Pregnancy Symptoms


5 weeks 2 days. Thoughts written 10/25 and saved for today.

People aren’t kidding when they talk about mood swings. I know I’m not. But here are the first few early pregnancy symptoms I noticed before my BFP.

-It felt like AF was there, earlier than normal, but she wasn’t. I felt the numbness in my thigh-area, and slight cramping.
-Usually after O-day there’s no more CM… There was during my 2WW before my BFP.
-The night I got my BFP, and a day before I was late I noticed some implantation bleeding that scared me a little at first.

I know people talk about aching boobs and stuff but mine weren’t any more sensitive than they are when it’s that time of the month.

Since the BFP I’ve noticed other things like my belly button hurting… A craving for breakfast tacos. Sleepiness. As as I’ve mentioned a million times already… MOOD SWINGS.

I’ll be so happy one moment, loving life, telling my husband how happy I am, then the next moment I’m crying, depressed, and mad at life… Seriously on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

I tell myself to get a grip but it’s not as easy as it seems. I take deep breaths, calmly try to think of the many things I am grateful for… But I can’t stop my brain from running a million times a minute.

I know it’s SO early still but it’s already making me wonder some about postpartum depression issues. Is it more common in normally-emotional people? I would classify myself as normally emotional… Not depressed, but I’ve always cried a lot… My whole life, and it’s only gotten worse since being pregnant.

I distinctively remember reading my iPhone ap “What to Expect” and in the 4th week it talks about pregnancy hormones “taking over your life.” Great… here we go!

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  1. First sign was the boobs getting slightly fuller without the bloat that accompanies my period (win). Then a week later I was running a race I had prepped for perfectly and my legs felt like they were encased in concrete, my average mile time for a 5k is 7 min mile and under and I couldn’t get it under a 8 min mile, I knew something was up, got a bfp the next morning.

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