Poop in the Tub: He Says/ She Says

Taken before this conversation

Funny how many of our conversations revolve around poop these days. Here’s our most recent one…

He says: And by the way, thanks for leaving poop in the tub. I noticed it when I took a shower.
She says: It wasn’t mine.
He says: I know but it was still gross.
She says: Well I tried to scoop it up but I must have missed some.

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  1. Part of the reason why I train my kids to love showers. I think baths are so gross. (Dirt stew with poop chunks and a dash of pee! *shudder*)

  2. lol. That reminds me why I stopped taking a bath with my daughter when she was around 18 months old. One day, while we were bathing together, a little brown log came floating by. I was surprised and grossed out at the same time. And to top it off, I had to hurry and get ready to go to school (I was the teacher and couldn’t blow it off.). Well, after that experience, I moved our bath time to the evening AND she took her baths alone.

    Awwww, the memories.

  3. LOL! SO funny! My DD pooed in the tub when she was little.

    Now she is almost 4. You should have seen her reaction when her little brother pee’d in the tub while she was in it. SO funny. 🙂

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