Baby Bump Watch: Pregnancy Week 12

Maternity Tank: Ingrid and Isabel; Capris: Old Navy; Cardigan: (I can’t remember, but I’ll check the tag!); Necklace: Burlington

Almost all caught up y’all! Gonna flood you with updates then get on to the present!

Pregnancy Week 12 Summary: Headaches. The doctor said she’d give me a prescription for a narcotic but I decided to try Tylenol first. I’d been holding off as long as I could since I was so good during Spawnie’s pregnancy but Leechie gets a whole new experience!

I had to change all of my radio station programs because Top 40s music seriously gives me a headache. If I hear that “Somebody That I Used to Know” or “Call Me Maybe” one more time…

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  1. Hopefully the headaches have gotten better and subsided a little. I had really bad migraines with both my pregnancies, but more frequently with my second.

  2. I really love your photo project! The clothes, the editing… it’s all so cute! I would say I hope your headaches go away soon but I’m guessing they did already, lol!

  3. I’m going to be pretty impressed if you come up with 40 different outfits for these weekly updates. I think I had about 10 maternity outfits and did a little mixing and matching. I don’t think I even have 40 non maternity outfits.

    By the way if its a boy have you thought about boy fashions? Little J is always dressed to the nines. Boy clothes are not nearly as fun. I’m curious to see what you’ll come up with.

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