I’m Finally Ready to Enjoy This Pregnancy

Lately it seems like affirmations are all the rage. I like the idea but I’m not an affirmation evangelist by any means. That said, I never realized how many subtle and simple affirmations I’ve told myself over the years all the time. 

You can do it.

Anything is possible.

I have the power to create change.

Dream big.

I am enough.

I don’t always say them every day but I truly believe them and they run through my mind all the time.

I can hardly believe it but this is my 10th year of blogging. It’s been a year since I rebranded from Baby Making Machine to Cherish 365 (now Trademarked, whoop!) and lately I’ve been reflecting on what that means, and what I want it to mean.

I stuck the phrase “Cherish 365” on my vision board a couple of years ago, knowing it meant something but not exactly sure what. Even as I rebranded my blog I still worked on fine tuning what this phrase meant to me. On the surface, yes, of course, finding the beauty in every day. Taking time to stop and enjoy the little things that fly by every day. But I can’t help but feel like there’s more there too.

Then whatdoyaknow, later that year I find out I’m pregnant. I’ve been working through a whole lot of emotions but I’m finally coming out of the other side. In a place where I feel at peace, and a sense of fate. I think it was also a bit of a reality check. You aren’t really going to cherish every single day. I mean, some days just flat out suck. But you can always give yourself a gift to be mindful of the space you’re in.

There’s no regret for changing my blog name. Though I think there’s still a bit of fine tuning to be done with these digs.

Helpful pregnancy affirmations

We’re about four months away from meeting little Sneaky and we’re no where near prepared like we were with our first two. No name, no nursery, or even a bed decided just yet (we are hoping a laundry basket will do). But we are getting very excited to meet her (Lil’ J is BY FAR the most thrilled).

In the early stage of this pregnancy when everything was rocky and uncertain I stumbled upon a short prayer/ pregnancy affirmation: “Please God, a healthy baby.” Any time I felt overwhelmed with fear for the unknown I’d recite this and it helped.

Now as the weeks fly by I’m reminding myself not to be afraid of what might happen, but for excited for what will. Reminding myself this is probably (I’d say definitely but I learned my lesson) the last time my body will do something like this. It doesn’t always feel like something I am cherishing to the best of my ability. And it wasn’t a part of MY plan. But I know it’s a part of THE plan. And there’s comfort in knowing that. I’m choosing to enjoy that.

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RachEl says:

I think the blog name kinda works perfect with little sneaky. A new blog name but also a new little one in the family to love and cherish 365. Made that sound super cheesy but I am sure you catch my drift… at least I hope.

Jennifer says:

I’m totally catching your drift! Thank you Rachel. I am gonna roll with it, that’s for sure.

MangaHere says:

Enjoy reading your posts.

Jennifer says:

Thank you for reading <3

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