Quints by Surprise: He Says/ She Says


She says: What if we had quints by surprise?
He says: We’d keep one.
She says: We’d give four away?
He says: Yep.

Don’t worry, I don’t think he’s serious. TLC is a great source for debate!

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  1. Typical guy. lol I’m sorry but I’m not giving babies away after carrying them for almost a year and then giving BIRTH to them! hehe

  2. Lol, if I were to have quints?

    First, I would look up at Heavenly Father and ask “REALLY?!?” Then I would suck it up and figure out how to be a great mom to 6 special little children!

  3. It actually wasn’t such a surprise…they used IUI, which has a greater chance of multiples than IVF since you don’t really know exactly how many eggs are going to actually ovulate and then fertilize. 🙂 So I don’t think you need to worry about it!

  4. I think my husband is not the norm here and would be thrilled… We have 3 right now and he keeps saying that the twins are next… Gets me a bit worried but if we were to have twins at least he is up for it!

  5. I agree with Elana, not much of a surprise when you use IUI, it’s kind of expected. For the exact reason, I would never do it. I know my limits; even three at one time is too much for me (even twins would be pushin’ it). LOL

  6. well, doubt you’d have 5 by surprise if fertility wasn’t involved…but I would really have to rely on God will not give you more than you can handle. I would have a lot of conversations with Him though and am pretty sure I would question His judgement! ha ha! I think they are so cute though and a good example of parents who work together 🙂 They are one of the better “large” families on tv.

  7. Your husband cracks me up. I love reading the he says she says. I agree with the others…when you use fertility drugs, multiple births aren’t that much of a surprise. My husband would probably say the same thing as yours! For that reason, we’ll never use fertility drugs!

  8. When I called my husband on my way from my Dr. appointment to swimming lessons for my 3 year old to tell him I was pregnant with twins his exact words were: “What did you do?” I’m not married to him anymore… However, your husband is a wise man. Twins have been hard enough! 14 years down a lifetime to go! Every shopping trip – double, every Doctor visit – double, every sick day – double, etc… Can you imagine 5!

  9. LOL. I’m sure he’s just kidding. My husband would probably fall out for sure if we ever had quints. However, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have twins. They run in my family.

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