Pregnancy Killed My Bladder

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“I wish someone would have told me to stock up on diapers. Not for my baby but for myself. I use to pride myself in my bladder capacity, and strong urinary tract muscles that would help me form ever resorting to using a public restroom. Last week I had the most humbling experience when I was filling up for gas and the urge to pee hit me.

In my pre-preggo days this wouldn’t have been an issue. Once the initial urge hit I could hold it for another hour or two if I had to. These days, the first sign that I need to go pee means I should have relieved myself five minutes ago.”

… This is a part of my post today on Project Pregnancy, my new blog on Parenting and Pregnancy Magazine’s website! (Yes, I’m very excited about this new gig!). Read the rest here. And if you haven’t yet, say hi over there!

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  1. I went a read the rest of your story…and I just want to let you know that the bladder issues do NOT go away right after the baby is born. I’ve had more embarrassing moments post baby than when pregnant! Just do those Kegels! 😀

  2. Thank goodness I’m not the only one! Every time I have to sneeze, I worry that I might slip up! Ugh – I have been doing my kegels everyday so hopefully it’ll help!

  3. Yes…it definitely will not end after the baby arrives. After 5 rather large kiddos, my bladder has gone completely to pot (literally LOL).

  4. If it goes away for your right after pregnancy, you’re lucky!! It didn’t go away for me until 5 months postpartum with my first two. Since my youngest is only 3 months, I’m hoping I’ve only got two months left to go. I hate having that small moment of panic when I’m laughing and I think I’ve peed myself!!

  5. As previously posted, Kegels do the trick! I am a believer after having two natural deliveries. I have come to a conclusion this will be the female secret exercise forever! Happy Kegels!

  6. I wish I could say it ended after pregnancy but for me it didn’t. I still can’t run without leaking, though I can do the bikes and elipticals at the gym again thanks to kegels. If I sneeze I might as well forget about it. It is so embarrassing.

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