Which is the Best Pixar Movie? Use This Bracket to Find Out

*Updated for 2022 including Turning Red and Soul!

It’s hard not to love a Disney Pixar movie. All have compelling stories that take us on emotional adventures, characters you learn to love, and teach us important lessons. Ranking our favorite Pixar movies hasn’t always been easy. Especially since the lineup has grown significantly longer over the last several years. But one fun way to do it is with a March Madness-style Pixar movie bracket.

With Onward coming to Disney Plus this week you should be able to watch and rank them all! If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, now’s a good time to try a week for free.

If you love your Pixar movies and want to know your family’s favorite, play this Pixar movie bracket game.

How to Play:

Download the free updated bracket here! You can print it out to fill out (my preferred way) or use it digitally. (The updated version 2 is RED! The older version 1 is BLUE)

Start at the far end. The two movies side by side are going head to head for your vote. Take a family vote to decide which movie they like more. The movie with the most votes moves on to the next round. In our house, we ranked all of the movies from 1-10, added up the scores then decided how each faired against the other for our rankings. I think a round by round matchup and vote is the most fun approach and the easiest way to play.

If you missed before Soul was added and want to play again you can download this original version which was the 2020 version before Soul.

Ready to play an updated Pixar movie bracket?

I’ve updated this bracket to include the new Pixar animated movie called Turning Red (check out my review of Turning Red here) as well as my new favorite Pixar movie called Soul (check out my review of Soul here!) so print or download the updated version of the bracket to see which movie wins for you!

Download the updated bracket including Soul and Turning Red here!

Or download the the original free Pixar movie bracket.

Then, once you complete the bracket you have an order to check off your Pixar movie marathon list. You can start from your least favorites and work your way in, or go the other direction.

Pixar movies ranked bracket

So give it a try. And let us know what your family’s favorites are. One you’ve reached your final matchup, you can even take a poll on social media to see who your friends would pick. Check out my Instagram highlights for ideas.

Also, if you haven’t gotten enough of this bracket action, check out my new Disney Animated Movies bracket including Frozen 2.

Which movie won your Pixar movie bracket?

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gmail email login says:

This must be fun. Thank you for the cool idea!

Jennifer says:

So excited you think so! Let me know which one wins in your house!

Chiquita duncan says:

Soul won for us! You had the best ones on the left side lol!!

Jennifer says:

Haha, I LOVE Soul but it couldn’t beat Toy Story for me. A few of my favorites went up against one another early. Wah! haha.

Rebecca says:

Inside Out won by a landslide!

Jennifer says:

That’s a good one!

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