5 Ways to Survive Potty Training on the Go


When it comes to potty training, every child is different, so every parents’ experience is different. With all that we’ve been through, I know one thing for sure – I believe it’s important to celebrate little wins. Today’s post is sponsored by Pull-Ups but the story, tips and opinions are all my own.

I have learned the hard way how important is it to be prepared just in case. They say optimists are always late because they perceive they have more time than they really do. Well I also tend to forget that potty accidents are possible.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone on a trip only to realize I forgot to pack any Pull-Ups for bedtime. Or oops… My son just fell asleep on a long road trip and he’s totally not wearing his Pull-Ups. So in order to help you learn from my mistakes so you don’t make the same, here are five tips I have for potty training success on the go.

Potty training on the go. Tips for potty training a kid while on the road.

1. Keep the essentials on hand. Figure out what the essentials are for you and your toddler and make sure you have them with you. For me it was always having Pull-Ups and wipes. For you it could involve a portable potty seat. Make sure they’re easily accessible in your car or a handy bag.

2. Always know where the closest bathroom is. Whenever I walk into a mall, grocery store, airport, whathaveyou, I still have the habit of scoping out the nearest bathroom. Is it at the font of the store or the back? Both? Knowing where it is can help you big time once your trainee pronounces they’ve gotta go. And yes, most of the time it will be when you’re nearing the front of the checkout line.

3. Keep incentives handy. Incentives shouldn’t only be convenient when you’re at home. Remember that toddlers don’t have as deep of a sense of time so instant gratification as important, and they can be less effective when you don’t have them on hand right when you need them. Depending on your child’s negotiating skills and your willpower you could wind up buying something even more expensive at the store as an incentive versus just handing over a chocolate candy at home. Pull-Ups also have great incentives and games on Pull-Ups.com. There are tons of simple ways to make potty training fun and easy for parents and toddlers to start together, with guidance on how to tailor the journey based on your little one’s unique personality. In fact, 3 of 4 moms prefer Pull-Ups©!*

4. Clean up supplies. Definitely something to remember, especially if you’re using a potty chair and stopping along the road. Some hand sanitizers, soap and towels in case you need to tidy up any spills. This is a great opportunity to get your little one involved in the journey too – let them pick out their favorite soap or towel to keep in the car.

5. Extra clothes. I still forget to keep an extra pair of shorts on hand, and yes, I’ve already been in a predicament where I’ve had to run into the store and buy a cheap pair after an accident. You’d think I’ve learned my lesson. A good idea is to keep them in a plastic bag that way when you can replace the clean clothes with the soiled ones.

Potty training on the go. Tips for potty training a kid while on the road.

Sometimes we just think about shorts and underwear but potty accidents can be messy. Actually pack a shirt too while you’re at it! When we are flying, sometimes I’ll have my son carry his extra clothes or Pull-Ups in his backpack so I know they’re always on us. Sometimes I’ll even toss the extra incentives too and hope he doesn’t notice.

Potty training a child doesn’t mean you need to confine yourself to your house and miss out on fun experiences. Potty training on the go can be a challenge but it’s totally doable. We’ve survived! I know you will too.

Any questions? What are your best tips for potty training on the go?

*Pull-Ups offering includes product, packaging and in-pack prizes and activities vs. Pampers© Easy Ups©.

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups Training Pants.


5 tips for surviving potty training on the go.

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  1. Potty training can be the worst but is such an amazing achievement once it’s down! We’re in the pull-ups stage too … counting down until it’s finally accomplished!

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