Renewing Our Vows: He Says/ She Says

She Says: Let’s renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary.
He Says: 10 years is nothing, we have to wait until at least 20 years.
She Says: But I still want to be sexy.
He says: That’s on you.

What say ye?

Hahahaha I love that! Definetly sounds like something my hubs would say. It is our 10 year anniversary this year too. Seems just like yesterday doesn’t it?

Jenni says:

How about 10 and 20?
Or, you know, at 8–to celebrate getting through the “Seven Year Itch”!!!

It doesn’t have to be a huge formal thing, make it a party, have a big cake, invite your best friends. At our last anniversary I did a private sort of ‘vow renewal’ with my husband. I wrote out some things I wanted to say and then after the kids were in bed I lit a bunch of candles and we sat together with the candlelight and I read them to him. He didn’t know I was going to do it so he didn’t have anything planned for me (which was FINE), but it was special, you know?

10 Years isnt long enough… 20 years youd be almost in your 40’s and at that official stage of settling with life… Renewing your vows when you are settling with life is like saying you know that you made mistakes when you were younger, but still to this day(Aftr 20 years), you dont regret him!

Love ya Big sis!,

Feliz4life says:

rofl that’s beat up but quite funny.

Jenna says:

He has a point! And so do you.

I’ve always thought the idea of renewing vows is so romantic, but it seems kind of pointless for us since our “vows” are eternal anyway! Instead, I’ve decided to have a really fancy, formal party when we hit our 20th anniversary. Like a wedding reception, but without the wedding!

melifaif says:

Hahahaha….that’s such a MANLY response. If you wait for 20, then Miss J would remember it…very cool lil fact. Just sayin’.

Tori says:

I got my hubs to agree to one at 10, only because we were kind of railroaded by parents (namely mine) on some stuff at our wedding, and we wanted to do things differently and just have another one. We’re thinking a geek theme (which is perfect for us… we didn’t have a theme at all the first time) and someplace warm. Basically, it’s just going to be our wedding do-over so we can do things more the way we wanted to instead of making our parents happy. Plus, our son will be seven, so it’d be nice for him to see at that age that his parents are still so in love they’d get married all over again. When I was seven, my parents had just started divorce proceedings.

Yall are giving me some good ideas!! Yea, Jenna you know it’s not really about “the vows” as much as it is about getting all dressed up and having another party, haha!

It would also be fun to show our kids we are still committed and stuff in a fun formal way. 🙂

I only have 5 years until my 20th anniversary and I still feel sexy! 🙂 Who says you can’t be sexy at 20 years?

ashalily says:

I agree with waiting until your 20 year anniversary. My parents are turning 51 & 52 this year and honestly they look better now than they did when they were in their 30’s. I am so happy that 40 is like the new 30, people look amazing, feel amazing and its not old anymore. Plus at that are Lil J will be out of the house and you can take a second honey moon and not have to worry about who’s going to watch the kids.

LMAO oh my gosh he’s so mean!! that’s on you. i’m cracking up over here.

10 years sounds perfect. that’s our plan as well.

toi says:

Wow, this a good one. I thought about 10years renewing vow, but 20years fun party seem much cool.

Baby Mac Mama, I guess you have to try and keep your sexiness until then :).

love his reply! that made me laugh.

The White's says:

I actually just recently thought about renewing our vows for our 5 year anniversary coming up. We were both young and have definitely grown together. We would like to show others how positive our marriage is.Even though it has only been 5 years of marriage we are at a new stage in our lives together. You should be able to renew your vows whenever you want.

Ha! He should have said you’ll always be sexy. My mom is approaching 60 and still a knockout. I agree with him though, 10 seems a bit soon.

Sarah says:

I say you should do whenever you want too.
Lol- typical male response.
10 years is a milestone in this day and age.
i agree about wanting to get glamorous and have a party again, and we just celebrated our first!
do it at 10 and 20. but if you think he’l only do it once, maybe wait for 20?
then maybe you can sucker him in again at 50?
i do think its nice for your kids to see it.

Sarah says:

or maybe 25 since that’s “silver”

Jennifer says:

As someone who has been married 20+ years, I have to agree with him this time. While 10 will seem like a lot, when you get to 20 you realize that the first 10 really weren’t has hard as the second. At least for all the people I know. That said we have not renewed our vows yet. Maybe at 25.

Allison says:

Funny you should post this today. It is my 9th wedding anniversary and next year (10th) we are renewing our vows in Hawaii!!!!

DaenelT says:

LOL Too funny and totally something my husband would say. Actually when I suggested a renewal he said “Do I need to be there?” Dead.

B says:

I’d like a FIRST wedding. Hahahaha!

B.U.I. says:

hahahaha, LOVE his final response! I laughed so hard when reading it and I do tend to agree with him. I think save the renewing of the vows for the silver anniversary, 25 years! I say, at 10 years, just take a really awesome vacation without the kids. At least that’s my plan.

Verena says:

I think it´s very romantic! It´s not the popular here in Germany. But I love the idea of doing that! You were such a beautiful bride!

Have a wonderful day!


April says:

Mine says every FIVE years. Pfft! LOL!

Christina says:

we have been married for 5 years (in september) and we got married at the courthouse, couldnt afford a “big” fairytale wedding, however we made the plan that on our 10 year anniversary, we are having a vow renewal at our church with a dress and all the family and friends….i say go for it at 10 years!!! thats a LONGGG time and alot would happen in that time! just my opinion! 🙂

LOL. I am with you on the 10 year plan! We got married on the beach with a few people, and then 2 years later we got married with TOO many people in Jamaica. I have been ready for another wedding! LOL

Wendy* says:

Time flies, seize the day! No day is ever promised, so celebrate your 10 years AND 20 years together 🙂

Furthermore, 10 years really makes a huge difference–you brought another life into this world during that time…and maybe will even bring another by 10 years! 😉

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