Prissy girl goes messy

My girl is ALL GIRL. She doesn’t like getting dirty, she loves twirling in dresses, and she gets upset if she gets dirt, sand, or food stuck on her hands. She walks up to me and asks me to brush it off.
So imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw that she got into a chocolate snack and was happy about it.
I had to laugh when she started licking her hands.
Oh my sweet child.
Happy Friday!

My son was the same way until he learned that being dirty wasn’t so bad. Now he’s not too bad about it. (but of course immediately has to take a shower lol) She’s so adorable…good luck with messes they only get…….”better” 🙂

YUMMommy says:

Who can get mad about being covered in a little chocolate? LOL. Guess she’s discovering the sometimes being messy isn’t so bad, especially when you’re covered in something that tastes so delicious!

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