Pre-Baby Blog: I used to be funny

I came across my old blog last night. A blog I wrote for years before starting this one. This was back when people I actually know still read my blog.

Now, I’m not saying this to brag but… I used to be dang FUNNY. Seriously. I don’t know what happened to me. It’s like being a mom has made me all serious and mushy.I couldn’t stop laughing as I read my old posts about adopting Snoop and my baby hamster, taking Snoop to puppy class etc etc. I actually can’t tell if I was serious or not. But considering the fact that even now (and I hope that you know this) I have a very sarcastic and silly side (so don’t take me too seriously) I think I was kinda kidding. I hope.

I need to flex my funny. All that research about pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding/everything about kids has turned me into a snooze fest. … Ok well convincing my husband to have another baby was a little funny but people took me way too seriously.

Anyway. Here’s a blast from the past and a few thoughts from my pre(human)-baby days. As you can see, even then I was as loving mother.

February 29, 2008

This was a very sad week for our family. Trouble died. It was a little over a month since we got him. We’re still waiting for autopsy reports to know exactly how he died, but I think it was from a brain hemorrhage. Why?… Well, every morning Snoop and I go into the room where we keep Trouble. When I turn on the light he wakes up and starts running around his cage like crazy. Snoop and I like to sit and watch him while we’re getting ready in the morning. Well, one morning I thought it would be fun to open his cage door and see if he would try to climb out. He did, and subsequently fell about 50 hamster feet from his cage, hitting his head on the linoleum bathroom floor. I thought he was a goner right then and there… I was shocked and scared for him. I felt so bad. Snoop and I stared at him for a moment before he got up and ran for the door… Under the door and out of sight.

“Lost again,” was my first thought. But this time I had Snoop on my side to help with the chase. I didn’t see Trouble anywhere, but after a moment Snoop took off towards the living room and I knew he’d spotted our friend. It was a challenge trying to catch Trouble but not let Snoop eat him at the same time. Side note: I’ve put Trouble in his pink ball before and let Snoop chase him but Trouble isn’t fast enough in his ball, and he got banged around a little before I realized it probably wasn’t a good idea to let them play like that. Anyway… Trouble hid under the couch for a moment before he took off for the master bedroom. Snoop tore down the hall after him. After a game of dog and hamster we caught Trouble and put him back in his cage without any apparent injuries.
A couple days later Trouble was still ok. Still climbing all over his cage when we’d go look at him in the morning. Then one morning… Two days ago when we went in and turned on the light there was no movement from his cage. I could see him… (he wasn’t buried under the pink fluff he normally would sleep under.) I looked closely to see if he was breathing. It looked like he was. I opened his cage… (Something which never failed to wake him up)… he didn’t move. I poked him… Still nothing. Trouble died! Snoop kept looking in the cage. He was probably as sad and confused as I was not to see his furry friend running around that bright cage. I text messaged Trouble’s daddy to let him know the sad news. He called me a few minutes later to see how I was doing. I didn’t cry… Not until my husband told me to throw him away! I wanted to bury him. He took care of it, I couldn’t do it, it was too sad. That was today.

I’m thinking of getting some mice to replace Trouble… Well, replace is the wrong word. No little pet could replace Trouble. Snoop and I went to Petsmart today to look at other critters, but nothing jumped out at us. I think we all have some healing to do before we add any other members to our family again. Our friends and family have all been very supportive in our loss. My husband’s mom told me hamsters are like fish… And that it wasn’t my fault. My friend Gina said the same thing happened to her when she was little… Except it was with her dog, and he died cause she didn’t give him enough water. Thanks to that little story and loosing Trouble, I’ve been paranoid about Snoop and have given him as many treats and as much water as he wants. I know many of you have come to love Trouble as much as we have through our blog, and we thank you for your condolences.

On a happy note… Snoop has been with us for a little over two weeks now! He’s excelling in his puppy class, and learning lots of advanced tricks. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and the other day I taught him how to play dead when I say “bang” and aim my finger at him like a gun. We’re still working on crawl and bow, and we’re hoping after another few months we can begin training for some dog dancing competitions. He’s getting so big! And he is basically totally housebroken now. He’ll go to the door when he has to go to the bathroom, we may teach him how to ring a bell when he has to go, but I’m still undecided on that.

His ears stick up all the way now, and they are huge! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, and he’s very friendly and loving. I love going to get him out of his kennel in the morning and hearing his tail whack against his cage cause he’s so excited to see me! We also love going for rides, he likes sitting in the front passenger seat next to me and listing to music. We’re all having a blast together.

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  1. I’m sure it wasn’t the fall that killed Trouble. My little brother and I had our share of hamsters. They don’t really have long lifespans. And who knows how old Trouble was before you all got him.

    LOLing at you teaching Snoop how to play dead. I was never good at teaching my dogs tricks. And btw you’re still funny even in your serious, mushy mommy mode!

  2. It’s interesting how much you and I have in common. 🙂 Well… besides the fact that you are FUNNY even now might I add, and I can’t tell one single joke right. More like the jokes are about me. Dumb blondes. Annnnnnnyways. we had a hamster too. His name was izzy. We gave him away when we got cats. 🙂 Thats as much as my mothering goes, but I’m hoping when I do become a mommy I’ll be as good of one as you are! Good post. It’s fun to look back.

  3. I think your sense of humor goes with your brain cells after you have kids, ha! I totally relate to your looking back at how your blog has changed and I’ve done the SAME thing recently. I also have different readers (where did the other people go? Did I get that boring?) and think some of my posts back then were more witty. Maybe after the kids are grown up I’ll get that back… 😉

  4. oh i am so sorry about Trouble! 🙁

    I can relate to reading old blog posts and having belly laughs..i was doing much of the same this past week while I was cleaning out my blog’s categories…i found old posts that made me say to myself, too, “Damn, I am freakin’ hilarious!” 🙂

  5. Aww.. so sad! I always had hamsters growing up, and so did our oldest two children. Ours used to love the rolling ball too. I won’t tell you the story about when my oldest son (at age 4) rolled his hamster down a big hill trying to play with him.. not a good outcome. 🙁

  6. Girl, you are STILL funny! Well, in person you are hilarious and I do love your blog.

    After reading this older post I gotta say I was chuckling. Did your dog ever learn to ring the bell? LOL!! How about doggy dance class? I laugh at the image of those pointed ears bobbing to the music!

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