Rate the Rolls Results

I just found out that roll B (the roll Lil’ J and I liked best in the Rate the Roll experiment) is a White Cloud Green Earth Roll.

Here’s some other info about the TP roll incase you’re looking to going more green (or really like to research about your toilet paper).

1. While both are 100% recycled, White Cloud GreenEarth is always made from 100% post consumer fibers, while Seventh Generation only promises 80% post consumer.

2. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, if every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper (500 sheets) with 100% recycled ones, we could save 423,900 trees. Don’t want to cloth diaper? This could help! Cloth diaper? Well, why not use recycled TP?

3. You can save money by printing a $1.25 off coupon (good for GreenEarth too) below!

And thanks to everyone who commented on my white cloud experiment post! Lil’ J and I had a lot of fun, and she didn’t swallow too much TP. The winner of the Shutterfly gift card is #9 April

There’s lots of other winners coming up and from now on I’m going to be announcing them on my Facebook Page. So look to my sidebar to enter giveaways (they’re easy now, just leave one comment to enter, no hoops to jump through on my blog!) and check to see if you won here.

And here’s a coupon for some TP and/or paper towels!

*I am compensated by White Cloud for my time in participating in this challenge. Opinions expressed are all mine (and a little of Lil’ J’s too). Shutterfly had nothing to do with this, that’s just my own friendly gesture to show you I love you!

Mallory says:

There is always the family cloth option, too. (Cloth toilet paper, that you wash and reuse.) You don’t have to use it after bowel movements if that is too gross for you. But it’s super easy when you already cloth diaper. Just use cloth wipes (I share with the baby!) and stick it in the diaper pail!

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