Racist people make me want to vomit

I was writing this post for my BabyCenter blog today but my dear friend Stacey-Ann beat me to the topic. I was actually kind of glad because I can lift the filter a bit more here. You know, be a little more blunt about this topic without the backlash from less-understanding readers (ya’ll get me, cause you read me more frequently). For instance, this wasn’t the headline I had in mind for my other blog.

Every once in a while someone will ask me and my husband what our parent’s thought, about us dating and getting married. “Did they care that you’re black/ he’s white?” It’s a question many interracial couples hear.

“No big deal,” I tell them. Really, it was 2004, and we’re all past that, right?

People say they don’t notice color or race, or anything of that sort. “I’m colorblind,” I always hear. As if it’s awful to notice we’re different. It’s ok to notice that we aren’t the same. We are different. The problem lies when you see simple differences like skin color, as a bad thing.

Cheerios recently debuted a commercial featuring an adorable biracial girl talking to her white mother and black father. I didn’t catch the commercial on TV, but I saw it online and thought it was charming. Did I notice the interracial couple? Sure. Seeing them portrayed in a mainstream advertisement makes me smile, because if advertisers are more comfortable showing interracial relationships, maybe that means society is getting used to it too. Yea, sure, that’s what I thought.

I’ve heard people say if you want to lose faith in humanity, read the comments on YouTube. People can hide behind the computer screen with a made up username linked to a fake email address and say whatever rude, degrading or racist remark they want to say. Unfortunately that was the case, even with this cute Cheerios commercial.

Commenters lashed out and called it “disgusting” and said that it made them “want to vomit.” That’s just the beginning. The comments got so bad that they had to be disabled on the video. Comments out, but Cheerios says the commercial stays.

Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Cheerios, told Gawker, “Consumers have responded positively to our new Cheerios ad. At Cheerios, we know there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all.”

Since the news has been buzzing about the controversy surrounding this very non-controversial commercial, many have come out in support of the brand. People are thanking Cheerios for showing diversity in their advertisement, and standing by their decision. And I’m standing by Cheerios and all of their delicious (honey nut) goodness.

And let me tell you something anonymous racist internet commenters. You make ME want to vomit. You suck. And I pray that I don’t know any of you in real life. Because if you act one way to my face but then are so much of a closet coward that you have to spend your evenings spitting disgusting bigoted remarks over the internet where no one can see you, we’d need to have a serious coming to Jesus.

So this time an advertisement gets some criticism for showcasing a mixed family. Truthfully, it doesn’t surprise me. But someone has to break the ice. I’d bet by the time my biracial son and daughter are older and dating, seeing families like ours, and kids like them, featured in commercials will hardly get a second glance. And no one will even think to ask what their parent’s thought about them dating someone of a different race.


Does it surprise you that people responded negatively to a commercial featuring an interracial couple?

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Mish says:

Yes!!! Who cares, I did not expect it to be an issue. Really, people are filled with so much hatred

MistyK says:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I think I’m jaded over those that say “I’m not racist!” But their words and actions speak differently. The Cheerios commercial in it’s self is good. The girl is adorable, and it’s completely relatable. I hope and pray for all those who can’t see past an exterior. And worse judge and convict that person for nationality.

Kesiena says:

It sadden me to see that some people are still so bigoted towards inter/bi racial relationships and children. I saw this commercial and it made me happy, if it invoked any other feelings other than happiness at how we have come as people then that is truly a shame.

Emilee says:

It does and it doesn’t. It does because when I see an “interracial couple” all I see is two people who are in love, no different than a couple with different hair or eyes. However, it doesn’t surprise me because people are so cruel. They want to pick fights and arguments and make something perfect, like the family in the video, into a controversial thing. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Grace says:

I’m not surprised at all. The anonymity of the internet can show just how ignorant some people still are. It’s now to the point that I no longer even look at the comments on YouTube videos and Yahoo articles. I’ve noticed that some sites have had to start linking comments to Facebook pages because things have gotten so bad. I saw the commercial and to be honest, I didn’t even notice they were an interracial couple. I was too busy looking at how cute the girl was, how cute the Cheerios on Daddy’s chest was, and were I’ve seen the dad before. I love the commercial and kudos to Cheerios for keeping the video up.

Jessica T. says:

I thought this was the cutest commercial. That little girl and this family is absolutely adorable! I don’t get the issue with biracial relationships. I guess I owe that to my upbringing. People make me sad. But remember, there are more good people than evil.

k. says:

sadly, it doesn’t surprise me, yet that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. we still live in a very racist society, and the fact that someone would have anything other than “she’s adorable!” or possibly “meh, cheerios” to this commercial really puts that on display. i hope we can make the world better by the time your beautiful kids are old enough to notice!

Does it surprise me that people responded negatively? NO! Of course not. As rainbows and sunshine as we want to be, this is still a racist ass country. We can koombaya all we want but a quick internet search (or a trip to reddit.com) will remind you that HATE and BIGOTRY and RACISM is alive and well, being fostered by imbecils all over this country (and world).

My experience regarding my interracial marriage in my real life hasn’t been so bad, and I’ve addressed it, and will continue addressing it, on my blog. But what I see online (and when I visit the south) reminds me that racism is just as fierce as it was years ago, it’s just shrouded in an attempt to appear politically correct in public.

I’ve never seen this commercial but it is adorable!!!

PS: I cannot stand when people (usually white) say they “dont see color” …I always ask if they’re colorblind or have vision problems. That usually gets us into a REAL conversation about race and how we view others, instead of using these pat lil trite codewords as if to say, hey…i’m not racist, see?!

Stephanie says:

I am more surprised by the people who are shocked. There are too many people who have nothing to do and they comment on everything.

Part of me see’s a marketing conspiracy more to highlight the bad behavior in favor of Cheerios. There are several commercials with interracial couples, and I am sure there have been many post against them. But this one is now a news story, about anonymous comments. On one hand Cheerios has gotten more free press than could be imagined. There is even a movement for people to go out and buy five boxes of Cheerios and donate them to Food banks as a show of support for the commercial.

Every read the comment sections for the newspaper online. Just lonely rants, raves and racist jive.

Kennie says:

When I first saw this commercial I thought it was absolutely adorable. The conversation with the mom, and then the dad with the Cheerios poured on him was really sweet – to me anyway. It then saddened me to hear the news reports about the backlash and filth being spewed because of it. It’s funny that many people say nothing about the television violence we’re exposed to, the negative images, or the overly sexual content that is constantly thrown in our faces, but a positive family potrayal and folks lose the best part of their minds! Sad…

Marie says:

The funny part is that when they see mixed babies, they find them so cute!!!! Do they forget that a mixed baby comes from a mixed couple?

I leave in Africa, I’m european and my husband is african… and it’s funny how we are not really allowed to be a real loving couple… people always need to find reasons for us to be together….

erica says:

Such a good post, Jennifer. When my husband and I got married, it never even occurred to me that we were a mixed race couple…until I saw someone say something derogatory about couples like us (not us, specifically.)

I’m not at all surprised by the comments (because yes, internet commenters can be so, SO terrible) but I’m certainly saddened. Not for myself but just that there are people that have so much hatred inside them for something so innocuous…focus that energy into something more positive!

Chelli says:

I think outspoken racist people will forever exist all over the wold. My 6-year old biracial nephew dealt with it as a student in Germany, so his mom switched him to a school with more children of color- racism GONE. So, your job is to live in an environment where you and your family has the least amount of contact with racist, negative people. It’s working well for me. And im primarily surrounded by whites- educated upper middle class & upper class whites. Socioeconomic class of VERY outspoken, nasty, verbally abusive racists tend to be low class or working class. And dont read the YouTube comments…especially on posts that show black mben in a positive light.

Yay! Love the emotion! That’s exactly how I feel and that’s why I felt the need to write about it. My hubby and I were rejoicing when we first saw the commercial on TV. All three of us were watching a program, and I remember hitting the rewind button to make sure I saw what I saw. Princess LOVES Cheerios, and it was great to see one like her in it. I didn’t have a lot of that growing up.

When that article came out, it totally rained on our parade. We know that racism exists out there. We are not blind to that fact. But, jeeze.

You and I have had conversations about this in the past. I was one of those peeps who asked about how the parents reacted. haha. Obviously, it was because I went through the same thing. But you’re sooooo right, we get it all the time. I’m kinda used to that too. We’ve gotten so far as a socitey, it’s sad to see something like this bring us steps back.

Despite all the negative remarks, I do feel that eventually see things improve (by the time our kids get older). However, there will always be those people who just don’t get.

Kimberly says:

That article could have been about chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream and some people will find something to hate about it. Just understand that there are people in the world who are unhappy with themselves, their lives, their choices and just want others to act and feel as they do. I DO believe there are true racists out there (which is so stupid. What a waste of energy), but I think because of the tech age and how easy it is to speak hate behind the screen, people do it for entertainment or just to be evil. Don’t be surprised and don’t let it take your joy. This world is way to big to control. All you can control is your world, so invest in our children and make sure they know who they are and to develop positive self esteem so the fools of this world and their noise can fade into the background. Celebrate diversity everyday and let the world see you do it.

It doesn’t surprise me that some people are so messed up, but it does surprise me that those people would get offended at such a normal, innocent commercial. They have serious issues, they must be lonely and miserable. Although I do not support large corporations like General Mills and never buy GMOs (all their cereals contain GMOs), I think they did a great job with this commercial and portraying a real family.

Valerie says:

Interracial couples are part of life. People can get upset, vomit, it is not going to change things. I am really glad that Cherrios are keeping the advert.

Laura says:

I heard about the commercial from a co-worker over the weekend. Since that family reflects my family he was sure I had heard about it. Nope. Wow. So glad I didn’t see the comments. Interestingly bi-racial children are used all of the time in advertising. Just not with both parents. My daughter (a model) is always put with a black mom. (Usually much younger, and more attractive than I am … and I’m white.) I am so proud of GM for taking this step and including both parents.

Meli says:

vomit, indeed. I saw this commercial over the weekend – on t.v. – and it warmed my heart so!!!!!!! Yay for cheerios. Booo on the racists.

Ty says:

Fortunately, these people who say these horrible things online are a small, vocal minority. Sometimes I get upset when I see hateful things posted regarding race, but then I remember that these morons are just a very small fraction of the population, and probably have never been outside of their small town where there’s only people like themselves, so they are ignorant. They probably come from generations of like-minded people and no matter how much you try to educate them, “You just can’t fix stupid.” I look at it this way which helps me pick my battles.

Do we really think that someone that can talk negatively about the gorgeous girl in the commercial, or even your beautiful kids, really has a brain?! I think not! =)

Mari McCoy says:

Sad that people are still making an issue of interracial marriage. Of course, bigots come in all races, ethnicities, and religions…and there are still far too many who negatively judge those who marry outside of a religion or ethnic group, too. As for me – white woman, northerner transplanted to the South 20 years ago. I actually find less intolerance for interracial relationships in the ATL area than I did in Detroit.

kim says:

I’m glad Cheerios is keeping it up! There is nothing wrong with the commercial. If it makes people want to vomit, let ’em.

Trish says:

I have two cousins who are in interracial marriages and it is constantly non-stop with people asking them what their families thought. One person even asked my cousin if her daughter was adopted, which sort of left us all speechless. There have even been comments to both about how they’re going to have their children pick one race or other to identify with. All these things just leave me scratching my head and thinking “WTF? You’re blonde and your husband has brown hair, how did you family feel about that?”

Jennifer J K says:

I think the commercial is cute! The entire family looks great. Unfortunately, I’m not totally surprised by negative comments. There are so many ignorant people. Plus I think people in the net stir up crap just to start arguments.

I enjoy seeing families together regardless of race.

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YUMMommy says:

It kind of surprises me that so many people had so much negative stuff to say because Cheerios is not the first company to release a commercial featuring an interracial family. I think it’s just crazy that in the year 2013, so many people are so against mixing races. Like seriously, we’re all mixed with a little something whether we admit it or know it. I applaud Cheerios for sticking with their commercial. I’ve seen it quite a few times and I love it.

I’d like to say it surprises me, but unfortunately it doesn’t. People are ridiculous. I think the commercial was adorable!

Sarah says:

I think it’d be surprising or not-surprising depending on where you come from. For my family, unfortunately not. My step-sister is in an interracial relationship and they have a son and are soon expecting a daughter. Some of my family are too embarrassed to discuss it, others have plenty to say – like a grandmother who requested she not show up for Christmas, because it’d be ruined. I remember reaching dating age in high school and being firmly told, “Races don’t mix. Don’t ever bring a black boy home or you can wait on the porch with him.” No matter the wisdom or love you can get from a parent, beliefs like that taint them – my first real lesson in maybe my parents aren’t as smart as I thought they were.

Renee says:

We all bleed red and Jesus loves us all no matter the color on the outside. I think the commercial is great. I work in the world of preschoolers and Cheerios got the child’s perspective. Wish it was that easy to fix.
It might not be your choice of a lifetime partner but the ones who do chose to make that choice didn’t ask for your opinion then or now. mom always if you can’t say something nice, shut your mouth!

xlovehappyx says:

Nope, those “nutty” comment people don’t surprise me at all. But now I kinda want another bowl of my Banana Nut Cheerios, even though it’s way past breakfast time <_<

Your kids are so beautiful, just 2 weeks until my lil mixed pumpkin is set to arrive!

And I'm nominating you for a blog award this week.
Also, don't forget to enter my Summer Giveaway ♥

CCreations says:

I hope someone sits down with that little girl and tells her that she’s beautiful. She could so easily think that all the hate is directed at her. And any time a man and a woman come together in love and make a family should be a good thing. It sucks that people ignore the love and beauty and see the skin color.

Sarah says:

Yes it does surprise me that there was backlash about something that should not only not be controversial but should be normal! Gah! I cannot even imagine who tbese people are or where they live. How can anyone feel that way?! Why?!!! I guess I have been living in a happy little bubble. It never occured to me that anyone would still react that way to an interracial couple! :'(

When people say they don’t notice race , I think they mean it. My best feiend’s daughter is mixed (and my kids’ best friend), and while I know this in my head, it never actually crosses my mind unless someone brings it up. I dont care enough aboht the difference to think about it unless we need to. Like when we have to trouble shoot what to do about her hair for swim team, lol. But honestly I dont notice things like that even with strangers. I know in my head there is a difference of course… just like with someone who is much shorter or taller than me, but its not something I consciously notice most of the time.

Sharon says:

I don’t think it surprises me as much as saddens me. It was a little girl who wanted to keep her dad heart healthy. It was an adorable commercial. I wonder if the reaction would’ve been the same if the mom was African American and the dad was Caucasian? That being sad, we really haven’t come that far as a country.

Amy says:

Honestly, Jennifer. It doesn’t surprise me, but it does disgust me. I pray your little ones have it better when it comes to racism. ::hugs::

Kristina says:

Jen, I get this on the daily. People can be very ignorant even in Vancouver – a multi-cultural city with people coming from different backgrounds and where mixed-race families are the norm. I’ve been meaning to write a post about this and when I do, I’ll make sure to send you the link 🙂

Andrea says:

Wow, I guess the answer to your question is yes, I am surprised. My girls and I are always jealous of interracial kids because their skin color is so beautiful! (We are of German decent and pasty white, blah!). We love to see all “varieties” of people and find that mixed racial couples sure make some cute kids! Do you watch The Voice? Judith Hills parents are interracial and she is gorgeous. Great skin, hair, eyes etc. I guess there are still people who live under a rock.

Adina says:

I love this ad! Very cute. It’s 2013 people… biracial marriages or couples happen. My mother is Japanese and my dad is caucasian and I can remember feeling sort of out of place sometimes with my friends growing up being one of the only mixed babies in my little click. However, as adults we know that real friends and real people don’t see things like color as an issue but as a blessing and gift. I think it’s so easy for people in the cyber world to sit on their computers and put hate out there while remaining completely anonymous. They are cowards. But it’s still hurtful and unnecessary. I think this ad is adorable!

Jenn says:

To Nikki, this is old but you’re a liar, black people don’t have curly hair, they have Afros.Curly hair is only associated with us Europeans.Africans are usually bald, and if they aren’t then they have tiny Afros.Your hair looks the way it does because you do something to it chemically.If you didn’t, you’d also have an Afro.So no, your daughter gets her curly hair from her dad because black people don’t/can’t have curly hair.

Gino says:

The main reason people made a big deal about it was because the interracial couple involved was a black male and white female.In society, specifically ours, white men must be the ones to break the mold.Hence why when interracial marriage was against the law, a white man had to be the first one to break it so it would become legal.They would never have allowed a black man to break the law and make it legal.He’d be killed and the woman probably would to.You guys claim you don’t see race, yet you clearly have shown you do to.You say that by the time your son and daughter are older it won’t matter but you do realize they probably said that 50 years ago.You guys also like to ignore all the deep seeded issues that come along with interracial relationships.That’s fine I won’t bring them up and will continue to just keep spouting the same false notion “love is love” crap you all keep spewing.Go ahead and stay proudly ignorant.I’ll always know the truth.

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