A full term of love letters: Pregnancy Week 16

Guess what? Just finished editing my most recent two weekly photos. I’ll need to take another Sunday but after I post this next one I’ll be all caught up and plan to blog about more than just these weekly letters. A lot of people have been asking me how I make these, I promise I’ll do a tutorial for a Makin’ Monday soon. Probably in a couple of weeks, after Halloween once I figure out the easiest way to demonstrate a Photoshop tutorial (over the shoulder video camera?). Thank you for all of your sweet compliments.

This week Lil’ J was dying to be in the photo with me and of course I couldn’t deny her. Maybe one day soon I’ll get the hot hubs in one of these too.

Sweater dress: Ross; Leggings: Ingrid and Isabel; Skinny Belt: Express

Pregnancy Week 16 Summary: Little Leechie is the size of an avocado now. 4 1/2 inches, which is nuts because it seems like s/he was just a speck a little while ago. We’re almost halfway there. Crazy again!

Lil’J is pretty excited about all things baby, except for when a baby tries to lay in her bed. Real or not, so I think we’ll have to find her big girl bed soon so she can transition to that prior to Leechie arriving.

The excitement is really, finally setting in, but with the baby also comes a lot of big changes and decisions that are freaking me out. It’ll all work out, I’m just so excited to see how life will be with two and my chance to hold and love a new squishy baby again!

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  1. Moo doesn’t care about her brother sleeping her bed, but her rocking chair is off limits. LOL. She will just not share that thing. So, we’re getting him his own.

    Can’t wait for the tutorial or to hear more about your ideas for the nursery!

  2. Too cute! I love the matching outfit. It is amazing how quickly the weeks go by when expecting. Looking forward to your Photoshop tutorial.

  3. So to capture you can use a screen capturing program. I don’t know what system you use but there should be free versions available for both Windows or Mac my husband uses one for making youtube videos of video games but its not free or cheap but you could probably find something pretty easily with Google.

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