As we continue our Countdown to Disney+ I wanted to take on the Pixar movies on Disney Plus, and bring you a fun checklist to work on in case you’re slacking on what you’ve seen.

Firstly, in case you haven’t heard, Disney Plus is Disney’s new streaming service set to launch November 12th, 2019. That’s right, we’re less than a month out. There is loads and loads of content that will be available at launch, including all of the movies from Disney Animation studios. Yes, even the ones in the vault. New movies like a live action Version of Lady and the Tramp. New series like The Mandalorian (a Star Wars series). And content from Marvel, Star Wars, and so much in between.

Disney+ offerings for their new streaming service

Next, I’ll admit, as an avid Disney movie collector I felt some kind of way about my years and years of movie collecting now becoming… No big deal. However, I’ve realize a couple of things. 1. There is SO much more content than what I own. Beyond the classics and Pixar films. Movies we love like Queen of Katwe, TV shows I grew up on like Lizzie Maguire. And 2. I can totally assist with is giving everyone who is overwhelmed with all this fun family content, a starting place. So consider this your Pixar starting place. Want a starting place for all of the Animated Classics from Snow White to Frozen 2? Go here to this post for the Ultimate Animated Disney Movies Checklist.

I like to collect all of the Disney Animated movies (sequels included, and we’ll come back to that in another post), but I prefer to distinguish between movies from Disney Animation Studios, and movies under the Pixar umbrella. This post today is all about Pixar.

Pixar movies coming to Disney+

They’re bringing us our favorites from Brave and Finding Nemo, to Monsters Inc, Toy Story, A Bug Life and Cars. Many of our family’s favorite movies are in this list.

If you are wondering which Pixar movies are hitting Disney Plus at launch? Well according to this list, and the 3 hour video Disney released, it looks like all of them except Toy Story 4 should be available at launch. Though it should surely be added sometime in the near future, and you can be catching up on any of the other movies you’ve missed in the mean time. Or all of the new streaming content.

Pixar movies on Disney Plus. A Pixar movie checklist for Disney+

As for the Pixar movies coming to Disney Plus at launch, if you’re wondering what order to tackle them all in, I recommend watching them the year they were released. You could pace yourself and watch one a day and finish them all in 3 weeks.

Here’s a list for reference.

Toy Story1995
A Bug’s Life1998
Toy Story 21999
Monsters, Inc2001
Finding Nemo2003
The Incredibles2004
Wall E2008
Toy Story 32010
Cars 22011
Monsters University2013
The Good Dinosaur2015
Inside Out2015
Finding Dory2016
Cars 32017
The Incredibles 2*2018
Toy Story 4*2019

You might notice, four movies have a star beside them. These were not in the 3 hour video outlining what will be available on Disney+ at launch. Of course Toy Story 4 and the others coming soon after. Then sometime next year we’ll probably see Onward and Soul, which should arrive on Disney Plus about four months after its home video debut.

Pixar movies on Disney Plus. A Pixar movie checklist for Disney+

Do you want to keep track of which one’s you’ve seen and have yet to watch? Download our free printable checklist so you can mark your favorites, what to watch next, and which ones you have seen.

Pixar movies on Disney Plus. A Pixar movie checklist for Disney+

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