Preparing for a Baby When Everything Has Changed

I heard my daughter gasp and I turned around to see if she was ok. Lil’ J was looking at a nursery organizer I’d just finished assembling. She’d been working on setting it up for the last little bit.

“What did you DO?” She asked in an accusatory voice.

“Ummm…” I looked at her confused.

“You put the blankets on top of her clothes!” She exclaimed in a horrified voice.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

Lil’ J had spent the last half hour or so taking baby items she had stored in her room and finding a new home for them on this shelf. She folded and organized onesies, blankets and toys. I’d unknowingly set a blanket in the wrong spot. How dare I?

My daughter has taken the reigns when it comes to preparing for her little sister. She’s had a cute little corner in her room under her loft bed for all of the baby things we’ve collected so far: Bottles, clothes, and toys.

Me on the other hand… While this isn’t my first rodeo but it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the game. Five years to be exact. Munchkin is a brand I’ve known and loved since Lil’ J was a baby but when they sent me some new items for Sneaky I realized a lot has changed. The bottle brushes are more durable than ever, the cute inflatable duck baby bath has been upgraded to a swan. And then there are these cute little heart-shaped cleaning brushes that are for cleaning bottles, not babies. (Yes, I thought these were bath sponges at first.)

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

I’m sure there will still be a bit of a learning curve as we jump back into things. My son has already decided the laundry hamper doubles as a really good hiding spot. And I haven’t even begun to dive into baby contraptions they sit on or ride in. These nursery, kitchen and bath things have given me enough to be in awe of. For one, everything has suction cups now. From that cleaning brush to the baby plates. And those little squirting bath toys that get all moldy cause you can never get all the water out? Munchkin has a new style that opens. Same fun water toy (my kids have already broken them in), now easy to dry from the inside out.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.

We’ve got about nine weeks or so until Sneaky makes her arrival and I can’t wait for everyone to meet. I think I’m almost as excited as Lil’ J. Thankfully I have her to help me get organized and keep things in their perfect little place.

Newborn shopping list. Getting ready for baby. Munchkin must-haves.


CLOSED: Congratulations to winner, commenter #4 chana backman

I’m partnering with Munchkin as we prepare for the arrival of our third and they’re giving one of my readers a chance to win a $250 gift card for Munchkin! Just head over to Munchkin’s site then leave a comment letting me know your must-have baby item for your munchkin (selfishly, this will help me double check my list) and we’ll draw a random commenter next week. Deadline to enter is Tuesday May 29th at 11:59pm . Good luck!

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  1. I really like the “Clean” baby bathtub. It would be great for bathing baby next to the sink. I bathed my daughter in the bathroom sink until she was about 5 months old. This Clean tub would have been great!

  2. I just put the “Fresh Food Feeders” on my registry by Munchkin. They are like pacifiers but you can put frozen baby food in them so the baby actually gets some nourishment from it. 🙂

  3. I love their cups. I’ve only ever bought munchkin sippy cups or their miracle cup. They also have spectacular customer service.

  4. I really enjoyed their bottle warmers. The one that warmed multiple bottles was a must for us with twins!

  5. I loved the bottle holder drying rack. Even though I breastfed it was nice to wash bottles and pump parts and let them dry, staying off the counter.

  6. We love the Latch 8oz bottles. Our first son used them from the get-go and we never had to experiment with any different bottles. We’re going to need a ton of these coming this October, we’re expecting twin boys! Love your blog! I’ve been reading for a few years now, I guess since I was prego with our first little one.

  7. We love the teether babies – these are high on my 6 month olds lost for entertainment at home or on the go!

  8. Quick install gates look amazing, especially for my little one who has recently learned to climb the stairs!

  9. The diaper caddy! Even on Baby #5, it’s my favorite thing. I got a pink one at my baby shower for my oldest and I have definitely got all kinds of use out of it.

  10. We love Munchkin. already have their wipe warmer! We also have their bath squirters, bottle brush, and steamer! I think our next must have that we don’t own would be a potty chair!

  11. We don’t travel more than a 30 minute car ride without the Munchin Snack Cup. It is a must have for keeping the back seat, car seats and car floor clean.

  12. The Shhh Portable Sound Machine is on my list. Like you I am five years between this and my last pregnancy. 28 weeks and 3 days! Not too far behind you 🙂

  13. I am also pregnant with my third (unplanned, surprise) baby!! I’m a huge fan of all Munchkin products but one of my must haves is absolutely the diaper pail!

  14. We love the Miracle 360 cups and the snack catchers. I know you won’t be needing these until Sneaky turns 1, but it’s never too early to have on hand. The time just sneaks up on you! (Pun intended)

  15. We would love the travel mirrors for the car for our twin boys! With having to purchase two of almost everything, things like that add up!

  16. There’s nothing on the Munchkin site I don’t love. When I was having babies we had some of these things but they weren’t nearly as appealing and the improvements are wonderful from the color choices to the changes in functionality. I am thrilled these items are available for my grandbabies. I’m setting up a nursery in my house because, as the luckiest grandmother on the planet, I get to provide daily care for my grands while their parents work and so all the nursery items are a must. But those mesh feeders! Those are amazing and I wish I had thought of those way back when. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  17. Very informative article. I love Munchin cool bag. It was perfect for traveling. I hope it will help me when i am going for travelling . Thanks for the sharing this.

  18. The mess free snack cups are an absolute MUST! I was so worried they wouldn’t still have them this time around but they’re better than ever.

  19. I love the car seat mirror. We have 4 total, one for each rear facing kid in each car. I also love that rainbow dot bath mat!

  20. Umm I want everything on their website. I LOVE the stay put suction bowls. My oldest son always threw his bowls off the high chair and it created quite the mess. This would make feeding much easier this time around.

  21. The 360 cups are amazing! They were the only thing I could get my son to use when we were transitioning from a bottle.

  22. I love love love the light my way nightlight, because I love owls! (I also think the swimming penguin is hilarious and adorable.)

  23. I actually really like the look of the nursery organizer, though the inflatable duck tub is so cute it’s on my list too.

  24. I didn’t realize until recently how much a sound machine helped my son sleep! I wish I had had one when he was younger. I could’ve gotten so much more sleep when he was a newborn!

  25. My youngest will be 6 when #3 comes in August so in the same boat. Those easy-to-clean bath toys will be a must!

  26. My favorite munchkin item is the Clean baby bath seat! It looks like it would be easy to store and resist mildew.

  27. I’m preparing for number 3 and I love those bath squirts you showed – those things always gave me the heeby-jeebies!

  28. The silicone baby feeders are a must have for me! They save my sanity when it comes to teething and starting solids!

  29. I am preparing for my first little one! We don’t know the gender as of right now. I am almost 20 weeks along. I love the Munchkin brand. They have a lot of really great products. My best friend used mostly Munchkin products for both of her babies. I personally am super excited to try out their Clean Infant Bath. I love that it isn’t hard plastic like many of the infant baths out there.

  30. I’m pregnant with my first child, and we haven’t started shopping for baby yet, but the Clean baby bath tub looks awesome!!

  31. Hey Jennifer, I’m pregnant with my 6-month baby. hope she comes within 4 months. here I found your post about preparing for a baby. it’s very Informative. thanks for your dedication

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