Reunited: {Almost} Wordless Wednesday

No, this isn’t who you think. Sophie is still AWOL (somewhere decomposing with Snoop’s poop I assume). This is Sophie’s twin. Sophie #2. I’m still convinced Snoop ate the first one. Especially since I found him sitting on Sophie #2 last week. Either way, we’re glad to have her back.

Sad thing is we seemed to have misplaced her shortly after taking this photo. Oy vey!

So cute! Theo hated Sophie and we were given three of them! Didn’t go for soothers either. Oh well!

This picture is just tooo precious for words! Sounds like you have a doggie that covets the baby toys! My mom’s scotties steal stuffed animals from everyone. 🙂

Chantel says:

You better get Snoop under some heat lamps and start questioning!! Our dog wears three ID tags on his collar, but he’s gotten incredibly good at moving in such a way when he’s sneaky that you don’t hear them AT ALL!! It’s crazy the stuff I catch this dog doing. He’s a canine ninja!!

Have to have a Sophie! My daughter loved hers so I know the love. This picture is super cute.

Randi says:

Your daughter is so cute I can’t stand it.

I am thinking we need to get one of these for my daughter. It seems as though teething is in full swing here.

she is so darn cute, I can’t take it.

SZEMES says:

Szia drága nagyon aranyosak ezek a kis babák öröm nézni őket köszönöm csók Imre

Allison says:

My daughter has a lovey and we bought a back up and called them Lovey 1 and Lovey 2. She has had them for 4 years. She favors Lovey 1…yes, she knows the difference. However, about 3 months ago, we lost Lovey 1, so thank goodness for those backups! Happy WW!

Jennifer says:

That photo is completely adorable.

Em says:

I had to go out and get a Sophie after you had been talking about them on here. Marley loves hers! 🙂

melifaif says:

Say it ain’t so…..oy vey is right! She seems to love it….so….good luck?

Devri says:

lol too funny, your dog is not as angelic as you are thinkin, I’m thinking! 🙂

LOL, she’s adorable… Hope you found Sohphie again… Have you asked the dog where she went? 😉

Camjay says:

This picture could totally be on the cover of a magazine or even be a spokesbaby for Sophie!

What a cutie! My son loves his Sophie Giraffe too!

She’s cuter and cuter in every picture!

Aww. too sweet. Noah loves his Sophie Giraffe too. His sister Sophie “got it” for him and she CRACKS up whenever she sees him chewing his Sophie. haha.

YUMMama says:

Let’s hope Snoop hasn’t gotten his paws on Sophie #2. Loving J’s do. She is getting cuter with every picture!!

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