Pregnancy Week 8 with Baby Numero 2

I hereby deem this week pregnancy catchup week. I’ve fallen so behind in posting my photos and weekly thoughts, you’d think I’d forgotten I’m pregnant or something. Admittedly, sometimes I do. I’m 13 weeks today, and I have an appointment to hopefully listen to the heartbeat and all that other good stuff. But I’ll be writing about that in Week 13’s post which should be going up Friday!

Let’s take a trip back in time to 5 weeks ago, when this was going on:

Black Dress: GAP; Necklace: Thrifted; Lil’J’s Boots: Target; Big Sister Shirt: Polka Dot Junkie; Cowgirl Hat: Amazon

Pregnancy Week 8

Baby about the size of a: kidney bean.

Feeling: Tired. Forgetful. Busy.

Excited about: Lil’ J being a big sister, I really think she’s going to be fantastic. I’m the oldest child, though no siblings as close as these two will be. It’s a big responsibility being the oldest, but her daddy and I both did it, and I know she’ll be great too.

Random thoughts: I hope everything goes ok, still feeling like it’s all too good to be true. #2 needs a nickname, besides #2. Spawnie was Lil’ J’s nickname and I’d love something just as endearing. #2 sounds like poop, literally. And sorta like 2nd place.

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Veronica says:

Oh my goodness this is sweet. Being behind is no big thing. You have a lot on your plate. Rest up and good luck with the appointment.

Love her! Such a cute way to document #2! 🙂

Little Bean would be a cute nickname!

Jenna says:

Oh, Li’l J is SO cute! That second picture warmed my heart. How about Spawnie the Sequel? Or just Sequel? Haha.

Jessica says:

Congrats on your pregnancy!

YUMMommy says:

Lil J is going to be a great Big Sister. And what about Peanut for a nickname?

I’m laughing at #2 sounding like poop! So true. My bradley instructor called hers “Sproglet.” I like that.

Suzanne says:

My 3 year old still insists there’s a baby in his tummy sometimes, although the only babies around here now are food babies. That top is super cute on you!

Meli says:

Agggghhhh….I just adore Lil J’s hair!!!! So precious. I just want to comb it…is that strange!?! lol. I think of you often and still want to meet up. 🙂 I would love to snap some pregnancy/family shots of you….so maybe that will be my incentive to make this “blate” happen. You look fantastic and oh so cute with your braids. As far as nicknames go…hmm….lol on the #2/poop/second place comment….but….I like gremlin! ha!!!! So cute and fuzzy. 🙂 I know you will come up with a great one.

Lashawn says:

I love her cowboy hat!!!! I love the way you are documenting this pregnancy!

laura m says:

You look fantastic and I know she’ll be a great big sister!

Vivien says:

You are the cutest pregnant lady EVER!!!

Mommy Boots says:

Congrats! And this is such a cute idea. You look amazing and I love that dress!!

Mrs. K says:

This is so cute. I love it! You are lil J look beautiful

Nichole says:

So so fun! Good luck with your upcoming appointment!

Also, re: Lil’ J having a baby in her tummy? Go with it! My oldest son turned 2 at the end of my first trimester and kept saying he had a baby too when I was expecting my second. He chose a little Pooh Bear and we would zip Pooh into my son’s jammies over his belly and he would “have a baby just like mommy”. Then we would unzip his jammies and the baby bear would “get born”. It was a good way to explain what was going to happen. I also used photo books of my pregnancy with him and his birth to explain what was happening and how I was going to have to go to the hospital to have his baby brother.

Brandy says:

I enjoyed following your pregnancy with Lil J and now looking forward to reading about baby #2! I got pregnant shortly after you had Lil J and we named our fetus “taddy” as in tadpole. We absolutely loved calling the baby “tad” or “taddy” that after she was born we named her Addie/Addison. Congrats on baby #2!!!

Quiana says:

How fun to see you and Lil J with themed outfits! Can’t wait to hear #2’s nickname. Lookin good mama!

TOI says:

Can’t believe how Lil J is grown. My my Times flies. I am telling you if my daughter and your daughter can easily pass as sisters :). Your little girls is going to adorable as sister. You are looking great

TOI says:

Ps: how do you get your pictures taken. Studio or Home and if the latter then please tutorials 🙂

Oliver says:

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