Reading the Scriptures like it’s Twilight

Why is it that I can pick up a fiction novel and fly through it in a day but every time I touch my scriptures I’m satisfied with getting through a few versus? A few chapters and I feel like a champ.

This year one of my goals is to really FEAST on the words of Christ. I’m going pretty good so far. Well, sorta.

Good news is I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t read my leisure books until I read the scriptures. Bad news is I haven’t been rewarded with my “fun book” yet. Which right now is the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series–Book three.

Good news is I’ve read The Good Book every night this week. Bad news is I haven’t gotten through a full chapter before falling asleep.

My husband and I read all of the children’s series with Lil’ J last year and this year I’d like to start her on the real deal. Not sure where to begin but I guess it doesn’t hurt to start with Genesis 1.I know she won’t understand it but if we keep reading every night, eventually she’ll start picking things up.

Family and personal study. Whew!! You know, I can’t help but feel like if I had an iPad I’d be so much better at this. I could digitally highlight my favorite versus, read with the lights out, have them with me all the time… Hmmm.

It didn’t used to be this hard for me. I think it’s partly because now I have a billion things going on, it’s harder for me to slow down and focus on something that’s normally last on my to-do list.

Back when I was a good person, I would read the scriptures by searching for specific topics or stories in the index that I was interested in. I felt I learned more studying that way. Starting from the beginning can seem overwhelming. I’m not sure how specific I want to make this goal yet but I think if I’m reading something, anything, each night, I’ll eventually get into a groove I like, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Jeez Louise, this sounds horrible. But hey, at least I’m trying.

Do you have any kind of guides or helpful tips you follow to read the scriptures personally or with your family?

Heather says:

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YUMMommy says:

This is something I am working on too. I just like to flip through & read whatever it feels God is leading me to. I also havea Bible Study notebook my mom gave me. I write down my fave scripture at the top, then sum up the lesson & lastly it asks me write down how I can apply what I read to my life.

Kristy says:

I like ^^^ that notebook idea–may have to try that. I’m like you–I used to be so good at it and actually enjoyed reading the scriptures and got a lot out of them. Now they, sadly, are one more thing on my to-do list, and are usually something I’m ok with not getting done. That sounds terrible! I like studying different topics; I’ve read the Book of Mormon backwards before–that was an interesting perspective; I read the entire standard works one year–that was an accomplishment for sure! I’ve read the bible dictionary, too, and that gave me some interesting insights. Keeping a journal nearby to write thoughts in has helped in the past. These are all great ideas–I just need to get my act together and get back to it! Thanks for the motivation and good luck finding something that works for you.

Porche' says:

I’m a big fan of Bible apps for smartphones/tablets/e-readers. They are interactive and more engaging because some include pictures, maps, study guides, etc and include places for you to write notes or journal your thoughts all linked to specific verses/chapters. I recently downloaded Bible360 to my mother’s ipad and she loves it.

Iiona says:

So I seen this and instantly started smiling, my church is doing this thing called Eat This Book, and it is reading the bible in 365 days… They are on Day 6 and if you want to check it out here is the link:

Good Luck and I hope you are able to get what you want out of your new goal 🙂


Ariel says:

Thank you for this post! I don’t know why I never thought of limiting other activities until I had spent some time talking to my Father. Totally going to use that! And my iPad! Thanks for the great idea and kudos to you for being honest!
Sidenote: I love your blog! And the 365 love letters? Amazing!

Unknown says:

This year, I bought a devotional couples Bible for my husband and me. It’s awesome because since we do it together, we’re less likely to skip it…plus, it brings up a lot of great conversation topics for strengthening a marriage.

Also, I have my women’s Bible on Kindle. It was a couple of bucks and I love it! Easy to bookmark and search.


Kira says:

A few years back I made it a goal to read it from cover to cover. Of course I’ve had this goal for a long time, and always failed miserably… and then I realized I’ve got to do what works for me, not focusing on a huge number of chapters, verses or pages, but to really focus on what I was reading.. I came to find that two columns was about all I could handle before I lost my concentration, and so two columns it was! I’m proud to say I did it!!! YOu just gotta do what works for you and your situation, its all circumstantial. Some of us have more time then others. You have a family and a job!! I say kudos to you for doing it anyways, and you will be blessed.

Lena says:

Love this Post.. This is part of my New Years Resolution for 2012.. well it’s been for 2011 also, but I did not read the Bible like I wanted to. Last year I started reading from the book of Genesis and got to the book of Leviticus.. My fiance is a big geek in reading especially when it comes to the Bible, he reads the Bible every year from Genesis to Revelations (I try to keep up).. It’s best to start in the beginning (Genesis) so you can understand what is going on through out each book in the Bible. I did keep a notebook for notes etc.. but I ended up highlighting certain versus that I wanted to come back to (Yea I write in my bible, but there just bible notes).. Everything that U need to know is all in the scriptures, but you’ll just have to re-phrase it, my fiancee always tell me whatever you do in life, you have to relate it to the Bible (which is true).. Good luck to you and everyone else who is committing to reading the Bible, all the knowledge and wisdom you’ll need is all in there. God Bless 🙂

Olusola says:

There’s a bible app by Youversion that’s really good. You can download multiple versions of the bible and it comes with over 30 reading plans to help with your bible study. I know the app is available for both android and apple platforms

Sarah says:

I’ve done the youversion chronological plan. on my smartphone. I’m on day 310. I really have enjoyed it. and it makes me feel really good to know i’ve read EVERY SINGLE WORD of the scriptures. cover to cover. ok i may have zipped through some of the genealogies 🙂

crazy we sound the same! I’m currently reading the Percy Jackson series and I just finished book three. One of my goals was to get better about reading my scriptures. Good luck, I know it’s harder to read them than a fiction book. 🙂


Girl, you are SO not alone on this one! I am constantly saying how much I wished I would sit and actually enjoy reading my Bible every day, but it has yet to happen consistently for more than a week or two at a time. I’ve been flying through The Hunger Games series lately like it’s nobody’s business, but my Bible? Heh. Not so much.

I also commend you for reading with your sweet little girl! I’ve been stuck on that one because our baby girl is 15 months old, and while I know she won’t understand anything yet, is it still worth the effort? I know. It sounds horrible!

I don’t have an iPad either, but I do have an iPhone and now a Kindle, and there is a Bible app on there with these daily devotionals that last for a year. It will remind you every day that you are supposed to read, and they are solid but quick little studies for those really busy days.

There’s also a website called where they are getting ready to start a new winter study in Ephesians. I usually try to follow along on my own, but they do allow you to start your own online small group of sorts or even to join one that someone else has started. The study guides they offer are pretty helpful, and when I’m consistent, I get a lot from their studies!

Okay… sorry, that was long-winded. But you spoke to my heart with this post! 😉

Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

Tara says:

This web site has a daily Bible reading plan that I find to be super effective, plus comments on each reading for the day – it’s helpful to know that so many others will be reading the same chapters that I am each day, and commenting on them!

A few tips: I was told to start with the new testament then go back. Also, I noticed on the programs at church they list the weekly readings, try those or there is a bible app by Youversion. It has schedules for different goals and situations like 21 day plan for busy women ets

Gena says:

I just finished reading the Bible through last year and I did it with the YouVersion Bible app on my phone. I only used it as a tracker for my daily reading and to replace my Bible if I was out of town or something like that. I also found that reading it chronologically was a lot easier to understand than just trying to read it Genesis to Revelation. Also, it depends on the version that you like too. For me, I prefer NIV. Hope that helps some!

Also, I started attending a Bible Study Fellowship class that is during the school year. It is an international organization that focuses on studying only the Bible in a four-fold approach. You may even have some classes close to you and it is entirely free and kids are included! Evening classes have ones for school age children and day classes provide childcare for children birth through preschool. It’s only 2 hours a week and really helps me stay on track with my Bible study. Check out their website at

...sarah. says:

I love that you can share with your husband: mine is not Christian, so I have to study “alone” (though we are never alone with God). I use to mark my progress- they have quite a few reading plans to choose from. I don’t beat myself up if I miss a reading.

Keya says:

You should do the read your Bible in 90 day challenge. I did it twice last year. It only requires 1 hour of reading a night for 90 days.

Riddlez says:

Deep sigh. This is so my struggle. Everything seems so doable. But scripture study has been so hard for me to commit to.

I’m reading the BOM again this year. Not doing a perfect job of it, but I’m doing better than in past years.

I did read something from Pres. Monson once that the best and most helpful way to really feast on the word is the topical way you mentioned in your blog. He said that is one of the best methods he knows.

Looks like you DO know exactly how to do it…good luck!

Megan says:

Sorry I’m a little late, but I totally can relate and understand. It’s so hard, and I don’t even know why. I know I’ve been trying really hard to read my Bible and a devotion every morning and then do my prayers while I’m getting ready in the morning. Starts my day out wonderfully. Another thing I know that I want to do with my kids is pray with them. You didn’t mention if you do or not, but I know growing up the only prayer I saw my parents pray was for dinner and as important as that is, I know it gets repetitive and looses its meaning a lot. If I saw my mom praying more than it might not have taken me so long to realize how important it is in your spiritual life.

Imogen says:


I have my husband read us the bible every night; until he’s tired. It’s wonderful because my arms are free to rock out 3 month old to sleep and it’s actually his first time reading the Scripture.

My suggestion would be: tell your husband you love his sexy voice and get going (with Scripture reading). Something about my husband being so pious and seeking the Lord is super attractive and I tell him so 😉

Beckie says:

I just barely – yesterday– printed off a plan to read the entire Scriptures in a year- sounds daunting- as I have never completed a single one of the books yet!!! — I got it off pinterest — and you read the Bible along with the book of mormon together — sounds interest right- so I’m gonna try it- check it out!!!

I’ve been taking a chapter a day and I read it aloud to my daughter. I’ve been trying commit certain versus to memory.

I bought Sol some Quranic stories coloring books. Which have helped me a lot more in my study of the Quran. B/c when I read the simplified version of it, it makes me want to pick up the Quran and read the full version of that story. I have not committed to reading it front to back, but I do read based on topics from time to time. I am not as consistent as I would like to be, so I too am working on that this year. As well as being more diligent with my 5 prayers a day. I will tell you, I have a long waaays to go, but I thank you for sharing your journey, as it is inspiring me to get more serious about my own…

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