂 One other show that I think is doing a pretty good job of showing a variety of relationships is The Secret Life of the American Teenager (My 16 and Pregnant…just can’t get into that one).

  8. I really loved the first season of Glee, but haven’t watch much since. The songs are wonderful, though 🙂

    Maybe because I’m mixed and honestly I don’t know if it makes a difference but I have always dated white men. There are just more white people where I live! The only time it didn’t work out for me was when I lived in Utah. But a few of the guys in my ward thought I was Tongan. People just don’t realize sometimes. It’s tricky business 🙂

    I had a woman come up to me at a photo shoot and ask if I was Catholic or Jewish. I told her Catholic, she said, “I knew it. You look Jewish or Italian, but I wasn’t sure.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I have zero Jewish or Italian blood in me 🙂

    Of course I’m used to seeing black men date white women, but I’ve been seeing more black women dating white men these days. I think it’s great- date and marry whoever you want. Race really isn’t a difference factor anymore, I think social class is and will grow to be even more relevant in courtship the smaller our middle class becomes.

    I love hearing your perspective on this Jenn!

  9. I am a total gleek too! I was so excited to finally see Mercedes find someone as well white, black, green, it doesn’t matter. I do hope they touch on the interracial topic.

  10. I’m a Gleek and I think I’m turning my toddler into one too! We watch and sing the Glee videos and I caught him doing the Loser sign the other day.

    I’m glad they gave Mercedes a guy. She’s the only black girl and she’s overweight too – a double whammy. I know they have that Lauren chick now but she hasn’t been on the show for that long. The other characters have gone through tons of relationships while Mercedes remains alone. High time they fixed that.

  11. … Don’t forget about “Something New”… regarding movies with a black woman dating a white man… Love that movie!!!

  12. Over the head Gleek! I must watch the last episode… must be fun.

    Oh I watched Saved by the Bell and never saw that scene. I wanted Zac to fancy Lisa so much, because I fancied him :).

    TV shows I watch, The Voice, Gossip Girl, Keeping Up with The Ks and anything I can watch when I am in the US.

  13. Love this topic! I am doing a series on Personal Identity right now to explore some of the challenges you mentioned, with the main purpose of having my baby girl read it one day.

    Although I LOVE to see interracial relationships/people in the media, selfishly I wish to see more Latino and Black representations {since that’s what we are}. Or Asian/Black. Or anything in addition to White/Black. But that’s just me 🙂

    And I love Glee, too!

  14. Since I had my son five months ago, I have become OBSESSED with 19 Kids and Counting. Here is a conversation my husband and I had this past weekend:

    ME: The Duggars are coming out with another book this Tuesday!
    HIM: Are you going to read it?
    ME: They’re not getting it at the library…(furrowed brow) Even though I requested it.
    HIM: (face palm)


  15. You’re right, there isn’t a whole lot of interacial relationships on TV. I don’t watch a ton of TV but I think I remember a few goodies in terms of “brown” women and “white” men:

    Blossom’s older brother married his wife in Las Vegas. It was an interracial couple, but I think they were drunk when they married.

    I think there was an IKEA commerical one time with a couple snuggling in bed.

    I think Girlfriends had an interracial/interreligious relationship. I can’t remember her name, but the one who was into her beauty and shopping. The couple had a baby too.

    Does Star Trek count? Do aliens have races? I think there was an interracial couple (at least from the actors point of view) on Star Trek, but they were different species as well.

    Sidenote, Archie Andrews (from The Archies comics) hooked up with Val from Josie and the Pussycats, but I’m not too hopefull about that since Archie is with just about every girl in Riverdale.

    Sidenote #2: Not sure if you have seen the PBS special, “Race: Power of an Illusion” it’s really interesting.

  16. Thanks for firing up such an interesting conversation. I’m black and my hubby is white. I grew up in an area with mostly minorities (black & latino). I really didn’t get much love from the brothers. They preferred the light skinned black and the latino girls. To be honest, at first it would bother me if I saw a black guy with a white girl. I think it was because I resented the fact that they weren’t really checking for me.

    I’m sooooo over it. Love is Love!! I have the best hubby ever!!! Now I love to see interracial couples, and their babies too:) As long as you find that one person you love, it’s all good.

    You have got to see Something New. I love that movie too!!!
    I saw Sister Wives, thought it was interesting. I like learning about different cultures, traditions etc.
    I tried watching Glee, it didn’t do anything for me:( Maybe, I’ll try again. I love Teen Mom, the hubby and I are hooked!

    I love the Bachelorette! I’m so glad that Bently guy left. I like Ash, but she does seem clueless. How could she not see through this guy?? Maybe it’s the editing?

    I think it would be cool if the next Bachelor or Bachorette is black. They used to have minorities, but not anymore. I think that the folks in charge should work on making it more diverse.

  17. I am a HUGE Gleek. I can’t get enough Glee. I was so upset when Fin and Rachel broke up, but now they are back together. When they kissed on stage at nationals, I was so excited. In the previews when Jesse kept asking if “that was scripted” I thought that Quinn had done something to Rachel onstage because she was jealous, but it was SO MUCH BETTER!!

    And, like you, I’m excited for Mercedes and Sam. Mercedes was so lonely and doubting her beauty and self, she didn’t she was good enough for anyone. Then along came Sam. YAY!!

  18. I haven’t watched Glee since the halfway thru the first season. It just started getting boring. And then started adding in craziness for shock value which just turned me off completely from the show.

    Anyways, this summer I will be enjoying the seasons of Burn Notice and White Collar. I also like to watch Jerseylicious and this new show on HBO called Games of the Throne.

  19. I’m a huge Gleek, and Sam & Mercedes… I love it! They’re so cute! Two characters that definitely deserve some happiness, and whether it lasts or not, I love the idea. Hope to see more of it next season. :: bounces ::

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