Pregnancy Week 11

Sweater Top: Ross; Jean Capris: Old Navy; Headband: Icing; Necklace: Icing

Pregnancy Week 11 Summary: Still sick and tired. Nuf said? Oh, and I’m predicting boy. Here I was pregnant at 11 weeks with Spawnie.

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Jasmine says:

I absolutely LOVE these! You are so cute and I’m so excited for you guys!! Just FYI, I think I am totally stealing this idea when #2 comes along, giving credit where it is due of course LOL

Seana says:

Oh my word, you are adorable! I think he/she will definitely battle his/her big sister in the newborn weight department! My your belly is already grooooooowing! Way to go getting these updates out, I love them!

You look great! When facing forward, I can’t really tell you’re preggers. Those aren’t maternity jeans? I started wearing mine by week 8!

Hannah says:

Always trust your gut! I had a feeling about my last pregnancy, but the ultrasound clearly showed a boy. We got a surprise when our little girl was born!

J BE says:

You look great. I love the idea of bedazzling blue to make it more girl appropriate if that’s the case.
Blue is my favorite color and I like the color on little girls. I am not big into pink but we already have A TON of pink items gifted to our little one. She’ll have to love pink I guess.

Meli says:

Very exciting….and I am so impressed that ya’ll aren’t finding out!!! THAT is will power….

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