Little Leechie is 17 weeks!

Woohoo! Here I am, all caught up now, 17 weeks pregnant (on week 18) and posting my most recent update. I never thought this day would come after all that first trimester pregnancy fatigue but I stuck it out and kept taking photos, then slowly made my way through editing. Now that I’m feeling better and the energy is coming back I can function at multiple things once again.

Sweater: Express; Yoga Pants: Amazon; Necklace: Banana Republic

So here’s how I’m feeling NOW at pregnancy week 17!

Feeling: STILL dealing with headaches, but not as frequently, or they’re at least slightly more manageable. I have SO much more energy, which is awesome. I can stay up a little longer and be productive. I’m excited to get to sewing and crafting and organizing in the baby room. I’m also excited to get my photography back up and going too. I forgot to note the obvious in this letter… Aside from french fries I’m LOVING Nutella, which I just discovered about a month ago.

Nursery Prep: Nada. But I have about three theme ideas for the nursery which I’ll blog about soon cause I’d love your thoughts.

Sibling Preparations: We haven’t done much yet but try to explain that there’s a baby in my tummy, which I think she’s starting to believe since my stomach is getting noticeably bigger. I want to get some books soon that help explain it to older siblings. If you have suggestions feel free to share!

Boy/ Girl Predictions: I’m still thinking boy. We scheduled our ultrasound for November 19th and the hubs is tempted to find out, but after a heart to heart he said he’s ok not finding out and that it “doesn’t matter.” I also think the more he hears other people demand to know the less he wants to find out early. He is hoping and predicting boy. I’m predicting boy as well.

Other Notes: Crazy pregnancy dreams have begun. I had a dream that I woke up to go to the bathroom and a jellyfish tentacle looking thing was hanging between my legs. When I pulled it by baby and her sack fell into the toilet. I picked her up, and even though she was full newborn sized I was extremely worried about her prematurity and insisted we rush her to a NICU. I woke up relieved but also thinking ‘oh, here we go!’

So excited to meet this kid in a matter of months!!

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  1. Love the updates and what a wonderful gift for the kids! I wish I had done something like his, awesome! Nutella is wonderful, my little guy loves it with bananas…and I thought you were having a boy but now I am thinking it may be a girl…can’t wait to find out!

  2. I had really bad headaches until my 15th or 16th week, and I SWEAR it’s because my friend told me to eat bananas. I promise you those bananas took away my headaches… so you should try it! I have no idea if it was all mental or if there is something scientific behind it like low potassium levels or something, but it can’t hurt right?

  3. Oh man I found Nutella with my last pregnancy and I swear I ate a cut up granny smith apple dipped in Nutella every single day after that from 3 months on. The first time I had it a few weeks after delivery I was couldnt believe how different it tasted! Also funny side note my daughter is just 3 weeks younger than your lil J and it looks like my baby #2 is just about 2 weeks younger than your lilttle leech. what are the odds lol.

  4. You look gorgeous! We read the book I’m A Big Sister Now by Joanna Cole to Norah to help prep her for the new baby, she loved the book and it helped a ton. I highly recommend it!

  5. My kids wanted to know all about the baby and how she got in. I told them too! It’s funny because they remember me being pregnant with Joy and even the day I had her. They tell everyone about how I pushed Joy out really good.

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