What Rachel Lindsay meant about ‘the pressures as a black woman’

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Bachelorette last night… You guys!

So I passed out last night and didn’t manage to wake back up to draft this post so I’m going to just jump back in based on what I was responding to in my tweets and what stood out to me. Basically three things: Cocktail party drama, cutie baby face Dean, and a rigged spelling bee. But I’m going to mostly just focus on the first part.

Cocktail Party

Right out the gate we have drama when Kenny is trying to talk to Rachel and Lee comes up and tries to interrupt.

“Can I get like 60 more seconds?” Kenny asks. He’s in the middle of talking about something other than his daughter, he’s finally getting somewhere.

“Yea I’ll give you 16 seconds!” Lee says. And he means it. He hovers over to the side and starts counting on his fingers. And I’m already tired of Lee and his face 16 seconds into the show, but this is just the beginning.

ABC has been cutting up the episodes so it seems like there hasn’t been a rose ceremony in 12 years. Last week Lee was having some drama with the guys, he already got to talk to Rachel, and Kenny gets upset. He pulls Lee aside and Lee is just egging him on with a sarcastic smile and laugh.

“I get tickled when I smile at an angry man!” Goodness… I have so much I could say about that.

Kenny gets louder and louder and Rachel is talking to some other guy, all I remember about him is his ears, and she is like “Waitaminute… That’s Kenny?!” Teddy Bear Kenny? Say it aint so!

She starts melting down. But don’t forget, this is the same night Lee came to her about Eric.

“Damn right I enjoy pissing him off” “I’m going to have a problem with some of these guys” “I don’t have a problem with you guys…”

Dean, Mr. I’ve gone black and not going back sees that Lee is racist and is trying to say it without saying it.

“The only people I’ve seen Lee pick fights with are not people he is used to seeing on a daily basis from a cultural perspective… You know exactly what I mean. The longer Lee sticks around the more aware everyone will be of his intolerance.”


Because in his words “I want to win.”

rachel lindsay screenshot crying cocktail party

The pressures of being a black woman

“The pressures that I feel about being a black woman, and what that is” Rachel said through tears. “I get pressure from so many different ways, being in this position. I already know what people are going to say about me, and judge me for the decisions I’m making.”

Someone on twitter asked “Not sure why Rachel had to say ‘as a Black woman?’ Why is that relevant? No need for the racism!” This is my escape! Geez!”

Rachel Lindsay, a beautiful 32-year-old lawyer from Dallas and the first ever black lead in The Bachelor franchise.

Rachel has no idea what’s going on in the house (though I have wondered if they’d let them just review the tapes then pick a match). She’s heard or been told about two black men blowing up and she knows this is going to look some kinda way playing out on national TV. If she chooses to keep them how will that look? If she chooses to send them home, how will that look?

What kinds of things is she worried about people saying? Well, things like this I suppose, but you know my girl was ready with a clap back:

Rachel Lindsay clap back tweet about Lee

Responsibility to not uphold stereotypes while also, you know… Hopefully find your soulmate, which is already hard for black women. You’ve got everyone rooting for your happiness, some hoping you fail. I mean that’s a lot of pressure.

I’m not Rachel Lindsey but being the first in any situation isn’t easy. Being the first in a situation like this that’s playing out for the world is a whole other level of pressure.

So then we get to the rose ceremony and we’re all throwing things at the TV when she keeps Lee and sends Diggy home. I’m going to miss him and his cute bow ties. And I’m so sad that we won’t get to see more of his huge shoe collection.

One-on-one with Dene

Dean Dean Dean. He’s SO CUTE. I can’t say much more than that cause he’s a baby and I’m married and it feels wrong. Rachel isn’t married so I guess that helps her be less conflicted. He’s terrified of heights so of course she picks him for the terrifying blimp ride.

Before dinner she says she’s ready to find out if Dean is really ready for marriage. And Dean tells her his sad backstory and I’m watching and trying not to cry, and wondering how he is crying and making everyone cry and somehow still smiling. Is it his teeth? I don’t know but I’m impressed. And I want to give him a big hug.

She gives him the rose, they go and dance on stage and I’m getting butterflies for them. I’m so close to being Team Dean but I am sorry, I just can’t get past his age. I think he’d be a great option for The Bachelor and I hope he has a bunch of black girls in his mix cause you know what he said.

Group date

On the boat the guys are freestyling and I’m impressed by Kenny’s spits, and then even more surprised when Peter takes a stab at it and isn’t terrible.

Rachel surprises everyone with my worst nightmare: An impromptu spelling bee. I’m not even going to try to spell all the words they spelled cause if it weren’t for the red squiggly line under all of them I wouldn’t get it right. We knew the whole thing was rigged anyway when Josiah got “stunning” and Anthony got “boutonniere.”

Later on the date, Iggy is watching the guys getting ready to snitch like

Getting ready to tell on everybody cause that’s what he does with his time with Rachel. I CAN’T.

Rachel calls Kenny out and asks why Lee is talking smack about him “Cause he’s not truthful!”

As much as I want him to, I’m praying Kenny doesn’t lay into Lee and play into the character the world is just begging him to be. I hope he comes out as the bigger man.

Last thoughts

-Everybody has a problem with Lee but the only has a problem with the black guys. Please send him home!

-Iggy is trying to be some kind to group therapist asking questions like “What is your ideal outcome of the situation?” Sit down and stop getting in the middle of everything! Please, send him home.

– Bryan is growing on me a little though everything inside of me says player. She makes him weak in the knees? Come on!

-Let’s pick up the pace! As much as I love Rachel we’re dragging on the drama way too much and not seeing enough of the dates and conversations she’s having with the guys.

-We did not see enough of Peter, or really anyone I think she could wind up with. None of them seem right for her right now. I’m happy she announced she’s engaged cause if I didn’t know that I’d feel like this was hopeless.

-I knew this drama was bound to come up. I hope Lee goes home and we get past this soon.

Did you watch? What were your thoughts?

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  1. Well, I had to clapback at that Trump supporter who tweeted that, “how TV is her escape from racism” crap! oh boy! Must be nice to be able to escape “racism” by watching TV and not have to “deal with it anymore”. What a joke!

    I don’t watch this show,but your headline caught my eye. Good work as usual, Jennifer.

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