Pregnancy Belly Cast: An Experience I’ll Never Forget

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Before I even found out I was pregnant I made a conscious decision to not take a moment for granted. Enjoy every spout with morning sickness, every kick to the rib, and all the changes I see in my body.

From my cankles, to my big belly, to my outtie, I’m loving it all! (I just said I love my cankles… Wow. But it’s true!)

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is find a way to preserve the shape of my belly. I KNOW belly casts are weird to some people… In fact, my husband gave me a crazy look when I told him he was going to help me with mine and asked “what’s the point?” All I can say is I wanted the experience, whether we decide to save it a long time or not, and it would be fun to say I did.

I looked up lots of different belly casts and I wasn’t really into some of the styles. Here’s some different variations:

My husband was leery of me doing one because he didn’t want my “boobs showing.”

So I was really excited when I found the Belly Vita Belly Cast Kit from Maternitique.
I tweeted about it a couple of days ago and people were like “your bellycast has clothes on!” But I like it that way, it’s a pretty cast but a little more modest if that’s your style… And that FOR SURE is my husband’s style.

Speaking of his prudeness… He didn’t let me take pictures when he was helping me do my cast. I was trying to sneak one, but I couldn’t get to my camera. I asked him to take a photo for me so we could remember the experience and he said “No, cause it’ll end up on your blog or Facebook or something”… he knows me too well.

So no photos of the process but I’ll tell you how it went.

It was SO easy to do! I guess the normal casts use strips and take awhile to dry, this one was so easy to do (and more modest-looking) because it used one piece of cloth to dip in the mixture and lay on my body.

The woman in the photo in my instructions had a bra on so I was like “oh I’ll wear my bra too.” I grabbed an old one I’d be ok with throwing away just in case.
Then we went to work! The includes some pampering time for mom. There’s a nice aromatherapy oil that comes with it that he rubs on first (I made sure to read that part loud and clear so he knew it was a major step in the process).

After that he mixed the water, powder, and a pinch of salt as instructed, and mixed it up before adding the cloth.

We put the cloth on and went crazy fitting it right blow my collarbone and down around my belly. It dries super fast, which I think is another difference between the normal kind. It was pretty much dry after 10 minutes but we waited 30 to be sure it was done before pulling it off.

Getting it off was the worst part. The lady in the picture had what looked like saran wrap but we didn’t have any, so it pulled my peach fuzz out when we were taking it off. It was kind of funny cause here I am tearing up as my husband is trying to pull off this huge cast stuck to my huge stomach, and he’s asking me if I want an epidural.

He kept making me laugh but every time I’d laugh it would pull against my skin some more, and then I’d scream OOW! It’s an experience we’ll remember forever, that’s for sure!

We got it off of my body, but the bra I had on got stuck inside the cast so we unsnapped it to get it all the way off of me. My husband then suggested I leave it like that… With the bra inside and just wear it out as a shirt from time to time as a Gaga-like fashion statement.

Here’s how it looked right after we were done!The next day I primed the cast but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to paint it like some people do. I’m not a good painter and I didn’t want to ruin it. One of my friends on Twitter said she has a painter friend who may make hers look like a ladybug.. The theme of the nursery. I think that would be so cute!

I decided to leave mine white and add a pink bow. I’m very happy with how it turned out, and it already has a nice spot on the ledge in the nursery.Soooo… What do you think of my cast?

Maternitique, the company I got the Belly Vita from, is an excellent online store for women. Their mission is to help women look their best, feel their best and do their best throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Their goal is to help inspire happier mothers, easier births, healthier babies and a safer world—and to do it with uncompromising style.
To that end, they choose products designed for modern women that combine the best of science and traditional wellness—what we call “maternity evolved, naturally.” They carefully select natural brands that are safe for you and your baby. They also guarentee your purchase 100%! So they back what they say! Learn more about them by following @Maternitique on twitter or by “Liking” Maternitique on Facebook.
Maternitique has items for every woman, not just moms or pregnant women. Not only do they have items for the nursery and postpartum, they have lots of beauty products for any woman!

They’re generously giving one of my blog readers a $50 gift certificate to Maternitique. Just visit their shop and let me know what you’d like to get.

If you follow them on Twitter or “Like” them on facebook, and let them know you found them from my blog, leave an extra comment letting me know each for extra chances to win. My blog followers also get an extra entry.

Giveaway ends June 20th at 11:59pm. will choose a winner!

*Thanks Maternitique for sending me the BellyVita to review, and sponsoring this giveaway! As usual, opinions expressed are mine alone*

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  1. Awesome! It has been so much fun to follow your pregnancy and this belly cast is so COOL! I know now I really need to be pregnant again so I can do this. LOL!! I love your nursery too!

    Hugz N Belly Rubz!

  2. I’ve never heard of a maternity cast. That’s pretty cool! Unless you get super attached to it, then I’m pretty sure storage would be an issue after a few kids haha.

    I’d love to save the gift certificate for when I’m pregnant 🙂 then go through everything and choose!

  3. I would do the belly cast because I have never done one and since this is my last baby I think it would be awesome to have it immortalized for me to look back and remember just how big I got…

  4. I’d probably get some EMAB milkmaid tea, angel bottom balm, be nice berry packets….an assortment of awesome stuff! really like the variety they offer!

    andrea.dippner at

  5. your husband sounds hilarious! from epidural to Lady Gaga – sounds like he keeps things interesting! lol.

    btw, if i win, i’d prob get a belly vita for when #2 is baking. . .

  6. I love the cast you chose, its so simple and elegant and modest! The pink bow is perfect on it too 🙂 I think it looks great in lil J’s nursery!

  7. Oh man, your belly cast came out soo awesome. I like your choice to keep it simple.
    I would love to get the breastfeeding support kit from the Maternitique site. It’s something I’ve been wanting since I got pregnant. Haha.

  8. I don’t know why I hadn’t hit follow your blog when I first found you via Parenting in March..I remedied that now. 🙂

  9. I also thought belly casts were wierd. i’ve never done one with either of my kids. But I must say I actually like yours. I like the idea of it not showing too much. It’s cute and it makes me want one with this baby.
    I would love to win this, it could go towards the kit.

  10. The belly cast looks so cool. I don’t know if I’d want to win to go towards that or fun baby things like the sleep sacks.

  11. I think I would use the gift certificate to get the belly cast kit! I really like the look of it compared to the normal kinds. Very cool!

    Also, June 20th is my birthday, and marks my 15th week, so this would be a great present all around! 🙂

  12. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your belly cast! I’ve never seen one like this before. I think this is the type of cast I would use eventually. I just hope Tyler is sweet and helps me with it! But hopefully he won’t be opposed to taking some pictures of the process! Memories!!

    PS. the brown maternity lounge pants are oh so cute, and deserve to be mine! Lol!

  13. If your hubby is being so conservative about a belly cast, I hate to see how he’s going to be when Lil J starts liking boys. LOL. I think it’s cute though that was worried about your boobs showing.

    Love the cast. If I decide to try for baby #2, I will certainly be doing one.

  14. This cast is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen! Ever!
    I visited their shop but if I win, I’m getting that belly cast!

    claudecampeau at videotron dot ca

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I am in love with the belly cast!!! I wish I would have done one now. I am curently 38 weeks prego now and we head in this c oming Weds. I think Iwas scared because my hubby is in the military and we move a lot and space is limited.

    If I won the contest I won i would get a few things from the skin care section. Who doesnt love a good home pampering session!!

  16. Oh I just love their stuff. I would most definately get the maternity mini wrap. What an essential piece of clothing for anyones wardrobe. It can be worn so many different ways. It’s absolutely adorable.


  17. your belly cast looks great. i love them in general, but it can get awkward when your bits are out for everyone to see.
    i love that site! thanks for sharing it. they have so many cool things. i would love to get the belly vita kit, an organic moses basket, all of the earth mama angel baby products, etc. i could spend a lot of money, basically.

  18. If I win the $50 gift certificate I would probably buy one of the orgnanic receiving blankets or some the pampering prodcuts for me to use after giving birth! So many great products, it is hard to choose. 🙂

  19. Oh I just love their stuff. I would most definately get the maternity mini wrap. What an essential piece of clothing for anyones wardrobe. It can be worn so many different ways. It’s absolutely adorable.


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