Remembering why I fell in love with him

While unpacking one of the last boxes in my home I came across my journal from college. It is one of my most precious possessions because it chronicles the time I started at BYU, met and married my husband, and our first year of wedded bliss.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.I’ve saved old ticket stubs, cards, photos, and other little trinkets from that timeframe. I occasionally will continue to stuff special things inside the journal because it’s a safe of sorts.

I opened it up and started reading a few entries, traveling back in time, and smiling at the memories I otherwise would have forgotten. Notes my boyfriend at the time wrote to me, things I wanted to tell him, what I thought about him when we were getting to know each other and falling in love.

It didn’t take long, a couple of weeks to be exact. And a few months later we were engaged.

I flipped through the pages and read about emails sent just because, phone calls that drug on for hours. Late nights staying up and talking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore and dreams of our future kids. I looked at photos we took together in a photo booth before we had kids, camera phones, or such things as “selfies.” I showed the photos to my daughter and asked her who those people were.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

“Is that you and daddy?” She asked me. Wasn’t it obvious?

“Does it look like is?” I probed.

“Yes!” She giggled at the pictures in her hand. My hubs came in and saw the pictures and had a totally different reaction.

“WOW! I look totally different.” He said. “I had so much more hair!”

“Yea, I pretty much look the same,” I said with a chuckle. He knew it would be better to just go along with it.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

I dug through more of my journal picking out other items I’ve saved through the years, more recently a sparkly pink card. A few years ago I tucked away a Hallmark card that my husband got for me from my daughter for my birthday. You know it’s a special one when you save it. I’m not one of those people who save her cards year after year. Christmas cards are an exception. I’ll use them to decorate during the holidays. But birthday cards, thank-you cards, and whatnot, I just can’t keep them all. But this one was the trifecta of a perfect card: pink, and flattering, with thoughtful words personally written inside.

Journal-keeping tips. Places to store special cards and notes.

My husband isn’t the most romantic guy on earth, but he still manages to surprise me from time to time. And romance isn’t what made me fall in love with him. It was his hilarious personality, his dedication to the people he loves, and his passions, the way he listens to me, and always knows just what to say. His big heart, and kindness. All of which are qualities he’s only strengthened through the years.

It wasn’t like I had forgotten why I fell in love, but sometimes it’s just fun to have a refresher about the way it happened.

Since having kids, creative gifts and romance has become less of a priority for us, but my special journal filled with memories from our lifetime before reminds me of how fun and crazy we once were (now we’re boring old farts).

For the last several years my journal has been here on my blog and I’m STILL not up to date on printing it out. That needs to be a priority this year, and maybe even starting another physical journal. Typing pages is so much easier but there’s something special about flipping through these dated pages and deciphering my sloppy handwriting. And something fascinating about having a place to store special notes and “just because” cards from the ones I love.

Do you or did you keep a journal? Where do you save your favorite cards or letters?


As you know I’m passionate about making and saving memories, I’m partnering with Hallmark to share some of my life’s special moments and occasions. All opinions are and will always be my own.

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Nicole says:

I love this post. That journal is such a treasure. I haven’t ever really kept a journal, but now I sure wish I had. I often consider starting one now, but just don’t know if I would actually keep up with it. Something I need to contemplate – maybe with a journal entry 😉

Also, I want to commend you on how you wrote such a lovely post using your voice, and it was still sponsored. I find that it’s hard for a lot of bloggers to do that. You did it beautifully.

Nicole, I’ve been meaning to reply to you forever but my comment app wasn’t working. Thank you for saying that, it means a lot! I really try hard to only represent brands and products that flow with my mo jo 🙂

And you should TOTALLY start a journal now! I promise you, years from now you will enjoy any little page you wrote in!

Mari says:

Wonderful post! I keep a box with all my cards and letters (yes letters) lol from my past. It is wonderful to go back and see dates and recall those feelings and that time in your life. I think I will sit this weekend and do that with a nice glass of wine!!! 🙂

That sounds like a fantastic idea! I have old noted from middle school (you know, the kinds we wrote before there was texting). I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I’ll probably save them to remind myself that I was once super boy crazy when I was a teen too (you know, once my daughter is that age).

Moonsparkle says:

Beautiful post! 🙂 I have a journal, I love notebooks, so I write in them. I’ve been penpalling since I was in my late teens and while I mostly have email penpals now (or message on Facebook) I still have two penpals who I snail mail (write letters) with. A letter feels more personal and special than an email. 🙂 I keep my older letters in a folder and my newer ones in a box.

Thank you mama! And pen pals! WOW! That is SO AWESOME That you still have some, especially the snail mail kind! How often do you write, and have you met them in person? I totally need a pen pal… a REAL ONE. 🙂

I think a box is a cute and great place to keep recent letters you love. Thanks for sharing!

Moonsparkle says:

Thanks! 🙂 We write about every couple of months because we get busy but we email more often. We send presents and little things with the letters too. I haven’t met them in person but I’d like to one day, that would be cool. I’d recommend having a penpal. 🙂

You’re welcome. 🙂 It’s nice to have the letters together, so you can get them out and look at them.

Karis says:

Hi! Looove all your posts! And this one hit home!
Also, did you notice that you gave away Lil J’s name in photo with card?
Maybe you already made it public in a post I could have missed, But I just wanted to point that out to you…
Big hug and never stop posting!

This was so beautiful Jennifer! I reminded me how much I used to love to journal before the chaos of life with 4 kids. Your wonderful words inspire me to do better…and I never thought of actually printing a physical copy of a blog. Great idea! Keep up the fabulous work, you're so talented:)

This was so beautiful Jennifer! I reminded me how much I used to love to journal before the chaos of life with 4 kids. Your wonderful words inspire me to do better…and I never thought of actually printing a physical copy of a blog. Great idea! Keep up the fabulous work, you're so talented:)

You’re so sweet Juliette, thanks so much! Yes, printing my blog will be my saving grace for these last 6 years 🙂

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