Revealing the Perfect Jungle Room for my Animal-Loving Son

“I want to walk into a jungle!”

My 7-year-old son told me that as I asked him for ideas for his new room theme. Now that our house is paid off, I’m excited to go all out room by room making each space perfect for the people who occupy it. Instead of picking a style and decor that I like, I wanted to do something that spoke to who he is and what he loves. His particular talents and gifts. I decided to go wild with Ty’s room first. Quite literally, by making him a jungle room.

Jungle themed room decorated for a boys room

If you know Ty you know he’s passionate about animals. He loves reading animal facts, watching documentaries, and learning everything he can about everything from the extinct Titanaboa to the elusive black jaguar. I love taking that special spark I see in my children, and helping to fan the flames a little when I can.

If the room he sleeps, reads and plays in can remind him of the animals and jungle he loves, and bring him a bit of joy every day, then I’m happy to help. And I hope it inspires him to learn more about the things he loves.


This was the FIRST time I’ve ever done a room makeover. I’ve decorated the nurseries in the past, and I made a cute train wall for Ty when he was a toddler, but I’ve never done wallpaper, or painted a room. We did both for Ty’s jungle room.

We decided to incorporate a bigger home for his pet snake T’Challa in the room upgrade, so both of them got a room makover. The snake went from a 10 gallon enclosure to a 40 gallon, and plenty of new goodies inside. Most from PetSmart.

My Process for Planning

We started with the removable wallpaper. I ordered it on Etsy and putting it up wasn’t as hard as I thought. We started in one corner then worked our way across. The one tip I’d say about wallpaper is make sure you smooth the middle down first, then gently work your way out, close down the edges of each strip of paper at the very end, before moving on to the next piece.

The vine wall was another exciting piece of the room. I bought several bags (about 10) the cheapest bag of artificial vines on Amazon. I bought extra to make a thicker covering and to use extra strips in other places around the room. Then I used mini command hooks to attach them to the wall. Looking back I probably could have painted the wall green underneath but I wasn’t planning to paint any of the walls at that point.

Once I had the wallpaper and the wall of vines up Ty said he LOVED his jungle room but the other side of the room didn’t feel much like a jungle. At that point I thought what the heck, how hard could painting be? Let’s just go all out. The color is Deep Viridian from the Behr Marquee line at Home Depot.

I used a decorative fishing net for the accents near the ceiling hanging them with the same mini command hooks.

His bed is a queen mattress sitting on top of two large pallets. The headboard I got for free on facebook marketplace. His bedding is the Naturally Boho bedding from Beddy’s. It fits so snug and makes making his bed a piece of cake every morning. The throw blanket is a soft green material with leaf imprints. I ordered it on Amazon.

Slow and Steady

Ok, I’m not really sure how people do these room reveal posts, I think I’m blabbing too much. But long story short, I love how it came together and I asked for Ty’s input for most things. Even the vintage artwork he chose. The animals: A bear, panther, and wolf are significant to him because they’re from a line is his favorite movie. In the 1994 version of The Jungle Book, Mowgli says he has the “strength of a bear, speed of a panther and heart of a wolf.” So we see that theme a bit through his room. He has A LOT of stuffed animals so I ordered a special hammock he could keep many of them in and Ty likes to specifically keep the animals that climb trees in them.

Overall this took me about 10 week but that was with no real planning beforehand and deciding on things as we went, and waiting for orders to come in. I also just worked on it on Saturday mornings but nor during the week. I’m slow/ didn’t do much planning before but kinda planned as we went.

Eventually I may change out the light and add a bit more to the ceiling. I’m sure he’ll be gathering more stuffed animals and animal books. But for now, I think it’s perfect for my little animal lover.

Since it took so long for me to pull together there wasn’t a reveal all at once. It was more like 5 reveals, each time I added something new. And his surprised face and smiles were the best reward (you can see some of these reveals in my Instagram story highlights). He loves his room and says he feels like he’s walking into a (pretend) jungle when he goes inside. So I guess mission accomplished!

Jungle Room Decor

Here’s a list of sources for items from the room:

jungle room decor black panther planter

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