Real Christmas tree vs fake tree: He says/ She says

biracial christmas elf girl
Dress: (the one that cost me 8 hours and 80 f-bombs); Bow: Blooming Bows

She says: “We should change it up this year and get a real tree for once.”
He says: “No, they’re too messy, besides, we already have a tree.”
She says: “They aren’t messy. And they smell good.”
He says: “Maybe next year.”

… Repeat next year.

What say you? Real or fake?


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  1. I’m for the fake tree. But my allergies don’t fare well with the real thing. When we did have one they did seem messy if we didn’t keep it watered, which was hard when the cat is drinking it’s water. Also, they seem kind of pricey.

  2. We use fake trees. I make up for the good smell by lighting Christmas candles! Real trees do get a little messy once the little one gets curious about it! (:

  3. Ha! Love it. I SWORE I would NEVER have a fake tree. As a child, getting our Christmas tree was an adventure of hours of searching for “the” tree & cutting it down. Fast forward to the last 6 years … trip to Home Depot, go to 7 – 8 ft section, pick one out (they’re all the same) … done. Real trees are also getting more and more pricey!

    We’ve been budgeting lately & I just did the math … real trees are getting too costly, make a mess, and I forget to water them. I’d rather spend the $100 / year on gifts!

    The fake tree has been up for 4 days now & this die-hard real tree gal is just as happy. (Though I miss the smell.) Maybe I’ll buy a real wreath!

  4. FAKE! I have allergies to trees and I hate bugs. Plus it just seems like a lot of work and money each year. Fake trees last forever!! We’ll see about this year though. After all, Lil J is 2 1/2 and a boy…..

  5. I can’t believe yall are taking his side! I’ve never had a real tree so it’s something I’d like to experience at least once… cutting it down and all. And i had to buy new lights for my fake tree this year cause half of them are out on the pre-lit thing. But it was cheaper, I bought it after Christmas for a steal. It’s puny but maybe I’ll get a bigger one after Christmas next year.

    I had no idea they were $100? And bugs? eeeeh… Didn’t know about that either!

  6. I love real trees. The smell is wonderful and I just love the softer look overall. We did have a fake tree for about 8 years and finally gave it the boot because it was smelling dusty. I think either way is fine though 🙂

  7. I like both but we have a fake tree. I must say though…lil J gets more gorgeous with every photo! Her hair is out of this world beautiful, and those eyes! Stunning. You GOTTA make more babies because the world needs more beauty in it!

  8. i’ve never had a real tree, so we decided to change things up and get one last weekend. we found an awesome one for $27 and i’m loving it. the smell is heavenly. it doesn’t make as big of a mess as i thought and watering has been no biggie (we bought one of those long funnels you just chunk in the back – easy). i love the fuller look of it and paisley (who is 16 months old) has not messed with it much other than repeatedly pointing at it. i see pros/cons for both sides but i’m liking the change thus far.

  9. my real tree cost $40 and you can get them even heaper than that. A douglas fir is no where near as messy as the other ones and the best part is you bring it in its up just have to decorate and at the end of the year you just toss it to the curb! i say REAL! i grew up with fake and my husband had real so we went with real and i’ll never go back!

  10. We’re opposite as well. I like the fake, he likes real. When we got married… we bought a fake. I actually break out when I touch pine anything so it was a no brainer. I compromised by lighting tree scented candles. 🙂

  11. I say real tree but must admit that I have a fake one.
    We like to go away for the holidays so a real tree would dry up and die, that’s the only reason I go fake. I love real ones – the smell and for once you can have a tree in your house and not look crazy

  12. She is so beautiful – loving her outfit!! I personally like both kinds of trees – but probably fake the best. They are just easier and I can store them for next year. But nothing beats the experience of having a real tree – especially if you live near a tree farm and can chop down your own.

  13. i’ve never had a real tree … always fake. and the only thing i have heard from people who have only had real trees is how messy it is. i can do without the mess so i say fake, hehe.

    your daughter is so stunning! great pictures!

  14. Since the cost of real trees keep escalating, fake trees are a great economic decision. If you want the real tree smell, you can buy a spray and voila, you have the real tree smell. I agree with Faith. Lil’ J is such a beauty.

  15. Fake. There are also some sprays that you can use to make it smell like a real tree. I would wait until Lil’ J is older to get a real tree.

    We get real trees every year and last year it scared our cats with the size of the thing. AND it just did not go well with trying to water it.

  16. I vote REAL tree! I never thought they were very messy you just vaccume up the needles the fall once a week or something and it make the house smell great all over again. We got a real one three years ago and it was only $50 (didnt chop it myself just bought from a tree place set up in parkinglots) never had a problem in utah or california with bugs or anything.

  17. We had a real tree last year after years of an artificial tree. Big mistake. The mess was horrible. I was covered in sap after decorating it. I couldn’t put as many ornaments on it because it couldn’t hold the weight. It was harder to decorate because it wasn’t symmetrical. But that said, everyone should have one at least once.

  18. We have a fake tree because we’re renting but next year once we’ve bought a house we’re getting a real tree. My husband is too excited because he’s never had a real tree before. I’m excited because we used to get them all the time when I was a kid.

    Most people forget to add water to the trees and that’s why all the needles fall off. They’re too dry. Also, if you get a plastic tarp and lay the tree on it and drag it out the house you won’t get any needles anywhere either.

  19. Jenifer,
    Story of my life. I have been able to purchase a real tree for under $20 until this year. We were at Home Depot for black friday and he wanted to get a fake tree (on sale). Luckily they were out of prelit ones. Unluckily his mom is moving and she sent her’s home with us. I love your blog and I relate to it soooooo much. It’s one of my favorite blogs it’s cool that I actually know you.

  20. We do fake cause of allergies but DH wants to try real. We have looked at fake but too pricey to get a new one, which we need, so we just don’t know, either.
    Baby looks adorable, as usual, in the dress you made! Such a pretty and chic baby!

  21. We have a fake tree, about 5 years ago we had our first real tree and it was awesome. The only reason we don’t have a real one and haven’t for the last 4.5 years is because our youngest is allergic to trees (we are pretty sure) and our duplex isn’t big enough to disperse the smell throughout the house and not just in one room…

    We are moving to Texas and looking for a house and so when we move I plan on getting a real tree 🙂

  22. Ok so growing up I did real. Loved it. Loved picking it out. Worth putting up with some mess. Does smell good. When I got to be around 20 we finally purchased artificial. That lasted about 5 years. Now that the hubs and I are married, back to real. And this year we went to a tree farm and cut our own. So fun! Fresher tree (less needle mess) and for us, more tree for less money than a store. I LOVE our tree this year!

  23. Even though we don’t get a tree in my household as an adult, when I was a kid my mother refused to get a fake tree. I didn’t even know fake trees existed until I was like 10 and went to someone’s house and they had a purple tree. lol! I love the REAL smell of the tree, and they weren’t messy if you kept them watered, and covered in a trash bag when taking it out… We always only had a few to sweep up…

  24. I’m sorry, but “pine” smell is stinky. I don’t even like Pine Sol. We had a real tree a few times and we were still vacuuming pine needles in February. Fake tree aaaalllll the way. You should experience it once just so you know you don’t like it.

  25. The dress turned out so cute on her! As for real or fake trees, I prefer a real one. However, we have a very nice fake pre-lit so we always just use that. How can I say “no” to free and zero hassle with lights?

  26. I’ve never had a real tree, but I heard about all the mess, AND seen all the mess it can make. I imagine Colston would be eating EVERY pine needle that fell off, plus the ones he would yank off. So no real tree for us right now. Maybe when he is older. Plus the fake ones already have lights on them. Stringing lights is not as fun now that I am all grown up and realize that a gaping dark area at the front is not so cute. LOL.
    PLUS did you know the fake ones can cost a couple thousand? Where are these things minted?! And who is buying these crazy minted tress?!

  27. We do real all the way. Part of it is tree-hugging for us because although it’s counterintuitive, trees farmed specifically for Christmas are more ecological than artificial trees, which takes a million bazillion years to decompose in landfills and are saturated in all kinds of harsh unhealthy chemicals and whatnot.

    Also, I just can’t pass up the trip to go get the tree every year and the look, smell, and feel of a real live tree. Artificial ones just seem so… corny and tacky… to me.

    If we had more space (i.e. a yard of our own), we’d look into buying a potted tree and then adding it to our permanent landscaping at the end of each season. Maybe someday…

    I get why people use fake trees — they ARE easier and cheaper over the long-term, but I just can’t bring myself to join them 🙂

    The big debate in our home every year is white lights v. multi-color. I looooove white. They feel more natural and classy, while my DH prefers multi-color mostly b/c it’s what we all used growing up. This year, I won the tree fight, but he covered the wreath in color and plans to do the same with the windows 🙂

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